Monday, November 29, 2010

Buenos Aires will provide free internet in 26 places Buenos Aires

This is a pilot for 3 years starting in mid-December. The proposal involves the 26 green spaces in the City, and begins in Recoleta Plaza Houssay

The City Government confirmed that before the end year will begin a pilot project to install Wi-Fi spaces in various sectors of the Federal Capital. The final draft, which will take three years to its final realization, Buenos Aires include 26 parks and plazas, including Plaza de Mayo.

"When we started the management, Macri asked us to work to see how we could provide free WiFi", said the Minister of Environment and Public Space in Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli.

In this regard, the official told Buenos Aires Radio 10 that "it is a good way to give employment to the streets and residents can return to occupy public spaces."

Santilli said that only "necessary to see the times that we will install" service in every square and park in the City of Buenos Aires.

Wi-Fi spaces that the City will be the Plaza de Mayo, Republic Square, the square in front of the Faculty of Medicine, parks Lavalle, Lezama and Saavedra, as well as the Botanical Garden, among others .

As it was explained, these Wi-Fi spaces allow citizens to connect to the Internet through their cell phones and laptops in the main parks and squares of the city of Buenos Aires.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Galilea Montijo confirms marriage to Jorge Krasovsky

Mexico City (MEXICO). Galilea Montijo The driver confirmed that if there will be wedding next year with Dr. Jorge Krasovsky, the daily newspaper Reforma.

The Ochoa, who walked the red carpet at the anniversary party of the Vanity Fair magazine, says she would love to have your link out on a farm or on a beach.

"We do not know yet where it will be, but definitely not in either Guadalajara or Mexico City."

Galilea Montijo and Jorge Krasovsky was learned in the morning broadcast of which both are part and began dating in March 2009.

A year later, marriage Krasovsky asked the host of 'Today' at a dinner in Merida, Yucatan. Krasovsky was very creative and put the ring inside an oyster in which there was also a note that read: "Will you marry me?".

Buenos Aires desperate to attend the four concerts by Luis Miguel

Thousands of women, formed a long queue at the gates of the stadium in which the Mexican singer Luis Miguel offer today the first of four concerts in Buenos Aires to present his new album, "Lips of honey."
With strong heat stalwarts of the "Sol de Mexico" thicken the line from dawn to be first to enter the stadium of Velez Sarsfield, on the west side of town.

Luis Miguel expects to bring together nearly one hundred thousand people in its four consecutive concerts in Buenos Aires, which sold the majority of locations.

Before landing at the stadium of Velez, the Mexican singer born in Puerto Rico, 40, offered on Tuesday an exclusive charity concert in the capital of Argentina before some 2,000 guests, most characters in the show business and local politics.

The Latin American tour Luis Miguel Tour 2010 began in early November in Peru and remained in Paraguay and the Argentine cities of Corrientes (north), Córdoba (center), Rosario (center) and San Luis (northwest).
After visiting Buenos Aires, the popular Mexican singer will continue their tour of Argentina with concerts in the cities of Trelew (south), Neuquén (south) and Mar del Plata (downtown).

In his last recitals Mexicans played some songs from his new album and classics such as "mild", "The unconditional", "You, only you," "The Boat" or "I need you."

Luis Miguel, who recorded his first album with twelve years and has since sold sixty million albums worldwide, will also perform this year in Chile, Bolivia and Spain.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The girl who fell into the well could be discharged "this afternoon"

This was announced by executive director of the hospital where the child was still hospitalized, Arnaldo Medina, who said this morning that it will also be assessed Vanessa's brother, who had an eye condition, "because the professionals want to joint licensing.

"We will evaluate the possibility of discharge (to Vanessa) afternoon," he said Medina told reporters outside the hospital offered the Crossroads of Florencio Varela.

The care center's executive director said the girl "became a very good night and is virtually painless."

The complete professional, "were repeated medical tests and did well. Contusion in the perineal area is developing very well: no pain and no anesthesia is needed."

Then, he clarified that the lower discharge depend not only on successful results of medical examination, because you must also overcome an examination of the girl's brother.

"We will evaluate the little boy in the family because, when that happens (for the fall in the well), parents were with the boy in a hospital to assess their health," he said.

Thus, recalled that Vanessa's parents had left the girl in the fifth in which they work to accompany a health care facility your child to review it because of a condition in his eyes.

Tragic Railways: three dead and twenty injured in Corrientes

A bus and a truck collided on Route 14, at the height of Paso de los Libres. Killed two drivers and a passenger bus.

Again an accident on the road leaves a fatal result, three people died as a result of a collision between a bus and a truck on National Highway 14, at the height of the city of Corrientes Paso de los Libres.

The tragedy occurred at around 3 am, at the height of 485 km where a bus collided Expreso Singer Company and a company truck LTM (Logistics MERCOSUR), of Brazilian origin.

