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Iran sentences American hikers to 8 years in prison for illegal entry and espionage

TEHRAN: Iran has sentenced two American hikers detained in the Islamic republic to eight years in prison on charges of "illegal entry" and "espionage," the state television website reported Saturday.

"According to an informed source with the judiciary, Shane Bauer... and... Josh Fattal, the two detained American citizens, have been each sentenced to three years in prison for illegal entry to the Islamic Republic of Iran," the website reported.

It further said that the two have separately been "sentenced to five years in prison on charges of espionage for the American intelligence agency."

The report added that "the case of Sarah Shourd, who has been freed on bail is still open."

The lawyer for the Americans, Masoud Shafii, told AFP that he had not been informed of any decision since their trial ended on July 31.

Bauer and Fattal, both 28, were arrested along with Sarah Shourd, 32, on the unmarked border between Iran and Iraq on July 31, 2009, with the trio claiming they were hiking in Iraq's northern province of Kurdistan when they innocently strayed into the Islamic republic.

They have pleaded not guilty to spying charges.

Shourd is being tried in absentia after she returned to the United States when she was freed on humanitarian and medical grounds in September, paying bail of around 500,000 dollars.

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Black Helicopter & ufo in a field


UFO over Leicester

He killed his wife because she chatted with an alleged lover on Facebook

A radiologist from Buenos Aires found his wife chatting on Facebook with a man and murdered her with six shots because he suspected she was cheating him.

Six shots in the head ended the life of a woman. The murderer, her husband, who then attempted suicide, a radiologist Lanús that surprised his wife on the computer chatting with a person, an alleged lover.

Although today released the incident occurred last Thursday near the wall 20 when Juan Hector, 53, returned to his house where he lived with his wife, Monica 50. Man allegedly found his wife chatting on Facebook with whom he suspected was a lover.

According to the lawyer told Wall, Alberto Dominguez, his client's son called to tell her what had happened. "The boy went to the house and found the mother on the floor with six bullets in the head with a bag, because apparently it was about to leave the marital home, and told us that he had long infidelity on her part "he said Dominguez.

According to the testimony of the victim's lawyer was employed by the company where her husband asked her not to leave the house. "She gave him a phrase: 'you do not have eggs to do anything,'" said the lawyer and client, she said, "does not remember anything else from time to time, only that went and took a gun, has the mind white "

Attempted suicide. After making shots with a .32-caliber revolver, Wall contemplated ending his life, but his son came home on time, rushed his father stopped him. Within minutes, police arrived at the place and arrested the radiologist, who is accused of aggravated murder for the link.

The lawyer said his strategy will be to prove that his client acted in a state of violent emotion. In his view "had a fit of rage and then not remember ever having called the child."

The first findings of the researchers indicate that Wall and his wife lived in the same household, but constantly arguing. They slept in separate beds were separated in fact some years ago.

Wall suspected that his wife met with a lover every time he went traveling in the countryside for work. The night of the murder of one of them returned.

A British fighter jet crashed in a display

A fighter of the Royal Air Force crashed during a show at the English seaside resort of Bournemouth, a police spokesman said today, noting that the pilot died.

The authorities confirmed that the pilot Jon Egging died at the scene of the accident, in an area close to Bournemouth Airport, while investigators try to unravel the causes of the accident.

Bournemouth is one of the favorite beaches on the south coast of England. Many tourists spend their summer vacations there. Witnesses said the plane crashed on land near the river Stour, about 1.5 miles from Bournemouth Airport.


The BBC broadcast on its website an amateur video which sees the nine aircraft are separated from the squad after the show. One of them lost on the horizon height and crashes into the ground. Police said the aircraft, the Hawk type, and were flying back.

The squadron was founded in 1965 and has already performed aerobatics in 53 countries worldwide. Pilots with experience in fighter jets and in places like Afghanistan and Iraq crisis.

A witness said the plane hit the ground several times and finally got stuck with his trunk on the banks of a river. "People who were at the scene jumped into the water for the cockpit," he said.

Bournemouth International Airport was closed temporarily, but soon operated normally. Both the Ministry of Defense and the police conduct investigations.

Sebuah jet tempur Inggris jatuh di tampilan

Sebuah pesawat tempur dari Royal Air Force jatuh selama pertunjukan di Inggris resor pantai Bournemouth, juru bicara polisi mengatakan hari ini, mencatat bahwa pilot meninggal.

