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Her Sex Secrets Revealed: How what you want in bed compares to what she thinks about sex

You no longer have to guess what women like in bed. With the help of Cosmopolitan magazine, we asked 6,000 men and women to tell us everything -- what they like, what they hate, what they've done, what they're dying to try. The results were as surprising -- men and women want sex equally often -- as they were enticing: Most women want to experiment and are just waiting for you to ask.

Here are the complete results of the survey, but you can also read What She Wants You to Do to Her to get even more sex tips.

Question He said She said
1. How often do you want sex?

Two or three times a week 34.8% 35.1%
Once a day 30 26.3
Several times a day 25.3 25.7
Once a week 3.81 6.3
Two or three times a month 3 3.7
Less than once a month 2.3 1.7
Once a month .8 1.2

2. Do you wish your partner would

Inititate sex more often 66.3% 35.2%
Initiate sex less often 1.25 6.2
Respond to your advances more 14.7 16.3
None of the above 17.7 42.3

3. Which of the following is most likely to cause you to turn down sex with your partner?

I never turn down sex 53.7% 29.1%
I'm just not in the mood 19.2 25.7
I'm too stressed out 12.6 12.1
Partner is not very good 4 2.8
Need more time to warm up 3.52 15.6
Partner takes too long to orgasm 2.6 3
I need an emotional connection 1.8 7.8
Partner wants too much foreplay 1.4 .7
Partner wants too much sex 1.3 3.3

4. What time of the day are you most likely to be in the mood for sex?

Before I go to bed 33.9% 36.9%
In the morning, after I wake up 28.1 14.9
In the evening, after I get home 14.3 13.2
After dinner 8.6 10.3
In the middle of the night 5.7 10.8
In the afternoon, during work 3.5 6.1
In the morning, after breakfast 3 2.3
In the afternoon, at lunch 2.9 5.6

5. What sort of date is most likely to put you in the mood for sex?

A romantic dinner out 27.7% 23.4%
A quiet night at home 26.1 28.7
Dancing 14.6 25.4
An adventure date outdoors 10.1 5.2
Visiting a pub; Darts, pool 9.8 7.3
A formal event 7.4 4.1
A concert or comedy show 2.2 1.8
Going to a sporting event 1.6 2.8
Shopping .6 1.4

6. When do you generally have sex with a new partner?

After the third date 7.9% 11.6%
After a month of dating 14 16.1
After the fourth or fifth date 13.6 11.4
After the second date 12.4 7.1
Only after marriage 9.1 4.4
After the first date 8.6 5.2
The same night we meet 7.8 3.4
After several months of dating 6.6 19.4
Once we've discussed exclusivity 6.3 17.2
Never, I practice abstinence 3.3 2.5
Only after he pops the question .3 1.8

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Question He said She said
7. a. Men: If I'm really interested, I want to have sex:

As soon as I get the okay 48.2%
When I'm ready, even if she is first 24
Wait until we are exclusive 21.3
Wait until a certain number of dates 6.5

7.b. Women: If I'm really interested, I want to have sex:

Wait until we're committed
Few dates, so he won't think I'm a slut
Whenever I want, even on first date

8. a. Men: Which of the following is most likely to bring you to orgasm?

Vaginal sex 75.6%
Oral sex 17
Manual simulation--by me 4.1
Manual stimulation--by her 3.3

8.b. Women: Which of the following is most likely to bring you to orgasm?

Clitoral stimulation--by him
Vaginal sex--with him
Oral sex
Clitoral simulation--by me
Clitoral stimulation--by a sex toy

9. Which of the following is most likely to prevent you from having an orgasm?

I never have any problem 47% 11.4%
I'm distracted 25.3 22.8
My partner doesn't know what to do 8.2 15.6
There's no emotional connection 8 6.8
My partner doesn't last long enough 6 19.4
Partner needs to ask what to do 3.4 6.9
It's difficult for me to orgasm 2.2 16.8

10. How much longer do you wish intercourse could last?

I'm satisfied with how long sex lasts 30.3% 38%
10 minutes 23.3 21
20 minutes 15.3 13.8
5 minutes 14.5 14.5
30 minutes 7.5 5.2
1 hour or more 5.9 4
45 minutes 2.4 1.8
1 minute .9 1.7

11.Which body part of the opposite sex turns you on the most?