The micro had departed from the city of Puerto Iguazú in the north of Misiones, and went to the Retiro, in the Federal Capital. The truck, meanwhile, made the journey between Buenos Aires and Brazil, where he planned to enter the bridge Paso de los Libres-Uruguayana.

Following the violent impact of the truck drivers were killed and the micro and one of his passengers. Firefighters worked for several hours to remove the bodies that had been trapped in the twisted metal.

The injured were referred to hospital "San José" Paso de Los Libres, where several of them remained hospitalized this morning, but out of danger.

The bus driver was Hugo Silva and was 45 years, as confirmed by firefighters. Were not yet identified the deceased passenger or the driver of the truck, although it was known that the latter was Brazilian.

Although by the time he was unaware of the reasons for the accident, from the Police stated that the crash occurred in darkness and in an area of high traffic flow. The tragedy occurred near where the highway is built on Route 14.

This incident added to the list of victims from accidents on the roads Corrientes, where in November and killed 14 people so far this year, 148 people.

With these three deaths, as were 148 people killed in traffic accidents on the roads so far Corrientes 2010, while in the month of November there were 14 deaths from this cause.

Rossi called for the resignation of Camaño

Must take a step back. It is not emotionally capable of chairing a committee of those features, you have to judge the conduct of the deputies, "said the head of the ruling bloc in the House, Agustín Rossi, in relation to the holder of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs The Federal Peronist Graciela Camano, who yesterday hit a punch in the face to the Kunkel Carlos Kirchner.

"Whoever chairs the commission generates most important act of misconduct that has seen the camera in years," Rossi said on the radio, for whom aggression toward Kunkel Camaño yesterday's "product of impotence" after "the opposition had prepared the meeting of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs as a stage to disqualify the Kirchner and was quite the opposite. "

"In fact, the commission, where the ruling party has no majority, does issue a majority opinion in 6 hours, rejecting the three issues of privilege" that raised the pressures that had been alleged by the opposition MPs to vote for the budget, Rossi said.

For the deputy, "put together this whole scenario that was removed in seven days and we all quite muddied," noting that "this scandal is responsible, which are (Elisa) Carrio (Graciela) Camano (Patricia) Bullrich ( Cintia) Hotton.

Finally, the head of the bank official said the ruling "is still a minority block could have lost the budget vote" made "all efforts necessary for discussion and has the budget in Argentina."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buenos Aires's History

Buenos Aires was founded twice:
The first in 1536. Don Pedro de Mendoza, a Spanish colonizer, established the first settlement. He named: City of the Holy Spirit and Puerto Santa María del Buen Ayre. The second, and final, in 1580. Juan de Garay site called the City of Trinidad.
In the nineteenth century the port was the arrival point of the great migratory promoted by the Argentine State to populate the nation. Spanish, Italian, Syrian-Lebanese, Polish and Russian immigrants provided Buenos Aires with the cultural eclecticism that distinguishes it.
Throughout the twentieth century, successive immigrations-internal, Latin America and the Middle-finished picture of Buenos Aires as a cosmopolitan city where people live in different cultures and religions.

בוענאָס עריז געשיכטע

דער ערשטער אין 1536. פּעדראָ דע מענדאָזאַ, אַ שפּאַניש קאַלאַנייזער, געגרינדעט דער ערשטער ויסגלייַך. ער האט געהייסן: סיטי פון די רוח און פּוערטאָ סאַנטאַ מאַריִאַ del בוען ער. די רגע, און לעצט, אין 1580. וואַן דע גאַרייַ פּלאַץ גערופן די שטאָט פון טרינידאַד.
אין די nineteenth יאָרהונדערט די פּאָרט איז געווען די אָנקומען פונט פֿאַר די גרויס מייגראַטאָרי פּראָמאָטעד דורך די אַרגענטינע מדינה צו באַפעלקערן דעם לאַנד. שפּאַניש, איטאַליעניש, סיריאַן-לעבאַנעסע, פויליש און רוסיש ימאַגראַנץ צוגעשטעלט בוענאָס עריז מיט די קולטור עקלעקטיסיסם אַז דיסטינגגווישיז עס.
איבער די twentieth יאָרהונדערט, סאַקסעסיוו יממיגראַטיאָנס-אינערלעכע, לאַטייַן אַמעריקע און די מיטל-פאַרטיק בילד פון בוענאָס עריז ווי אַ קאָסמאָפּאָליטאַן שטאָט ווו מענטשן לעבן אין פאַרשידענע קולטורען און רעליגיאָנס.