Pihak berwenang menegaskan bahwa pilot Jon menyemangati meninggal di lokasi kecelakaan, di daerah yang dekat dengan Bandara Bournemouth, sementara peneliti mencoba untuk mengungkap penyebab kecelakaan.

Bournemouth adalah salah satu pantai favorit di pantai selatan Inggris. Banyak wisatawan menghabiskan liburan musim panas mereka di sana. Saksi mata mengatakan pesawat jatuh di tanah dekat Stour sungai, sekitar 1,5 mil dari Bournemouth Bandara.


Siaran BBC di situs sebuah video amatir yang melihat pesawat sembilan dipisahkan dari skuad setelah pertunjukan. Salah satu dari mereka hilang pada ketinggian cakrawala dan crash ke dalam tanah. Polisi mengatakan pesawat, jenis Hawk, dan terbang kembali.

Skuadron ini didirikan pada tahun 1965 dan sudah melakukan aerobatik di 53 negara di seluruh dunia. Pilot dengan pengalaman di jet tempur dan di tempat-tempat seperti Afghanistan dan krisis Irak.

Seorang saksi mengatakan, pesawat menghantam tanah beberapa kali dan akhirnya terjebak dengan belalainya di tepi sungai. "Orang-orang yang berada di tempat kejadian melompat ke air untuk kokpit," katanya.

Bournemouth International Airport ditutup sementara, tapi segera beroperasi normal. Kedua Departemen Pertahanan dan penyelidikan polisi melakukan.








一位目击者说,飞机撞到地面几次,终于与他的一个河岸树干卡住了。 “人们谁在现场被跳入水中的驾驶舱,”他说。


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Canto popular open the World Tango Festival and Buenos Aires 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina, concerts, dance and skills constitute the great party of the urban music of Buenos Aires in the 2011 edition of World Tango Festival and Buenos Aires that from tomorrow until August 30 to become the capital of Argentina in 2x4 Mecca.

The festival will begin Tuesday with a popular opening milonga starring Maria Nieves and Los Reyes del Tango at the Center of Exhibitions of Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, which will also have the tangos of Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer performed by Amelita Baltar.

The Festival and Tango Dance World of Buenos Aires has many activities, shows and exhibitions covering various disciplines related to urban music in its various offices spread throughout the capital.

"Tango is part of the identity of Buenos Aires and in these four years was essential for all the support and encouragement we have given a strategy together with all the tango community. The statement by the UNESCO cultural heritage of tango humanity is a pride for us and also articulates our milongueros heritage and is a projection into the future, "said Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Hernan Lombardi.

The permanent display of Tango Buenos Aires 2011 will be dedicated to Carlos Gardel, the most important exhibition ever held around the figure of "Creole Thrush" with more than 500 objects between possessions, photographs, records and documents of the singer.

There will also be made milongas, dance classes, lectures and exhibitions of films. Be provided in other venues and concerts will be held on World Dance.

Among the leading figures participating in this year's festival highlights Leopoldo Federico, Horacio Salgán Orchestra, Ruben Rada, Nestor Marconi, Julio Pane, Gabriel Misse, Esteban Morgado, Jairo, Pablo Agri, Viceversa, Juan Carlos Copes, Ultratango, "Pipi" Piazzolla, El Arranque, Raul Lavie, Horacio Ferrer, Alberto Podesta, María Graña, Atilio Stampone and Ana Maria Stekelman, among others.

More than 400 pairs of Argentina and many other countries will compete in both world titles in the categories of Salon Tango and Stage Tango.

The World Dance Festival and managed to install and August as the month of tango in Buenos Aires for four years, bringing together both events and disseminate their performance in key points to attract tourists from abroad 2x4 enthusiasts. The 2010 edition was able to convene more than 350 000 people.

Source: Tribuna de San Luis

Cant popular obrirà el Festival i Mundial de Tango Buenos Aires 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina-Concerts, dansa i competències integraran la gran festa de la música ciutadana porteña en l'edició 2011 del Festival i Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires que a partir de demà i fins el 30 d'agost convertirà a la capital argentina en la meca del 2x4.

