Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Latin American countries propose to remove all US military bases in Latin America

Ernesto Samper, general secretary of UNASUR, confirms that at the next Summit of the Americas -the next month in Panama seek to boost the decision to remove all US military bases from the Latin American territory.

Former Colombian President said: "A good place to the new agenda of relations (which will announce the US and Latin America) would be no US military bases in South America. This belongs to the era of the Cold War. "

He also said that Washington should at the table of inter-American debates take a stance that leaves behind its unilateral judgments, let alone make judgments about human rights when there agrees to ratify what other countries in the matter. "It is absurd that a country that has not entered the inter-American human rights system formally the right to make judgments about these reserves," he said.

Samper also told EFE that "in a globalized world like the present one can not ask global rules of the game for the economy and keep unilateralism for politics. No country has the right to judge other's behavior or much less to impose sanctions or penalties on their own ".

Summit of the Americas

These discuciones will take place between 10 and 11 April in Panama, where they have already confirmed attendance 31 regional leaders, including the presidents of Venezuela, Cuba and the United States.

To many political observers it is a "historic" not only by the expected greeting between the presidents of the United States and Cuba, or what can happen between Obama and mature, but because US should attempt to destabilize a growing trend that puts a halt its interests in Latin America.

The alliance of the countries of ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) which has repudiated his recent remarks about Venezuela and maintains the line in totum. The need to dot the i's greatest to Mexico, whose government agrees but his people increasingly rejects US migration policy. The "citizen" of Ecuador. Revolution The growing strength of continental Brazil, with successive governments of left Washington capture greater acceptance among neighbors. To this, add the destabilizing efforts against Argentina president, and its rejection line vulture funds, backed by the US Justice, all forms must list rather than assets, where much play on what happens in the next years, analysts say.

Source: La Red

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mystery: A French tourist was found dead in the pool of a hotel in Iguazu

A French student of 22 years was found dead floating in the pool of a hotel in the city of Puerto Iguazu, in northern Misiones (Argentina), for reasons that were under investigation, judicial sources said Wednesday.

The victim was identified as Christopher Nicolas Marie De Poux, who was part of a contingent of French students who came to the province to visit the Iguazu Falls., DyN agency reported.

The cause was ruled by local justice as "suspicious death" and an investigation was initiated to determine the circumstances of the death, which occurred in the early hours of yesterday.

According to the same sources, the young man's body was taken to Posadas to undergo an autopsy.


The spokesmen said the boy would have kept a discussion with other students of his delegation to return to the hotel for a dance confectionery.

In Poux body was found around 6.10 yesterday by a hotel employee El Libertador, where he stayed the delegation of European since last Friday, located in the urban area of ​​Puerto Iguazu, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay.

The body was floating in the swimming pool of the housing and the employee promptly reported the case to local police, whose troops rescued and physician William Gambernini performed the first inspection.

With the intervention of the examining magistrate Rubén Osvaldo Lunge, the first police personnel and forensic investigations division began with "suspicious death".

For the reconstruction of the hours before the discovery of the body was learned that the young woman came to Puerto Iguazu part of a delegation of students aged 18 to 25 who around 16 last Friday stayed at the Hotel El Libertador.

On Saturday night, De Poux and a group of colleagues were for dinner and dancing at a nightclub as part of a feast prepared in a special way for students, in their majority being in Paris, like the young man died.

Around 4 yesterday the group returned to the hotel where, apparently, would have been an argument between its members in which was involved De Poux, allegedly as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol, the sources said.

Subsequently, according to early research, a group was detected in the hallways and another on the edge of the pool of the hotel where the young man who was later found dead in the water was.

The judge tried to establish if the victim is released into the pool by themselves or got a boost.

Later, when there was no students around the natatorium a janitor found the body and reported the case, while site staff tried to resuscitate the girl, but the effort proved futile.

The delegation was scheduled to remain in the area until today, after which continue journey by other tourist spots, but the death of one of its members could delay the departure pending investigations ..