Buenos Aires Historia

Buenos Aires on perustettu kaksi:
Ensimmäinen vuonna 1536. Don Pedro de Mendoza, espanjalainen colonizer, perusti ensimmäisen ratkaisun. Hän nimesi: kaupunki Pyhä Henki ja Puerto Santa María del Buen Ayre. Toinen, ja viimeinen vuonna 1580. Juan de Garay sivuston nimeltä City of Trinidad.
Vuonna yhdeksännentoista vuosisadan satama oli tulo piste suuri muuttolintujen edistetään Argentiinan valtion kansoittavat maan. Espanjan, Italian, Syyrian ja Libanonin, Puolan ja Venäjän maahanmuuttajien jos Buenos Airesissa kulttuuri eklektisesti että se erottuu.
Koko vuosisadan peräkkäiset immigrations sisäiset, Latinalaisessa Amerikassa ja Lähi-valmiin kuvan Buenos Airesin kosmopoliittinen kaupunki, jossa ihmiset elävät erilaisissa kulttuureissa ja uskonnoissa.

Բուենոս Այրեսում Պատմություն

Բուենոս Այրեսում հիմնադրվել է երկու անգամ:
Առաջինը 1536. Դոն Պեդրո դե Mendoza, իսպանական գաղութարար, որը հիմնադրվել է առաջին հակամարտության կարգավորման. Նա անվանեց քաղաք Սուրբ Հոգին եւ Պուերտո Սանտա Մարիա դել Buen Ayre. Երկրորդ, եւ վերջնական է, 1580. Juan de Garay կայքը կոչ է արել քաղաքի Տրինիդադ.
Ին: Տասնիններորդ դարի նավահանգիստ էր ժամանել կետով համար մեծ Չվող նպաստել է Արգենտինայի պետությանը բնակեցնել ժողովրդին. Իսպաներեն, իտալերեն, սիրիահայ լիբանանյան, լեհերենից ռուսերեն եւ նորեկների տրամադրվել Բուենոս Այրեսում հետ մշակութային eclecticism որ distinguishes այն.
Ողջ քսաներորդ դարի հաջորդական immigrations-ներքին, Լատինական Ամերիկայի եւ Մերձավոր-ավարտել է պատկերը Բուենոս Այրեսի որպես կոսմոպոլիտ քաղաք, որտեղ մարդիկ ապրում են տարբեր մշակույթներ եւ կրոններից.

بوينس آيرس التاريخ

تأسست بوينس ايرس مرتين :

الأولى في 1536. أنشئت دون بيدرو دي مندوزا ، وهو المستعمر الإسباني ، أول مستوطنة. اسمه : مدينة من الروح القدس وبويرتو سانتا ماريا ديل أير بوين. الثانية ، والنهائية ، في 1580. ودعا خوان دي غاراي موقع مدينة ترينيداد.

في القرن التاسع عشر كان منفذ نقطة وصول لالمهاجرة العظيمة التي تروج لها الدولة الأرجنتيني لتجميع الأمة. توفر للمهاجرين الاسبانية والايطالية والسورية اللبنانية ، والبولندية والروسية في بوينس آيرس مع الانتقائية الثقافية التي تميزها.

طوال القرن العشرين ، الهجرات المتعاقبة ، الداخلية ، وأمريكا اللاتينية وصورة الشرق الانتهاء من بوينس آيرس كمدينة عالمية حيث يعيش الناس في مختلف الثقافات والأديان.

Buenos Aires Historia

Buenos Aires u themelua dy herë:
Të parë në 1536. Don Pedro de Mendoza, një kolonizator spanjolle, e themeluar zgjidhje e parë. Ai me emrin: Qyteti i Shpirtit të Shenjtë dhe Porto Santa María del Buen Ayre. E dyta, dhe e fundit, në 1580. Juan de Garay faqen e quajti Qyteti i Trinidad.
Në shekullin e nëntëmbëdhjetë e portit ishte pika e mbërritjes për migratore të madh të nxitura nga shteti argjentinas të populloj të kombit. emigrantëve spanjisht, italisht, sirian-libanez, polake dhe ruse me kusht Buenos Aires me eklektizëm kulturore që e dallon atë.
Gjatë gjithë shekullit të njëzetë, emigrime të njëpasnjëshme-të brendshëm, Amerikën Latine dhe foto e Mesme-përfundoi i Buenos Aires, si një qytet kozmopolit ku njerëzit jetojnë në kultura të ndryshme dhe feve.

Buenos Aires Geskiedenis

Buenos Aires is twee keer gestig:

Die eerste in 1536. Don Pedro de Mendoza, 'n Spaanse colonizer, het die eerste nedersetting. Hy het: Stad van die Heilige Gees en Puerto Santa María del Buen Ayre. Die tweede, en laaste, in 1580. Juan de Garay werf genoem die Stad van Trinidad.

In die negentiende eeu van die hawe was die aankoms punt vir die groot migrasie bevorder deur die Argentynse Noem die nasie te vul. Spaans, Italiaans, Siriese-Libanese, Pools en Russies immigrante verskaf Buenos Aires met die kulturele eklektisisme wat dit onderskei.