El festival començarà aquest dimarts amb una gran milonga popular d'obertura protagonitzada per María Nieves i Els Reis del Tango al Centre d'Exposicions del barri porteño de Recoleta, que comptarà a més amb els tangos d'Astor Piazzolla i Horaci Ferrer interpretats per Amelita Baltar.

El programa del Festival i Mundial de Ball de Tango de Buenos Aires conté nombroses activitats, espectacles i exposicions que abasten diverses disciplines vinculades a la música ciutadana en les seves diverses seus distribuïdes al llarg de la capital.

"El tango és part de la identitat porteña i en aquests quatre anys va ser essencial per tot el suport i l'estímul que li hem donat en una estratègia en conjunt amb tota la comunitat tanguera. La declaració per part de la UNESCO del tango patrimoni cultural de la humanitat és un orgull per a nosaltres i més articula el patrimoni amb els nostres milonguero i és una projecció cap al futur ", va destacar el ministre de Cultura porteño, Hernán Lombardi.

La mostra permanent de Tango Buenos Aires 2011 estarà dedicada a Carlos Gardel, amb la més important exhibició mai realitzada al voltant de la figura del "Zorzal criollo" amb més de 500 objectes entre pertinences, fotografies, discos i documents del cantant.

Allà es realitzaran també milongues, classes de ball, conferències i exhibicions de films. En altres seus es brindaran concerts i es disputarà el Mundial de Ball.

Entre les principals figures que participaran en aquesta edició del festival es destaquen Leopoldo Federico, l'Orquestra d'Horaci Salgán, Rubén Rada, Néstor Marconi, Juliol Pane, Gabriel Missé, Esteban Morgado, Jairo, Pau Agricultura, Viceversa, Juan Carlos Copes, Ultratango, "Pipi" Piazzolla, El Arrencada, Raúl Lavi, Horacio Ferrer, Alberto Podestá, Maria Graña, Atilio Stampone i Ana María Stekelman, entre d'altres.

Més de 400 parelles d'Argentina i nombrosos altres països competiran en tant pels títols mundials en les categories Tango Saló i Tango Escenari.

El Festival i Mundial de Ball va aconseguir instal lar a agost com el mes del tango a Buenos Aires des de fa quatre anys, en reunir tots dos esdeveniments i difondre la seva realització en els principals punts de l'exterior per atraure turistes amants del 2x4. L'edició 2010 va aconseguir convocar més de 350 mil persones.

Font: Tribuna de Sant Lluís

كانتو شعبية فتح والمهرجان العالمي للتانغو في بوينس آيريس 2011

بوينس آيرس ، الأرجنتين ، والحفلات الموسيقية والرقص والمهارات تشكل حزب كبير من الموسيقى الحضرية في بوينس ايرس في طبعة 2011 من مهرجان العالمي للتانجو وبوينس ايرس ان من يوم غد حتى 30 أغسطس لتصبح عاصمة الأرجنتين في 2x4 مكة المكرمة.

وسوف يبدأ المهرجان اليوم الثلاثاء مع افتتاح شعبية ماريا نيفيس milonga بطولة لوس رييس وتانجو ديل في مركز المعارض في حي Recoleta بوينس آيرس ، والذي سيكون أيضا من التانجو أستور Piazzolla وهوراسيو فيرير بالتار أميليتا فسرته.

مهرجان الرقص العالمي وتانغو في بوينس آيرس والعديد من الأنشطة والعروض والمعارض التي تغطي مختلف التخصصات ذات الصلة إلى الموسيقى في المناطق الحضرية في مختلف مكاتبها المنتشرة في العاصمة.

"تانجو هو جزء من هوية في بوينس ايرس وهذه السنوات الأربع كانت ضرورية لدعم وتشجيع جميع اعطينا استراتيجية مع كل مجتمع والتانغو ، والبيان الصادر عن اليونسكو للتراث الثقافي التانغو الإنسانية هي فخر لنا وتوضح لنا أيضا milongueros التراث والإسقاط في المستقبل "، وقال وزير الثقافة في بوينس آيرس ، هرنان لومباردي.

وسيخصص العرض الدائمة في بوينس آيرس عام 2011 لالتانغو كارلوس غارديل ، وأهم معرض يقام حول شخصية "الدج الكريول" مع أكثر من 500 بين الكائنات ممتلكاتهم ، والصور والسجلات والوثائق من مغنية.

