Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12 minimalist ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Minimalism is a great way to step more lightly upon this earth. Consuming less is more important than buying green -- though I'd encourage you to do both.

So let's get straight to the tips:

1. Eat less. Wrote about this recently. Less food consumed means less resources used up and pollution used to create the food and get it to you.

2. Eat less meat. Worldwide, beef production contributes more to climate change than the entire transportation sector. Pork and chicken are also big contributors to pollution and carbon emissions, compared to plants.

3. Eat locally. Transporting food from where it's grown or raised to where it's processed and packaged, to your supermarket, has a high environmental cost. Eating locally not only greatly reduces that transportation cost but it supports local farmers instead of corporations. Look for local foods, in season, at farmer's markets near you, or at your supermarket or local health food store, or get involved with a CSA.

4. Drive less. Work from home or telecommute as much as possible. Combine errands to make fewer trips. Move to a place near work and all the things you need. Walk or bike more, or use public transit. It takes time to reduce your driving, but if you're conscious about it, you can make changes a little at a time. Also, you'll get healthier by walking or biking instead of driving.

5. Travel less. Airplane flights are a huge contributor to climate change. Travel less by doing teleconferences, taking vacations close to home, and rethinking your travel needs. I've traveled a couple times in the last couple of years, but before that it had been about 7 years without a flight.

6. Buy less. Buying a lot of things is wasteful. Each item requires a lot of resources and contributes hugely to climate change (see the True Cost of Stuff). So cut back on how much you buy. See if you can borrow an item, check out a book from a library, make what you have last longer, find innovative ways to repurpose what you already have or make an item yourself, or just do without. Many times you'll realize an item wasn't a necessary purchase and you don't miss it in your life.

7. Buy used. This avoids buying a new item and all the resources that go into creating and transporting it. It extends the life of something already bought. Look in thrift shops, consignment shops, used bookstores, eBay and Freecycle. Often you'll find some really cool used stuff.

8. Have a smaller home. Obviously not a change you're going to make this week, but something you can think about for the long term. A smaller home takes fewer resources to create, and requires less power, water, heat, and thus fewer emissions. If you get rid of a lot of your stuff, and rethink your needs, you'll realize you need less space.

9. Use less power. Even without a smaller home, there are tons of ways to reduce power. Cool and heat your home less. Turn off lights, unplug appliances, hang dry clothes more often.

10. Use less water. Don't take long showers - get wet, turn off water, soap up, turn on water and rinse. Don't water your lawn, and wash your car less (or get rid of the car). Wash clothes less (wear them longer). Conserve water when you wash your hands or dishes.

11. Go paperless. Many offices and even homes use tons of paper, but most of it is unnecessary. Don't print stuff out if you can read it on the computer. File things digitally rather than in folders. Get bills and other documents sent electronically or online rather than via mail. Stop catalogs from being mailed to you. Read newspapers and magazines online rather than buying them. Stop sending faxes for goodness sake.

12. Go vegan. Not a completely necessary step, but one I recommend. Vegan food, contrary to what most people think, can be delicious and satisfying, and it's often healthier (less saturated fats, fewer calories, for example). Most especially, eating no meat or dairy or eggs means withdrawal from industries that are horrible for the environment, and horribly cruel to animals.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buonanotte had a serious accident and is hospitalized with multiple injuries

The car was misled this morning on route 65, near Arribeños, and struck a tree. His three friends died instantly. They were returning from a disco dance in the area. The footballer was referred to a clinic in Venado Tuerto with fractures of the humerus and clavicle, and a pulmonary contusion.

Diego Buonanotte starred in a serious accident that killed three young men who accompanied him. The incident occurred this morning about 6:45, when the footballer and his friends were returning from a disco in the town of Arribeños. Apparently, the Dwarf lost control of the Peugeot 307 from his father, went off the road 65, about 15 km of Clementina, Santa Fe, and crashed into a tree. The impact was fatal. And as reported, Gerardo Suñé, Alexis Emanuel Melo Fulcheri and died soon after, with the wheel, the only survivor, derived the Sanatorium San Martin de Venado Tuerto.

The first official data provided Diego's Rove, Fire Chief of Clementina, who confirmed to Clarí there was only one car involved in the accident. And he told also that Buonanotte few friends in another vehicle coming up quickly to try to help and found the tragic scene. It also clarified that the Dwarf "was aware" but anyway that was referred to as Eye Deer had multiple wounds.

While initial reports said that the health status of the player for River was serious, since the Sanatorium San Martin de Venado Tuerto provided some comfort to the query Clarí and told that "came with multiple injuries, but he was lucid .

Minutes later, Eduardo Allegrini, director of the medical center, cleared doubts in a note explaining that Buonanotte TN "has fractured right humerus, right clavicle and a bruised right lung. He clarified that while "is out of danger," said she remains in intensive therapist "under observation".

Allegrini said no Buonanotte spoke about what had happened and, for that reason can not determine whether the Dwarf is aware that his other three friends died. The only testimony reflecting those of the player told Guillermo Fernandez, a volunteer firefighter in the town of Arribeños who said: "Diego told us he lost control of the car."

Friday, December 25, 2009

After confirming that he will fight for the presidency in 2011, Duhalde plays with a possible names for Cabinet

Just hours after confirming at least the media, their intention to fight for the presidency as candidate of the PJ in 2011, Eduardo Duhalde risked names of potential partners in a potential cabinet.

The list included Roberto Lavagna, Jorge Remes Lenicov, Graciela Camano and Alfredo Atanasof, all ministers in his government between January 2002 and May 2003.

In addition, returned to butt against Nétor Kirchner and reinforced the idea that "works" for the former president can not return to politics in the province of Buenos Aires.
On the other hand, avoided confrontation with Carlos Reutemann, who had crossed with harshly by the speculation over who would run, but the senator also sought to differentiate Santa Fe.