Regdeur die twintigste eeu, opeenvolgende immigrations-interne, Latyns-Amerika en die Midde-klaar beeld van Buenos Aires as 'n kosmopolitaanse stad waar mense woon in verskillende kulture en godsdienste.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An evangelical pastor changed the mood in the practice of Boca Juniors

After hours of driving data, Boca Juniors went to the contest called for an evangelical pastor who was the principal assistant Claudio Borghi defined as "a crook" and "disrespectful" and accused him want "to use the situation" in front of the team.

Norberto Batista, Borghi assistant went to the Casa Amarilla define responsibilities through the sports program TyCSports, although he admitted at the request of the pastor announced franquearía the door to participate in the practice.

"Do you want to spend, spend. One can see practically the whole world," said the Chinese told Pastor Juan Batista Bosso after the alleged religious orders, as if someone else could see the practical Boca.

Batista is known for his work in Argentina, but the flow of Borghi hours after the information was known, the pastor went on the sports newspaper to change the climate, and Boca want to prove that the bad situation will be reversed only with difficulty.

"This guy seems to be disrespectful. For my part, no closed doors, do not believe anything," Batista sent a Bosso accused "and to use my mouth."

"He was lucky, but what they wanted, it went well, although the newspaper came out on top," said Batista, who said "shut up. I did not mention anyone."

"I went to the pre-match All Velez said," Boca was a witch, "Well, it was me and alleged witches out of just that. I come to preach the word of God," he told the Daily Chronicle religious.

How football chaplain work includes visits to the locker room and a prayer "liberation", in addition to its presence in the region. "It takes time. I have to give the Court seven times," admitted the priest.

Evankelinen pastori muuttui tunnelma käytännön Boca Juniors

Kun tunnin ajaa tietoja, Boca Juniors meni kiistää vaati evankelinen pastori, joka oli tärkein avustaja Claudio Borghi määritelty "roisto" ja "epäkunnioittava" ja syytti häntä halua "käyttää tilanne "edessä joukkue.

Norberto Batista, Borghi avustaja lähti Casa Amarilla määrittää vastuualueet läpi urheiluohjelman TyCSports, vaikka hän myönsi pyynnöstä pastori ilmoitti franquearía oven osallistumaan käytännössä.

"Haluatko viettää, viettää. Näkee käytännössä koko maailman", sanoi Kiinan kertonut Pastori Juan Batista Bosso jälkeen väitetyn nunnakuntien, kuin jos joku muu voisi nähdä käytännön Boca.

Batista on tunnettu työstään Borghi Argentiinassa mutta kulkua tunnin jälkeen tiedot oli tiedossa, pastori lähti päälle urheilu sanomalehti muuttaa ilmastoa, ja Boca haluamme todistaa, että huono tilanne kääntyy päinvastaiseksi vain vaivoin.

"Tämä kaveri näyttää olevan epäkunnioittava. Omasta puolestani ole suljettuja ovia, älä usko mitään", lähetti Batista, joka Bosso syytetään "ja käyttää suustani."

"Hän oli onnekas, mutta mitä he halusivat, se meni hyvin, vaikka tuli päälle sanomalehden", sanoi Batista, joka sanoi "hiljaa. En maininnut ketään."

"Menin ennen ottelun Velez Kaikki sanoivat" Boca oli noita "No, se oli minulle ja väitti noitia pois juuri näin. Tulen saarnaamaan Jumalan sanaa", hän kertoi Daily uskonnollinen Chronicle .

Miten jalkapallon Pastori työ kuuluu käynnit pukuhuoneessa ja rukous "vapautumisen", lisäksi sen läsnäoloa alueella. "Se vie aikaa. Minun on annettava tuomioistuimelle seitsemän kertaa", myönsi pappi.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fabricio Oberto leaves basketball by heart problems

Fabricio Oberto Cordoba pivot reported today at Portland Trail Blazers authorities retirement basquetbolística activity "for coronary problems, after this NBA team to hire him for 15 days for this season's American League.

The reasons for withdrawal are due to recurrent heart rhythm problems affecting it for more than a year. The first official notification came from your own website from Portland to 21 in Argentina and although his health problems were known, the recent hiring of the Blazers seemed to have turned these limitations to play.

"I took this decision to put my health and my family ahead of basketball. I am withdrawing because of my recurring cardiac arrhythmias, later confirmed the player himself.

The last act of these arrhythmias episodic Oberto experienced it last Tuesday, when he suffered dizziness for the last 3 minutes and 55 seconds that was played against the Milwaukee Bucks for Carlos Delfino.

The Blazers were imposed for 90 to 76 and their contribution in that short time in court for only showed a rebound to the statistics.

Following these doctors of dizziness Blazers had forbidden him to play the next game against Oklahoma, so the game was two days before the last of his prolific career, which I knew to see Olympic champion and world runner-up with the Argentine national team, winning national championships with "his" Athens, Cordoba and Spanish leagues and also a ring with San Antonio Spurs NBA next to bahiense Emanuel Ginobili.

Oberto suffered heart problems in San Antonio Spurs (he spent four seasons) and last year, when an activist in the Washington Wizard, had surgery on heart.