ستكون هناك أيضا أدلى milongas ، ودروس الرقص ، والمحاضرات والمعارض من الأفلام. وستعقد المقدمة في أماكن أخرى في الرقص والحفلات الموسيقية العالمية.

من بين الشخصيات البارزة المشاركة في مهرجان هذا العام الضوء ليوبولدو فيديريكو هوراسيو أوركسترا Salgán ، رادا روبن ، وماركوني نستور ، جزء خوليو Misse غابرييل مورجادو استيبان ، وخايرو ، بابلو الزراعية ، بالعكس ، وخوان كارلوس العبي ، Ultratango ، "بيبي" Piazzolla ش Arranque ، راؤول لافي ، هوراسيو فيرير ، بوديستا البرتو ماريا جرانة ، Stampone أتيليو وآنا ماريا Stekelman ، من بين آخرين.

وأكثر من 400 زوجا من الأرجنتين وبلدان أخرى كثيرة تتنافس في لقبا عالميا في كل من فئات تانجو تانجو وصالون المرحلة.

مهرجان الرقص العالمي ، ونجح في تثبيت وأغسطس وشهر التانغو في بوينس آيرس لمدة أربع سنوات ، والجمع بين هذين الحدثين ونشر أدائهم في النقاط الرئيسية لجذب السياح من هواة 2x4 الخارج. كان طبعة عام 2010 قادرة على عقد أكثر من 350 000 شخص.

المصدر : Tribuna دي سان لويس

Canto popullore të hapur Tango Festival Botërore dhe Buenos Aires 2011

Buenos Aires, Argjentinë, koncerte, valle dhe aftësitë e përbëjnë partia e madhe e muzikës urbane e Buenos Aires në edicionin 2011 të World Tango Buenos Aires Festival dhe se që nga nesër deri më 30 gusht për t'u bërë kryeqyteti i Argjentinës në 2x4 Mekë.

Festivali do të fillojë të martën me një hapje të popullarizuar milonga Nieves Maria starring dhe Los Reyes del Tango në Qendrën e ekspozitave të Buenos Aires lagjen e Recoleta, të cilat gjithashtu do të ketë të Astor Piazzolla tangos dhe Horacio Ferrer të kryera nga Amelita Baltar.

Festivali dhe World Tango Dance e Buenos Aires ka shumë aktivitete, tregon dhe ekspozita mbulon disiplinave të ndryshme në lidhje me muzikën urbane në zyrat e saj të ndryshme përhap në të gjithë kryeqytetin.

"Tango është pjesë e identitetit të Buenos Aires dhe në këto katër vjet ishte thelbësore për të gjithë mbështetjen dhe inkurajimin që ne kemi dhënë një strategji bashku me të gjithë komunitetin tango. Deklaratën e trashëgimisë kulturore të UNESCO-s tango njerëzimit është një krenari për ne dhe gjithashtu artikulon milongueros trashëgiminë tonë dhe është një projektim në të ardhmen ", tha ministri i Kulturës së Buenos Aires, Hernan Lombardi.

Ekran i përhershëm i Tango Buenos Aires 2011 do të jetë i dedikuar për Carlos Gardel, ekspozita më e rëndësishme mbajtur ndonjëherë rreth figurës së "mykotik Creole" me më shumë se 500 objekte mes pasuria, fotografitë, të dhënat dhe dokumentet e këngëtarit.

Nuk do të bëhen edhe milongas, klasa valle, ligjërata dhe ekspozita të filmave. Të sigurohen në vende të tjera dhe koncerteve do të mbahet më Dance Botërore.

Ndër figurat kryesore pjesëmarrëse në festivalin e këtij viti nxjerr në pah Leopoldo Federico, Horacio Salgán Orkestra, Ruben Rada, Nestor Marconi, Pane Julio, Gabriel Misse, Esteban Morgado, Jairo, Pablo Agri, Viceversa, Juan Carlos copes, Ultratango, "Pipi" Piazzolla, El Arranque, Raul Lavie, Horacio Ferrer, Alberto Podesta, María Grana, Atilio Stampone dhe Ana Maria Stekelman, ndër të tjera.

Më shumë se 400 çifte të Argjentinës dhe shumë vende të tjera do të garojnë në të dy titujt botëror në kategoritë e Tango Tango Salon dhe Faza.