Butt 34.5% 7.8%
Chest 23.2 14.3
Face 14.1 19.8
Legs 9.9 1
Genitals 7.6 9.5
Abs 6.1 9.4

12. Which of your body parts do you think turns the opposite sex on the most?

Chest 15.6% 42%
Butt 13.5 27.7
Face 26.9 10.5
Shoulders 9.5 .7
Arms 9.3 .2
Legs 2.9 6.9
Abs 8.4 3.2
Genitals 7 5

13.a. Men: How would you describe your penis size?

About average 59.9%
About right 24.3
Small 8.1
Massive 7
Way too small .8

13.b. Women: How would you describe the penis size of your most recent sexual partner?

About average
About right
Way too small

14. In your opinion, the ideal length for an erect penis is:.

7 inches 38.3% 34.8%
6 inches 33.8 32.8
8 inches 17.9 14.9
5 inches 4.8 10.5
9 inches 3.3 2.6
10 inches or more 1.3 1.7
4 inches .4 2.5
1-3 inches .2 .2

15. In your opinion, the ideal girth for an erect penis is:

The diameter of a D battery 74% 64.3%
The diameter of a racquetball 16.5 27.8
The diameter of a quarter 8.1 5
The diameter of a soda can .7 2
The diameter of a Sharpie marker .6 1

16. Which of the following is most important for pleasing a woman?

Thrusting technique 37.7% 55.5%
Oral sex technique 30.4 19.7
Duration of intercourse 16.8 9.2
Penis girth 12.2 11.9
Penis length 2.9 3.6
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Question He said She said
17. What sort of lingerie do your prefer?

Racy: The less fabric, the better 48.7% 46.3%
Elegant: Hints of raw flesh 47.3 51
Trashy: Zippers and pleather 4 2.7

18. What sort of pubic grooming have you done?

I'll do a little trimming, 33.5% 19.4%
The buzz cut--I prefer it short 32.8 21.8
Completely bald 15.5 35.6
None. I wouldn't touch a thing. 11.7 2.3
I'll shave or wax it into shapes 6.6 20.9

19. What sort of pubic grooming would you be willing to do, if asked by a partner?

Anything that turns her on 49.4% 38.3%
I'll do a little trimming 15 10.2
The buzz cut-I prefer it short 14.5 12.4
Completely bald 10.8 18.6
I'll shave or wax it into shapes 6.9 18
None. I wouldn't touch a thing. 3.4 2.7

20. What sort of pubic grooming do you prefer on your partner?

Completely bald 36.5% 11.9%
Shaved or wax it into shapes 32.3 2.1
A little trimming, but that's it. 13.8 47.4
The buzz cut--I prefer it short 13.5 25.7
None. I wouldn't touch a thing. 3.9 13

21. How many times a week do you masturbate?

2-3 times a week 37.2% 23.6%
Once a day 19.1 7.3
About once a week 16.6 16.6
2-3 times a month 11 17.6
Less than once a month 11 31.2
More than once a day 5.2 3.6

22. How many times a week do you think your partner masturbates?

Less than once a month 46.9% 10.4%
2-3 times a month 18 11.8
About once a week 17.9 18
2-3 times a week 13.3 32.7
Once a day 2.7 21.2
More than once a day 1.1 5.9

23. How many previous sexual partners is it okay for your partner to have had?

2-3 26.4% 26%
4-5 22.1 19.3
8-10 13.9 13
None 11.3 9
6-7 10.2 8.8
1 5.3 6.4
11-15 4.7 6.4
16-20 2.2 4.5
51 and above 1.7 2.8

24. How many sexual partners have you had?

2-3 18.9% 25.1%
4-5 14.7 14.6
1 12.8 24.1
8-10 10.7 7.8
6-7 9.1 6.6
11-15 8.8 5.3
16-20 5.8 2.6
None 5.3 8.2
21-25 4.2 1.9
51 and above 3.6 1.2