At the beginning of the 2010-2011 season was without a team and despite receiving a tempting offer from Turkey (one million euros for a one year contract) decided to wait, since their aim was to finish in the NBA.

That hope was short lived because a week after the offer came from Portalnd Trail Blazers. The salary was one million dollars.

In this way, and 35, Oberto became the third member of the "golden generation" that won the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 to abandon the activity with all the glory.

Hugo Sconochini preceded him and Alejandro Montecchia.

Fabricio Oberto ใบบาสเกตบอลจากปัญหาหัวใจ

หมุน Fabricio Oberto Cordoba รายงานวันนี้ที่ Portland Trail blazers เจ้าหน้าที่กิจกรรม basquetbolística เกษียณอายุ"สำหรับปัญหาโรคหัวใจหลังจากนี้ทีมงานเอ็นบีเอที่จะจ้างเขาเป็นเวลา 15 วันสำหรับฤดูนี้อเมริกันลีก
เหตุผลในการถอนกำลังเนื่องจากปัญหาจังหวะการเต้นของหัวใจที่มีผลต่อการเกิดขึ้นอีกมากกว่าปี ประกาศอย่างเป็นทางการครั้งแรกมาจากเว็บไซต์ของคุณเองจาก Portland ถึง 21 ในอาร์เจนตินาและถึงแม้ว่าปัญหาสุขภาพของเขาได้รู้จักกันจ้างล่าสุดของ blazers ดูเหมือนจะมีข้อ จำกัด เหล่านี้หันไปเล่น
"ฉันก็ตัดสินใจที่จะนำสุขภาพและครอบครัวของฉันของฉันไปข้างหน้าของบาสเก็ตนี้. ฉันถอนเพราะของเต้นผิดจังหวะการเต้นของหัวใจของฉันที่เกิดขึ้นประจำในภายหลังได้รับการยืนยันผู้เล่นตัวของเขาเอง
การกระทำสุดท้ายของการเต้นผิดจังหวะเหล่านี้มันเป็นตอน ๆ Oberto มีประสบการณ์เมื่อวันอังคารเมื่อเขาได้รับความวิงเวียนในช่วง 3 นาทีและ 55 วินาทีที่มีการเล่นกับ Bucks Milwaukee สำหรับ Carlos Delfino
blazers ถูกบังคับให้ 90-76 และการมีส่วนของพวกเขาในเวลาสั้น ๆ ที่ในศาลเพื่อแสดงถึงการตอบสนองวิธีการทางสถิติ
ต่อไปนี้แพทย์เหล่านี้มีอาการวิงเวียนศีรษะของ blazers ห้ามให้เขาเล่นเกมถัดไปกับโอคลาโฮมาเพื่อเกมคือเมื่อสองวันก่อนสุดท้ายของการทำงานมีลูกของเขาซึ่งผมรู้ว่าจะดูแชมป์โอลิมปิกและรองชนะเลิศระดับโลกกับ ทีมชาติอาร์เจนตินาชนะชิงแชมป์แห่งชาติกับ Athens"เขา", Cordoba และลีคสเปนและแหวนกับซานอันโตนิโอสเปอร์ส NBA ถัดจาก bahiense Emanuel Ginobili
Oberto ประสบปัญหาหัวใจในซานอันโตนิโอสเปอร์ส (เขาใช้เวลาโฟร์ซีซัน) และปีที่แล้วเมื่อกิจกรรมในวอชิงตันตัวช่วยสร้างการรับการผ่าตัดในหัวใจ
ที่จุดเริ่มต้นของฤดูกาล 2010-2011 ได้โดยไม่ต้องทีมงานและแม้จะได้รับข้อเสนอล่อใจจากตุรกี (€ 1,000,000 สำหรับสัญญาปี) ตัดสินใจที่จะรอเนื่องจากจุดมุ่งหมายของพวกเขาให้เสร็จในเอ็นบีเอ
หวังว่ามันอาศัยอยู่สั้นเพราะสัปดาห์หลังจากที่เสนอมาจาก Portalnd Trail blazers เงินเดือนเป็นหนึ่งในล้านดอลลาร์
In, และ 35 วิธีนี้ Oberto กลายเป็นสมาชิกที่สามของ"ยุคทอง"ที่ได้รับรางวัลในกีฬาโอลิมปิกเอเธนส์ในปี 2004 ที่จะละทิ้งกิจกรรมกับพระสิริ
Hugo Sconochini นำหน้าเขาและ Alejandro Montecchia