Festivali Dance Botërore dhe arriti të instalojë dhe gusht si muaji i Tango në Buenos Aires për katër vjet, duke bashkuar dy ngjarjet dhe shpërndajnë punën e tyre në pika kyçe për të tërhequr turistë nga jashtë 2x4 entuziastë. 2010 Edicioni i ishte në gjendje të mbledhë më shumë se 350 000 njerëz.

Burimi: Tribuna de San Luis

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Reverse Haircut

Reverse Haircut - Watch more Funny Videos

Galilea Montijo is a honeymoon and forget the scandals

So far the doctor has given recommendations to take care of Galilea Montijo her pregnancy, but is ready to live their honeymoon, away from the scandals surrounding his wedding.

"Now I'll rest a while and there is much work yet. The doctor told me, 'You go, back rest and when to give you directions, because the first few months must beware a lot of tantrums do not worry about anything. " And I'm honest, I dropped twenty to digest that I am pregnant and I say 'now what's next? "But I'm going for a while," he told El Universal, suggesting that vacacionaría on a beach.

Ochoa will lead the second program of the big show the kids, next Sunday, but will pause at another driver will take his place, but will return to continue the project.

Rubén Galindo The producer said that several names being considered for the conduct of Sunday 20 August. "We are talking with several people as we can define the company, we will disclose the name."

Andrea Legarreta, Adal Ramones Cecilia Galliano and could cover the absence of Montijo.

He advanced the kid

Gali A few months ago he underwent fertility treatment, so the news of the pregnancy was not surprised, but it has been half a year ahead of ahead of schedule.

"We had three months looking for him and went through treatment. The doctor told me that at the end of the year could and went ahead and kid the kid. Born around March or April, if forward, or May. He (Fernando) and has a couple of kids and whatever is good for me, "said the driver, who has lived sharply in recent days.

"From a mom and wife passed I have not left a surprise to enter another. Just as we were digesting Saturday's wedding, which was fun, amazing, we had a great father and was very emotional when you're in another story, "he said.

Montijo today suffers leg heaviness and headache, despite the speculation began last week, tells how she learned of her pregnancy.

"Someone asked me and said 'damn, how did he know and I'? Then I did a home test on Saturday and gave her the news (Fernando) back before the ceremony. Arriving on Monday I went to the doctor, said he was trained in the fifth week (of pregnancy), because the accounts they begin two weeks before, but for me they are three, "he said.

The actress also said that many events in such a short time do not sit still twenty, but said that lives is by divine design.

"If you reach 40, because I was staying, but I think God's timing is right and perfect, and you put people that have to be when you're ready for anything. I played now and we'll see what happens next year, because I spoke heads and this child brings cake under her arm. "

Let the world roll

For now, the push and pull on the binding of Jalisco with Fernando Reyna continues, but she prefers to ignore what is said about it.

"I said that was beyond what he could say and still am. All we had it planned. It all started with a birthday party and ended with a wedding. I'm not interested into scandals.

"I've been away, I do not even want to put the twitter. For me, I invite you to the bedroom, the honeymoon, but I said that I will share with the people who love me, "he said the actress, who had his grandmother in memory for the wedding.

"I had my grandmother in mind, I missed her (Carmen) Armendáriz (Annette) Cuburu Legarreta and that night, but there will be time to share with them."

On 27 this month Ochoa deliver the check that paid the exclusive magazine Hello! for her wedding to the association "A bit" AC The appointment will be meeting at the home of Tlalpan body.

Galilea Montijo adalah bulan madu dan melupakan skandal

Sejauh ini dokter telah memberikan rekomendasi untuk mengurus Galilea Montijo kehamilannya, tetapi siap untuk hidup bulan madu mereka, jauh dari skandal sekitarnya pernikahannya.

"Sekarang aku akan beristirahat sementara dan ada banyak pekerjaan yang belum. Dokter mengatakan kepada saya, "pergi Anda, kembali istirahat dan kapan harus memberikan arah, karena beberapa bulan pertama harus berhati-hati banyak amukan jangan khawatir tentang apa pun." Dan aku jujur, aku menjatuhkan dua puluh untuk mencerna bahwa aku hamil dan aku berkata 'sekarang apa selanjutnya? "Tapi aku pergi untuk sementara," katanya kepada El Universal, menunjukkan bahwa vacacionaría di pantai.

