Thursday, January 05, 2012

Twin brothers born with 5 years of separation

Jody Blake, 38, has a story to tell extremely peculiar: Reuben and Floren, their children, twins, despite being born with 5 years of separation.

According to the Associated Press, Blake began fertility treatment in 2005, and five embryos were implanted. After treatment, his son Reuben nation on December 9, 2006.

According to the same report, the sister of Reuben, Florida, was conceived from the same group of embryos, but yours was frozen for five years before being implanted in the mother.

Blake told the Guardian it was this experience in her womb to carry their twins, with many years of separation.

"It feels a bit surreal. I really think people are surprised by it and many will take a few minutes to process it in their heads," he told the newspaper. "We obviously had nine months to get it right and think, 'God, we will have the twin of Reuben', but it is incredibly special."

Her husband, Simon Blake, 45, told the newspaper they were not sure that the design was possible the second time since the Floren embryo had been frozen so long.

"There is a lot of reliable statistics because this is not something that is commonly done, but knew it would be difficult," Simon told the Guardian. "You just can not understand that life can arise from a material that has been frozen for that amount of time."

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