Fabricio Oberto blare basketbal deur die hart probleme

Fabricio Oberto Cordoba spil berig vandag om Portland Trail Blazer owerhede aftrede basquetbolística aktiwiteit "vir koronêre probleme, na hierdie NBA-span om hom te huur vir 15 dae vir hierdie seisoen se American League.
Die redes vir die onttrekking is te danke aan herhalende hart ritme probleme wat dit vir meer as 'n jaar. Die eerste amptelike kennisgewing gekom vanaf jou eie webwerf van Portland tot 21 in Argentinië, en hoewel sy gesondheid probleme is bekend, die onlangse aanstelling van die Baadjies het voorgekom het omgedraai hierdie beperkings te speel.
"Ek het hierdie besluit geneem my gesondheid en my familie om voort van die basketbal sit ek onttrek as gevolg van my herhalende hartaritmieë. Later bevestig dat die speler self.
Die laaste tree van hierdie aritmieën episodiese Oberto dit ervaar het verlede Dinsdag, toe Hy gely het duiseligheid vir die laaste 3 minute en 55 sekondes wat teen die Milwaukee Bucks vir Carlos Delfino gespeel is.
Die Baadjies is opgelê vir die 90-76 en hul bydrae in daardie kort tyd in die hof vir slegs het 'n rebound na die statistieke.
Na aanleiding van hierdie dokters van duiseligheid Baadjies hom verbied het om die volgende wedstryd te speel teen Oklahoma, sodat die spel was twee dae voor die laaste van sy produktiewe loopbaan, wat ek nie geken Olimpiese kampioen en die wêreld om te sien naaswenner met die Argentynse nasionale span, wen die nasionale kampioenskappe met "sy" Athens, Cordoba en Spaanse liga en ook 'n ring met San Antonio Spurs NBA volgende Emanuel Ginobili te bahiense.
Oberto gely hart probleme in San Antonio Spurs (hy het vier seisoene) en verlede jaar, toe 'n aktivis in die Washington Wizard, het chirurgie op die hart.
Aan die begin van die 2010-2011 seisoen was sonder 'n span en ten spyte van die ontvangs van' n aanloklike aanbod van Turkye (een miljoen euro vir 'n jaar kontrak) besluit om te wag, aangesien hulle doel was om te eindig in die NBA.
Dat die hoop was van korte duur, want 'n week na die aanbod kom van Portalnd Trail Blazer. Die salaris was een miljoen dollar.
Op hierdie manier, en 35, Oberto het die derde lid van die "goue generasie" wat gewen het die Olimpiese Spele in Athene in 2004 om die aktiwiteit te laat vaar met al die eer.
Hugo Sconochini voorafgegaan het en Alejandro Montecchia.

فابريسيو أوبيرتو يترك كرة السلة من مشاكل في القلب

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Spanish - detected

Spanish to Arabic translation

وذكرت فابريسيو أوبيرتو محور قرطبة اليوم في بورتلاند تريل بليزرز نشاط السلطات basquetbolística التقاعد "لمشاكل في القلب ، وبعد هذا الفريق الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين ان يتعاقد معه لمدة 15 يوما للدوري الاميركي هذا الموسم.
أسباب انسحاب ومن المقرر أن المشاكل المتكررة التي يتعرض لها ضربات القلب لأكثر من عام. ويبدو أن التعاقد مؤخرا على بورتلاند الإخطار الرسمي الأول جاء من موقع الويب الخاص بك من بورتلاند إلى 21 في الأرجنتين وعلى الرغم من المشاكل الصحية المعروفة له ، وتحول هذه القيود للعب.
وقال "اخذت هذا القرار لوضع الصحة وعائلتي قبل كرة السلة ، وأنا سحب بسبب عدم انتظام ضربات القلب المتكررة بلدي ، في وقت لاحق اكد اللاعب نفسه.
شهد الفصل الأخير من عدم انتظام ضربات القلب هذه أوبيرتو العرضية أنه يوم الثلاثاء الماضي ، عندما كان يعاني دوار لمدة 3 دقائق و 55 ثانية الماضي ان لعبت ضد ميلووكي باكس لكارلوس دلفينو.
وفرضت لبليزرز 90 حتي 76 ومساهمتها في هذا الوقت القصير في المحكمة فقط وأظهرت انتعاشا للاحصاءات.
لذلك فإن المباراة التالية هؤلاء الأطباء من بورتلاند الدوخة قد حظرت له للعب في المباراة القادمة ضد أوكلاهوما ، قبل يومين من الأخيرة من حياته وافرة ، التي عرفت لمعرفة البطل الاولمبي والعالمي مع الوصيفة المنتخب الوطني الارجنتيني ، حصد البطولات الوطنية مع "صاحب" قرطبة وأثينا والدوري الاسباني وأيضا حلقة مع توتنهام سان انطونيو الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين بجانب ايمانويل جينوبيلي bahiense.
أوبيرتو عانى من مشاكل في القلب في سان انطونيو سبرز (أمضى أربعة مواسم) والعام الماضي ، عندما ناشط في معالج واشنطن ، كان لعملية جراحية في القلب.
في بداية موسم 2010-2011 كان من دون فريق ، ورغم تلقيها عرضا مغريا من تركيا (1000000 € عن العقد سنة واحدة) وقررت الانتظار ، لأن هدفهم هو الانتهاء في الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين.
لم يدم طويلا لأن هذا الأمل بعد اسبوع من العرض جاء من بورتلاند ترايل Portalnd. وكان الراتب مليون دولار.
وبهذه الطريقة ، و 35 ، وأصبح أوبيرتو العضو الثالث في "الجيل الذهبي" الذي فاز في دورة الالعاب الاولمبية في أثينا عام 2004 على التخلي عن النشاط مع كل هذا المجد.
هوغو Sconochini سبقوه وMontecchia اليخاندرو.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Top 10 of the Scariest Movies Of The Decade