Ochoa akan memimpin program kedua acara besar anak-anak, Minggu berikutnya, tapi akan berhenti di driver lain akan mengambil tempatnya, tapi akan kembali untuk melanjutkan proyek ini.

Rubén Galindo produser mengatakan bahwa beberapa nama yang dipertimbangkan untuk pelaksanaan Minggu 20 Agustus. "Kami berbicara dengan beberapa orang seperti yang kita dapat mendefinisikan perusahaan, kami akan mengungkapkan nama."

Andrea Legarreta, Adal Ramones Cecilia Galliano dan bisa menutupi tidak adanya Montijo.

Dia maju anak itu

Gali Beberapa bulan lalu ia menjalani perawatan kesuburan, sehingga berita tentang kehamilan tidak terkejut, tetapi telah setengah tahun depan lebih cepat dari jadwal.

"Kami sudah tiga bulan mencari dia dan pergi melalui pengobatan. Dokter mengatakan kepada saya bahwa pada akhir tahun bisa dan pergi ke depan dan anak anak. Lahir sekitar Maret atau April, jika ke depan, atau Mei. Dia (Fernando) dan memiliki beberapa anak-anak dan apa yang baik untuk saya, "kata sopir, yang telah tinggal tajam dalam beberapa hari terakhir.

"Dari seorang ibu dan istri yang berlalu, aku tidak meninggalkan kejutan untuk masuk lain. Sama seperti kita mencerna pernikahan Sabtu itu, yang menyenangkan, menakjubkan, kami memiliki ayah yang hebat dan sangat emosional ketika Anda berada di cerita lain, "katanya.

Montijo hari ini menderita sakit kepala berat kaki dan, meskipun spekulasi dimulai pekan lalu, menceritakan bagaimana ia belajar dari kehamilannya.

"Seseorang bertanya kepada saya dan berkata 'sialan, bagaimana dia tahu dan saya'? Kemudian saya melakukan tes di rumah pada hari Sabtu dan memberinya berita (Fernando) kembali sebelum upacara. Tiba pada hari Senin saya pergi ke dokter, mengatakan ia dilatih di minggu kelima (kehamilan), karena rekening mereka mulai dua minggu sebelumnya, tapi bagi saya mereka adalah tiga, "katanya.

Aktris ini juga mengatakan bahwa banyak peristiwa dalam waktu pendek tidak duduk diam dua puluh, namun mengatakan bahwa hidup adalah dengan rancangan ilahi.

"Jika Anda mencapai 40, karena saya tinggal, tapi saya pikir waktu Tuhan yang tepat dan sempurna, dan Anda menempatkan orang-orang yang harus ketika Anda siap untuk apa pun. Aku bermain sekarang dan kita akan melihat apa yang terjadi tahun depan, karena saya berbicara kepala dan anak ini membawa kue di tangannya. "

Biarkan gulungan dunia

Untuk saat ini, mendorong dan menarik pada pengikatan Jalisco dengan Fernando Reyna terus, tapi dia lebih suka mengabaikan apa yang dikatakan tentang hal itu.

"Saya mengatakan bahwa di luar apa yang bisa dikatakan dan masih saya. Yang kita telah direncanakan. Semuanya dimulai dengan pesta ulang tahun dan berakhir dengan pernikahan. Aku tidak tertarik menjadi skandal.

"Aku sudah pergi, saya bahkan tidak ingin menempatkan twitter. Bagi saya, saya mengundang Anda untuk kamar tidur, bulan madu, tetapi saya mengatakan bahwa saya akan berbagi dengan orang-orang yang mencintai saya, "katanya sang aktris, yang telah neneknya di memori untuk pernikahan.

"Aku punya nenek saya di pikiran, aku merindukan (Carmen) nya Armendariz (Annette) Cuburu Legarreta dan malam itu, tapi akan ada waktu untuk berbagi dengan mereka."

Pada tanggal 27 bulan ini Ochoa memberikan cek yang membayar majalah eksklusif Halo! untuk pernikahannya ke asosiasi "Sedikit" AC Penunjukan akan bertemu di rumah tubuh Tlalpan

Galileji se dogaja na medenih tednih in pozabi škandalov

Do sedaj se je zdravnik, ki priporočila, da skrbijo za Galilea Montijo nosečnosti, vendar pa je pripravljen, da živijo svoje medene tedne, stran od afer okoli njegove poroke.