25. Do you think it's okay to ask how many sexual partners your partner has had?

Yes 69.5% 83.5%
No 30.5 16.4

26. Have you asked how many sexual partners your current partner has had?

Yes 58.2% 68.1%
No 41.8 31.9

27. Have you ever lied about how many partners you've had?

No 62.5% 68.4%
Yes -- Increased by 1 or 2 9.6 6.4
Yes -- Decreased by 1 or 2 7.24 13.1
Yes -- Decreased by 3-5 6.3 6.2
Yes -- Decreased by more than 10 6.1 2.7
Yes -- Increased by more than 10 .33 .10

28. Do you count oral sex partners, who you haven't had intercourse with, in your total number of sex partners?

No 62.7% 67.3%
Yes 37.3 32.7

29. When it comes to oral sex, I:

Give more. I want to even it out 35.9% 28.8%
Give more, and I like it that way 21.1 24.1
Receive more. I want to even it out 19.5 19.7
Receive more. I like it that way 14.1 21.1
Give more. I'd like the opposite 6.9 5.6
Receive more. I'd like the opposite 2.5 .7

30. Has your partner ever faked an orgasm?

No 59.7% 92.9%
Yes 40.3 7.1

31. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

No 71.8% 34.9%
Yes 28.3 65.1

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Question He said She said

32. What's the worst mistake your partner makes in bed?

Not communicating enough 43.9% 19.9%
Just laying there 34.8
Faking orgasm 9
Poor technique 8 12.5
Trying too hard to please me 3.2 9.9
Acting like we're in a porn movie 1.2 7
Rushing to intercourse
Not enough foreplay
Not trying hard enough

33. Men: What's the worst mistake women make during oral sex?

Her teeth get in the way 19.2%
She's not persistent enough 18.7
She should use her tongue more 12.6
She doesn't use her hand enough 11.4
She has bad rhythm 11.4
She's too rough 9.7
She ignores my testicles 8.6
She's too gentle 8.5

34. Women: What's the worst mistake men make during oral sex?

He's too rough
He's not persistent enough
He doesn't know my anatomy
He's too gentle
He has bad rhythm
His beard irritates my skin

35. Do you fantasize?

Yes, but only during masturbation 43.3% 41%
Yes, during sex and masturbation 41.7 22.5
No 9.1 27.4
Yes, but only during sex 5.9 9.1

36. Who do you fantasize about?

A previous partner 25% 27.5%
A friend 22.7 19.2
A stranger 20.5 26.7
A celebrity 13.7 15.7
A porn star 10.7 6.8
A co-worker 7.5 4.1

37. Why do you fantasize?

Images just pop into my head 46.3% 35.1%
It helps me get turned on 43.7 58.4
I'm bored 6.5 4.5
Focus on something besides partner 3.6 2

38. Have you videotaped sex?

No 76.9% 81%
Yes 23.1 19

39. Used light bondage?

No 55.5% 58.7%
Yes 44.6 41.3

40. Used Role Playing?

No 68.7% 71.9%
Yes 31.3 28.1

41. Used toys?

Yes 51.3% 39%
No 48.5 61

42. Had a threesome?

No 90.6% 91%
Yes 9.5 8.8

43. Sex while watching porn?

Yes 57.3% 47.6%
No 42.7 52.4

44. Had anal sex?

No 57.8% 64.8%
Yes 42.2 35.3

45. Had sex in public?

No 53.5% 57.2%
Yes 46.6 42.8

46. Swinging/Swapping

No 95.7% 95.1%
Yes 4.3 4.9

47. Grooming and shaving each other?

No 52.5% 53.2%
Yes 47.5 46.8

48. Is your partner as sexually adventurous as you would like?

No 60.7% 30.7%
Yes 39.3 69.4

49. What can a partner do to convince you to experiment sexually?

Just ask--I'm game 78.6% 47.9%
Offer to let me do something kinky 10.9 9.4
Show how much she respects me 7.3 32.6
Swear that no one will know 2 8.1
Constant begging and pleading 1.2 2

