Sunday, December 13, 2009

A great place in history: Banfield, champion for the first time

Despite falling to Boca Juniors in the Bombonera, by 2 to 0, the whole South was enshrined in the Apertura championship, thanks to the success of San Lorenzo on Newell's, in Rosario, Palermo made the many xeneizes and scored again after new date

Julio Cesar Falcioni not fought back tears. In the final minutes was given to tears. From Rosario came the long-awaited news: the defeat of Newell's already been accomplished. Banfield, even when losing, was crowned champion. It exploded in a scream the bench. Mingled in an embrace the fans who came to the Bombonera. Smith looked at the bench and raised his arms. Diego Abal, the arbitrator held that the two minutes until they were useless. And all were delivered to the festivities.

The team led by Julio Cesar Falcioni won the title thanks to Newell's, the one who had chances to snatch it, fell in their stadium against San Lorenzo on the same result.

By this time, just interested to squad, the coaching staff and fans of Banfield the fact that his team has played perhaps the weakest match of the tournament, because that does not stop celebrating the first title of the story.

It will remain in anecdote and statistics that Martin Palermo scored both goals in the Bombonera, the first was a penalty, the first 7 minutes of time, which broke a losing streak of 750 minutes without turning, and that the second was at 14 'the second half, when connecting a defensive rebound.

The start of the match at the Bombonera was intense, with both teams looking for the win from the start, but after 15 minutes of the first stage, everything fell into a well with football.

At Banfield was nervous and absent noticed, and perhaps was pressured to be involved stroking the first title in club history for albiverde. For your benefit, Newell's defeat against San Lorenzo was enough to devote champion.

Oblivious to what was happening with his team on the pitch, the festival was unleashed at the Bombonera in Florencio Sola Hector Baldassi decreed when the match between Rosario and the Cyclone.

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