"Zdaj bom počitek in nekaj časa je še veliko dela. Zdravnik mi je rekel, "Pojdi, nazaj počitek in kdaj vam smeri, saj mora v prvih nekaj mesecih pazi veliko tantrums ne skrbi nič." In sem iskren, sem padel dvajset do prebavo, da sem noseča in sem rekel "Zdaj, kaj je zdaj?" Ampak jaz grem za nekaj časa, "je povedal El Universal, kar kaže, da vacacionaría na plaži.

Ochoa bo drugi program veliki show otroci, naslednjo nedeljo, vendar pa bo bo premor na drugem voznik njegovo mesto, vendar se bo vrnil za nadaljevanje projekta.

Rubén Galindo proizvajalec je dejal, da se več imen, šteje za opravljanje nedeljo, 20. avgusta. "Pogovarjamo se z več ljudmi, saj lahko definiramo podjetje, bomo razkrili ime."

Andrea Legarreta, Adal Ramones Cecilia Galliano in bi lahko zapolni primanjkljaj Montijo.

On napredne otroka

Gali Pred nekaj meseci je doživel zaradi neplodnosti, tako da je bila novica o nosečnosti ne presenečeni, vendar pa je bilo pol leta pred pred predvidenim rokom.

"Imeli smo tri mesece išče njega in šla skozi zdravljenje. Zdravnik mi je povedal, da je ob koncu leta in bi lahko šel naprej in otrok otroka. Rojen okoli marca ali aprila, če naprej, ali maj. On (Fernando) in ima nekaj otrok, in kar je dobro zame, "je dejal voznik, ki je močno živel v zadnjih dneh.

"Od mama in žena minilo še nisem zapustil presenečenje za vstop v drugo. Tako kot smo bili pri prebavljanju poroko sobota, ki je bilo zabavno, neverjetno, smo imeli veliko oče in je bilo zelo čustveno, ko ste v druga zgodba, "je dejal.

Montijo danes trpi nogo teže in glavobol, kljub špekulacijam je začela prejšnji teden, pove, kako je izvedel za njeno nosečnost.

"Nekdo me je vprašal in rekel: 'prekleto, kako je vedel in jaz? Potem sem doma test na soboto in ji novice (Fernando) nazaj pred slovesnostjo. Prihod v ponedeljek sem šla k zdravniku, dejal, da je usposobljen v petem tednu (nosečnosti), saj račune začnejo dva tedna pred tem, ampak za mene so tri, "je dejal.

Igralka je še dejal, da mnogi dogodki v tako kratkem času ne sedijo še dvajset, pa je dejal, da je življenje po Božjem načrtu.

"Če pridemo do 40, ker sem ostal, ampak mislim, da čas Bog je prav in popolno, in si dal ljudi, ki jih je treba, ko ste pripravljeni na vse. Igral sem zdaj in bomo videli, kaj se bo zgodilo prihodnje leto, ker sem govoril glave in tega otroka prinaša torto pod njeno roko. "

Naj svet roll

Za zdaj, potiska in potega na vezavo Jalisco z Fernando Reyna se nadaljuje, vendar se je raje prezreti, kaj je rekel o tem.

«Sem dejal, da je tistega, kar bi lahko rekel in še vedno sem. Vsi smo ga načrtovali. Vse se je začelo z rojstnodnevno zabavo in je končala s poroko. Ne zanima me v škandalov.

"Jaz sem bil proč, jaz sploh ne želite dati twitter. Za mene, vas vabim, da spalnico, medenih tednih, vendar sem rekel, da bom delil z ljudmi, ki me ljubijo, "je dejal igralka, ki je njegova babica v spomin na poroko.

"Imel sem moji babici v mislih, sem zamudila njen (Carmen) Armendáriz (Annette) Cuburu Legarreta in tisto noč, vendar pa bo čas, da delite z njimi."

Dne 27. tega meseca dostavi Ochoa preverite, ali plača izključno revijo Hello! za poroko, da združenje "bit" AC Imenovanje se bo srečal na domu Tlalpan telesa.