By name.

For a report broadcast by Radio 2 de Rosario, Duhalde was asked about who could join his group of associates when it reaches the Casa Rosada.

He mentioned his two ministers of finance, remittances and Lavagna, who said, are writing a book about his government, Camano, whom he described as "an extraordinary minister of labor" and Atanasof, who was secretary of Homeland Security management and his cabinet chief.

Kirchner's attack came in a further attempt to differentiate from Reutemann Duhalde. "The Santa Fe situation is different, but I'm where are the headquarters of Kirchner and I need to start working and organizing for the emergence of new leaders in the province of Buenos Aires.'m Going to work for Kirchner never again be leader, at least in my province, "launched.

In addition, we predicted the Santa Cruz heavy loss of support in the coming months. "He will not accompany virtually no significant leader. It generates a lot of resentment among governors and mayors," he said. "When Kirhcner go there will be pictures of him or guilds or anywhere. Only the mother should have her picture, complete with irony

Rally Dakar 2010: It is the "Village", in the Rural

Vehicles are already in Argentina. In the coming hours, the pilots begin to arrive and the rest of the Argentine teams (which are inside), Latin America and the United States. And everything will be ready for the opening of the "Village Dakar", which again will be held on the campus of La Rural, Palermo.

Again, the site will allow locals and tourists to make contact with the huge caravan that makes up the Dakar Rally, with its huge logistics and support vehicles, plus all the racing machines: cars, motorcycles, ATVs and trucks. There he performed the technical verifications and other formalities to be met by participants before the race organization.

There will be a food court, booths of the participating brands as sponsors of the rally, other commercial-type (open air or within pavilions), a demonstration track with all-terrain vehicles called "Petit Dakar", a space designed for children.

The days and hours are:

- Administrative and technical checks:
Dec. 29: 10 to 21
December 30: 10 to 21
December 31: 11 to 19 hours

- Village Dakar
Dec. 29: 10 to 21
December 30: 10 to 21
December 31: 11 to 19 hours
January 1: 11 to 17 hours

- Podium pole / presentation of vehicles:
January 1: 15 to 21 hours (see map)

Price of entry to La Rural: $ 10 (12 to 65 years)

After the "Village", the Dakar caravan will depart for Buenos Aires city of Columbus, north of the province, which will begin on January 2 speed, with the stretch Columbus Cordova. The return to Buenos Aires (also at La Rural) will be on January 17 for the awards.

Ginobili is going to be a father of two boys

This was confirmed by him in Facebook. "I have to start thinking about names," he said.

Emanuel Ginobili closes a bitter year in sports for the injuries he suffered but very fruitful at the personal level. It will be first-time father, twice. Is that his wife, Marianela, is pregnant with twins. And if that were not enough, prior to Christmas Eve, the bahiense confirmed what most wanted to hear: there will be a father of two boys.

"The melli are little boys. You have to start thinking about names," wrote Manu in Facebook.

The delivery scheduled for June, will be in the U.S., as already explained bahiense. "At that time I'll be playing the playoffs, and if not we could not travel so far with eight months' pregnant.

The struggle to reach the All-Star Game

The NBA released partial results of the voting for the All-Star Game. And Emanuel Ginobili and Luis Scola are among the most chosen by the fans.

Scola is seventh among forwards and wing pivots the Western Conference, with 295,691 votes, behind Carmelo Anthony (1,204,234), Dirk Nowitzki (668,243), Pau Gasol (565,414), Tim Duncan (564,728), Kevin Durant ( 406,581) and Trevor Ariza (355,529).

Meanwhile, Ginobili figure bases and eleventh among the escorts of the same conference. The sum bahiense 171,624 votes in a category that Kobe Bryant is leading comfortably, with 1,380,383 voters.

Balloting will continue until 18 January and the meeting will be held on 14 February in the Dallas Cowboy stadium in the NFL, with capacity for 80 thousand spectators.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A great place in history: Banfield, champion for the first time

Despite falling to Boca Juniors in the Bombonera, by 2 to 0, the whole South was enshrined in the Apertura championship, thanks to the success of San Lorenzo on Newell's, in Rosario, Palermo made the many xeneizes and scored again after new date

Julio Cesar Falcioni not fought back tears. In the final minutes was given to tears. From Rosario came the long-awaited news: the defeat of Newell's already been accomplished. Banfield, even when losing, was crowned champion. It exploded in a scream the bench. Mingled in an embrace the fans who came to the Bombonera. Smith looked at the bench and raised his arms. Diego Abal, the arbitrator held that the two minutes until they were useless. And all were delivered to the festivities.

The team led by Julio Cesar Falcioni won the title thanks to Newell's, the one who had chances to snatch it, fell in their stadium against San Lorenzo on the same result.

By this time, just interested to squad, the coaching staff and fans of Banfield the fact that his team has played perhaps the weakest match of the tournament, because that does not stop celebrating the first title of the story.

It will remain in anecdote and statistics that Martin Palermo scored both goals in the Bombonera, the first was a penalty, the first 7 minutes of time, which broke a losing streak of 750 minutes without turning, and that the second was at 14 'the second half, when connecting a defensive rebound.

The start of the match at the Bombonera was intense, with both teams looking for the win from the start, but after 15 minutes of the first stage, everything fell into a well with football.

At Banfield was nervous and absent noticed, and perhaps was pressured to be involved stroking the first title in club history for albiverde. For your benefit, Newell's defeat against San Lorenzo was enough to devote champion.

Oblivious to what was happening with his team on the pitch, the festival was unleashed at the Bombonera in Florencio Sola Hector Baldassi decreed when the match between Rosario and the Cyclone.

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