50. I'm more likely to be sexually adventurous...

Always sexually adventurous 44.2% 19.3%
Later: After I've built trust with her 37.9 66
Early: Before things get serious 8.7 7
If it's a random stranger: 8.3 4.8
I'm not comfortable with that 1.4 3

51. Have you ever had a threesome?

No 81.6% 86%
Yes 18.4 14

52. Who else participated?

Two girls 50.3% 21.3%
One guy, One girl 25.5 49
I've been in both situations 24.3
Two guys

53. Were you in a relationship with any of the other participants?

No, and I never was 57.7% 48.6%
Yes. The relationship stayed strong 17.7 21
Yes. It failed, but not because of it 16.4 19.9
Yes. It failed because of it 4.3 4.6
No, but it evolved into a relationship 3.8 5.9

54. How'd it go?

I loved it, and would do it again 59.1% 36.7%
It was a good, one-time thing. 29.6 40.1
It was awful, but I'd try again 8.1 11.9
It was awful, I'd never try it again 3.3 11.2

55. If you have never been in a threesome, what would it take?

Random people 36.2% 18.8%
I'd never have a threesome 29.4 57.6
Secure relationship. 3rd party a friend 18.7 11.2
Secure relationship. 3rd party a stranger 15.7 12.4

Friday, September 29, 2006

Brazilian jet missing over Amazon jungle

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - A Brazilian jetliner with 155 people aboard was reported missing Friday over the Amazon jungle, aviation authorities said.

Initially, officials said they believed Gol airlines flight 1907 had collided with a smaller plane after leaving the jungle city of Manaus in the remote southwestern region of Para state. News reports said the plane struck a Brazilian-made Legacy, a smaller executive jet.

But authorities later said they were no longer certain the disappearance was caused by a collision with a private jet as they earlier maintained.

"During the afternoon, there was another incident with a Legacy airplane, made by Embraer," federal aviation authorities said in a statement issued early Saturday morning. "It is impossible to confirm that there is a relation between the incident which caused the (Legacy) crew to perform an emergency landing in Cachimbo and the disappearance of the Gol airplane."

Initially, authorities reported the collision was near the Serra do Cachimbo region in Para state but the Legacy managed to land at the Cachimbo base despite suffering damage. The aviation agency said the plane disappeared about 130 miles south of the city of Cachimbo, some 1,250 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

The jetliner had been scheduled to make a stop in Brasilia before heading to Rio's Antonio Tom Jobim International Airport. Manaus is a major river city in the heart of the Amazon rainforest some 1,700 miles northwest of Rio.

Brazilian airport authority President Jose Carlos Pereira said five air force planes were searching for the missing Boeing 737 in a densely forested region and would continue to search through the night.

On Friday evening, Gol issued a brief statement confirming the plane's disappearance.

"GOL informs that flight 1907, that today left the Manaus airport at 15:35 (Brasilia time) this Friday, and was scheduled to arrive at the Brasilia airport at 18:12, has not had its landing confirmed until this moment. We are awaiting information from officials of the aviation authorities about the flight," the statement said.

Gol said there were 155 people aboard, 149 passengers and six crew members.

Pereira said in an interview with CBN radio that a local farmer reported seeing a large plane flying low.

According to the Globo news agency, some 70 family members and friends of the victims had been moved to a warehouse owned by Gol at the Brasilia airport to await news.

Seven passengers were scheduled to disembark in Rio, where airport officials had put those waiting to greet them in a separate room.

Sergio Misaci, 47, said his brother Lazaro, 58, was aboard the flight from Manaus and traveling to Brasilia to celebrate their mother's 80th birthday.

"I have all the hope in the world. We have to root for them and have faith in God," Misaci said, adding that he had lived in Manaus for six years and was sure they would not find the plane for at least 24 hours.

"The trees there are 50 and 60 meters (yards) high and you can't see anything," he said before returning home to rest for the evening.

The flight between Manaus and Rio is popular with foreign tourists but there was no immediate word on the nationalities of those aboard.

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a Brazilian-made executive jet that carries up to 16 passengers.