The Eye, 2002

Forget the terrible US remake starring Jessica Alba. The original Chinese/Thai version of The Eye is one of the most chilling ghost stories in years. A blind woman has her corneas replaced in an operation only to find that the previous owner had horrific visions of dead people, and these visions are part of the package. Big deal you may say; we’ve seen a hundred movies with an “I see dead people” storyline. But you haven’t seen them like this.

Directors ‘The Pang Brothers’ create some of the most frightening ghost scares ever seen in film. A scene where our heroine is trapped in an elevator with the creepy, floating ghost an old man is as eerie as anything you’ll ever see committed to screen.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2003

When the remake of the seminal 1970’s horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was first announced, fans were upset to say the least. How dare they remake such an icon of horror cinema? Luckily under the slick direction of Marcus Nispel, the film turned out to be an incredibly intense and visual film that kicked modern horror back to what it should be -- hardcore and very, very disturbing. And why not bring back Leatherface? Remakes of horror characters only serve to keep these icons alive, just like the numerous incarnations of Dracula over the years.

With a sick and twisted performance by the great R. Lee Ermey (even more frightening than Leatherface), and incredible cinematography by Daniel Pearl (who also filmed the original film), this is the kind of remake that pays respect to the original while also being awesomely entertaining in its own right. And Jessica Biel isn’t hard on the eyes, either.

The Devil's Rejects, 2005

Rob Zombie gets a lot of crap for inserting his white-trash aesthetic into every film he makes (and deservedly so for what he did to his Halloween remakes), but never has his style fit more perfectly into a film than in The Devil’s Rejects.

Following directly from his fantastical horror film House of 1000 Corpses, the sequel takes the characters out of their LSD-laced world and into the stark reality of daylight. Feeling like an old road movie, the film is one part Bonnie & Clyde, one part The Wild Bunch and one part Natural Born Killers. The film's fans include horror-maestro Stephen King and directing-powerhouse P.T. Anderson. We can only hope that Rob Zombie will come back down to earth and deliver on the directorial-promise that he showed with this film.

Drag Me To Hell, 2009

Sometimes relentless brutality can be a little overwhelming. In these situations, a horror movie like Drag Me to Hell can be exactly what one needs to cleanse their blood-soaked palette. Fresh off the success of his Spider-Man trilogy, director Sam Raimi felt he needed to take a break from helming £200 Million studio tent-poles, instead deciding to go back to his roots by making a down and dirty little horror film in the vein of his much-loved Evil Dead series.

No torture in this one, just straight-up gross-out horror and crazy jump-scares to pump up your heart-rate. It’s exactly the kind of popcorn-horror that will leave people smiling when it’s all said and done. It also helps that the film is extremely funny.

REC, 2007

Remade in the US as the film Quarantine (only nowhere near as effectively), REC is a film from Spain in the handheld camera tradition of The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.

Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza cleverly start the film as if it were a fluffy news piece, following a night in the life of the local Fire Department. The news crew and firemen take a routine call to an apartment building only to find that all hell has broken loose. An outbreak has occurred, turning the building’s inhabitants into ravenous psychopaths, and now everyone has been quarantined inside. Some surviving members set out on a quest to find out what’s going on. Needless to say, everyone gets more than they bargained for. REC is one of the most intense and jump-scare inducing movies in years, and if you can make it through the incredibly creepy, night-vision-enhanced ending without flinching, you are a stronger person than I.

The Descent, 2005

Neil Marshall’s nightmarish spelunking-meets-monsters film, The Descent, brings about some of the most atmospheric and intense scares since the original Alien. A group of women set out on a caving expedition only to find that their stupid friend lead them all into an uncharted cave 3kms below the surface. They become trapped, but this is only the beginning of their troubles, as they just happen to be stuck in complete darkness, with some terrifying subterranean creatures who want nothing more than to rip them apart.

Featuring some of the most claustrophobic moments in any horror movie ever -- the ladies must crawl their way through the smallest holes and crevices to try and get out -- the film also employs the genius tactic of keeping the whole thing in total darkness, using only available light (such as flares or flashlights) to light up the screen.

28 Days Later, 2002

Along with Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake, Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later brought upon the zombie-renaissance that we are still witnessing today. Filmed on video camcorders for a gritty and immediate look (and presumably to keep the budget low), Boyle and writer Alex Garland devised their own twist to the zombie genre, choosing to make rage-infected humans the unstoppable menace of the film.