The Estado news agency quoted Col. Ramon Bueno, head of regional flight protection in Sao Paulo, as saying the Legacy was piloted by an U.S. citizen who had left from the airport in Sao Jose dos Campos, near Sao Paulo. The Legacy suffered damaged to its wing and tail.

He told the news agency a mid-air collision was "inexplicable."

"The two planes are very modern and have anti-collision systems, which sound an alarm to alert the plane to any obstacle," Bueno told Estado.

Bueno told Estado that if there were no survivors, it could be the worst air accident ever in Brazil. The worst to date occurred in 1982 when a Vasp 747 crashed in the northeastern city of Fortaleza, killing 137 people.

The accident occurred in the same region where a Varig 737-200 crashed in 1989 with 54 people aboard with 46 survivors.

It was the first major incident for Gol Linhas Aereas Intelligentes SA, an upstart Brazilian airline that took to the skies in 2001 with just six Boeing 737s in 2001, serving seven Brazilian cities.


Foley resigns from Congress over e-mails

WASHINGTON - Rep. Mark Foley (news, bio, voting record), R-Fla., abruptly resigned from Congress on Friday in the wake of questions about e-mails he wrote a former teenage male page.

"I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent," Foley, 52, said in a statement issued by his office.

Six hours after his resignation letter was read to the House by a clerk, the chairman of a panel that oversees the page program issued a one-page written statement that deflected any blame from House leaders.

The statement from Rep. John Shimkus (news, bio, voting record), R-Ill., said the House Page Board he chairs investigated the allegations late last year, but he said Foley "was not honest" in denying improper conduct with the teenager. Pages are high school students who attend classes under congressional supervision and work as messengers.

The House voted to have its ethics committee consider whether to investigate further. The Democratic leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) of California, said the committee should determine who knew of the messages, whether Foley had other contacts with pages and when the Republican leadership was notified of Foley's conduct.

His departure sent Republicans scrambling for a replacement candidate less than six weeks before midterm elections in which Democrats are making a strong bid to gain control of the House. He had been a shoo-in for a new term.

Foley's two-sentence statement gave no reason for his decision to abandon a flourishing career in Congress. But several officials said the resignation had been prompted by the e-mails, and he took his action as details emerged about electronic messages he had sent.

The resignation further complicates the political landscape for Republicans, who are fighting to retain control of Congress. Democrats need to win a net of 15 Republican seats to regain the power they lost in 1994.

Florida Republicans planned to meet as soon as Monday to name a replacement in Foley's district, an area around Palm Beach County that

President Bush
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" type="hidden">

President Bush won with 55 percent in 2004 and is now in play for November. Though Florida ballots have already been printed with Foley's name and cannot be changed, any votes for Foley will count toward the party's choice.

Campaign aides had previously acknowledged that the Republican congressman e-mailed the former Capitol page five times but had said there was nothing inappropriate about the exchange. The page was 16 at the time.

Rep. Rodney Alexander (news, bio, voting record), R-La., who sponsored the page from his district, told reporters that he learned of the e-mails from a reporter some months ago and passed on the information to Rep. Thomas Reynolds (news, bio, voting record), R-N.Y., chairman of the House Republican campaign organization.

Alexander said he did not pursue the matter further because "his parents said they didn't want me to do anything."

Carl Forti, a spokesman for the GOP campaign organization, said Reynolds learned from Alexander that the parents did not want to pursue the matter. Forti said, however, that the matter did go before the House Page Board — the three lawmakers and two House officials who oversee the pages.

Shimkus, who avoided reporters for hours, worked out his statement with Speaker

Dennis Hastert
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" type="hidden">

Dennis Hastert's office. He said he promptly investigated what he thought were non-explicit message exchanges.

"It has become clear to me today, based on information I only now have learned, that Congressman Foley was not honest about his conduct," Shimkus said.

Shimkus said that in late 2005 he learned — through information passed along by Alexander's office — about an e-mail exchange that August in which Foley asked about the youngster's well-being after Hurricane Katrina and what he wanted for his birthday and requested a photograph.

"Congressman Foley told the (House) clerk and me that he was simply acting as a mentor ... and that nothing inappropriate had occurred," Shimkus said.

Foley was ordered to cease all contact with the former page and assured Shimkus he would do so, the statement said. He also was advised to watch his conduct with current and former House pages, and he gave assurance he would do so, Shimkus said. He added that here were no further complaints.

Hastert said Friday he had asked Shimkus to investigate the page system. "We want to make sure that all our pages are safe and the page system is safe," Hastert said.

Hastert said Foley submitted the letter of resignation to Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush
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" type="hidden">

Jeb Bush and submitted a copy to him. A House clerk read Foley's resignation on the House floor.

"He's done the right thing," Hastert said. Asked if the chain of events was disturbing, he said, "None of us are very happy about it."

ABC News reported Friday that Foley also engaged in a series of sexually explicit instant messages with current and former male pages. In one message, ABC said, Foley wrote to one page: "Do I make you a little horny?"

In another message, Foley wrote, "You in your boxers, too? ... Well, strip down and get relaxed."

Foley, as chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, had introduced legislation in July to protect children from exploitation by adults over the Internet. He also sponsored other legislation designed to protect minors from abuse and neglect.

"We track library books better than we do sexual predators," Foley has said.

And he once accused the Supreme Court of "siding with pedophiles over children."

Foley was a member of the Republican leadership, serving as a deputy whip. He also was a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Foley's aides initially blamed Democratic rival Tim Mahoney and Democrats with attempting to smear the congressman before the election.

The e-mails were posted Friday on Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's Web site after ABC News reported their existence. The group asked the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to investigate.

Naomi Seligman, a spokeswoman for CREW, said the group also sent a letter to the

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" type="hidden">

FBI after the group received the e-mails. CREW did not post their copies of the e-mail until ABC News reported them, instead waiting for the investigation.

"The House of Representatives has an obligation to protect the teenagers who come to Congress to learn about the legislative process," the group wrote, adding that the committee "must investigate any allegation that a page has been subjected to sexual advances by members of the House."

In 2003, Foley faced questions about his sexual orientation as he prepared to run for Sen. Bob Graham (news, bio, voting record)'s seat. At a news conference in May of that year, he said he would not comment on rumors he was gay. He later decided not to seek the Senate seat to care for his parents.

According to the CREW posting, the boy e-mailed a colleague in Alexander's office about Foley's e-mails, saying, "This freaked me out." On the request for a photo, the boy repeated the word "sick" 13 times.

He said Foley asked for his e-mail when the boy gave him a thank you card. The boy also said Foley wrote that he e-mailed another page.

"he's such a nice guy," Foley wrote about the other boy. "acts much older than his age...and hes in really great shape...i am just finished riding my bike on a 25 mile journey now heading to the gym...whats school like for you this year?"

In other e-mails, Foley wrote, "I am back in Florida now...its nice here...been raining sounds like you will have some fun over the next few old are you now?" and "how are you weathering the hurricane...are you safe...send me an email pic of you as well."

What the boy wrote to Foley, who is single, wasn't available. The e-mails were sent from Foley's personal account, which Foley spokesman Jason Kello says he uses to communicate with many people, including the governor.

Efforts to reach the boy were unsuccessful, but he told the St. Petersburg Times last November, "I thought it was very inappropriate. After the one about the picture, I decided to stop e-mailing him back." The Times didn't publish the comments until Friday.

Alexander said the boy notified a staffer in his office about the e-mails. The congressman said he learned of it from a reporter 10 or 11 months ago and promptly called the boy's parents.

"We weren't trying to protect anybody except the parents," Alexander said Friday. "They told me they were comfortable with it and didn't want to pursue anything, didn't want to talk about it anymore."

Mahoney, a Republican who became a Democrat last year, is chairman and chief operating officer of a $1 billion-a-year financial services company. In his House bid, he has focused on Washington corruption and oversized deficits.

In 1983, the House censured two lawmakers — Daniel Crane of Illinois and Gerry Studds of Massachusetts — for having improper relationships with pages.