Filled with relentlessly intense moments, the film also features some excellent performances from Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston, and career-making performances from Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris. The film’s signature moment, in which Murphy wanders the completely empty streets of London is an amazing sight to behold.

Hostel, 2005

It’s every twenty-something male’s fantasy to travel across Europe, sleeping with every hot chick he can manage to ensnare. This is the ultimate goal of the lead characters in Eli Roth’s torture-shocker Hostel and it is also the reason for their undoing. Finding that they’re striking out a lot with the ladies in Amsterdam, the guys are told tales of war-torn Slovakia, and how gorgeous and easy the women are there. So off the boys go, only to discover that they’ve been suckered into an international ‘torture and murder for money’ business, and they’re the product.

The genius in Eli Roth’s script is the way that the movie turns the tables and allows the victims to get back at their captors, making what was at first an incredibly gruelling movie into one where you want to stand-up and cheer for the lead character. The only downside is it will probably make you want to cancel that Euro-trip you’ve been planning.

Wolf Creek, 2005

The horror film that single-handedly brought Aussie horror back to life, director Greg Mclean’s Wolf Creek became an international sensation upon its release. The Weinstein brothers purchased the film a month prior to its Sundance premiere for 3 and a half times its budget, and the film's many admirers include Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

Loosely inspired by the Ivan Milat back-packer murders and the Bradley John Murdoch murder of English tourist Peter Falconio, the film involves an Aussie and two British tourists visiting the outback crater site of Wolf Creek, and finding themselves in need of help after their car bites the bullet. Who better to help than Jeff Jarrat’s ‘Mick Taylor’? Well, anyone really, as Mick is one of the most sadistic characters in the history of cinema.

Martyrs, 2008

You have got to hand it to the French. They’ve been leading the way with smart and original horror films over the last few years. Films such as Inside, Frontier(s) and Haute Tension all ratcheted the gore and unflinching brutality up to almost unendurable levels, but it was director Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs that had the biggest impact, leaving viewers speechless and quivering for days after it ended.

While it’s better to know as little about Martyrs as possible, we can say that the film ultimately deals with the lengths that people will go to in order to find answers in the world, and the reprehensible acts they will perform to get there... such as the complete disintegration of the bodies and minds of many people, including children. But before you think this is just too disgusting and heavy a subject to watch, the film still works incredibly well as a thriller. Show it to your friends if you want to blow them all away with the most hardcore horror they’re likely to ever see.

This is the fastest rollercoaster in the world

Inhabitants of the UAE's capital city Abu Dhabi don't do things by halves. After all, they have gold-dispensing cashpoints, the world's tallest tower, and now... the world's fastest rollercoaster. 

It's called the 'Formula Rossa' and it can reach speeds of almost 150mph, just like that, hurtling its passengers at speeds that even German Autobahn traffic cops would cock an eyebrow at. 

Harnessing the same technology that powers fighter planes off aircraft carriers, the rollercoaster's carriage travels the ride's 2.07 km (1.2 miles) distance in just a minute and half. 

Oh, and did we mention it was built above Abu Dhabi's Formula 1 track? Well, it is. It's the star piece for the "Ferrari World" theme park that's opened just in time for the UAE's grand prix on November 12th. 

And though we can't offer our beloved readers tickets out there to watch the cars race and the rollercoaster blast above them, we can show you this point-of-view footage of the rollercoaster in action. 

Hope that's enough guys. We know it's not, mind, but it's all we've got, we're afraid.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ricky Martin gives details about the first time he was lured by a man

Starting today, fans of Ricky Martin can be found out unpublished stories about childhood, early music and the discovery of the singer's homosexuality, because it releases the autobiography "Me."

The book has several chapters such as "Child to Man," "Meeting of Destiny", "My time to shine", "regain control of my life," "The Sound of Silence", "The role of my life "" Fatherhood "," My time "and" Forward ", as published in the Chronicle newspaper.

The Puerto Rican recounted in his autobiography how he was attracted by a man for the first time: "We met at a train station and from the moment we saw was a clash of souls, at least on my part. I was traveling out of Los Angeles and went to the station for an interview. Just opened the study door, I found myself faced with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen one of those loves that trembles in the body and soul. "

With lots of romance, the singer was the beginning of his first love gay: "I had something special and immediately was like a magnet that attracted us to each other. As if we already knew from long ago. He interviewed me for his program and during the interview I said, 'Do I feel vibrations on your part or are my ideas? If it is true what I'm feeling, because here I go without fear. "

Martin confessed that after exchanging glances and knowing that the two are attracted, this man who was a journalist and disc jockey in Los Angeles, began to visit him at the hotel where he was: "At night he went to work on the radio and I stayed in bed listening to his voice as he pulled me subtle messages throughout the program. "

"I proposed that we leave everything to go together to live somewhere, where they were, to Asia, Europe ... I did not care and my career, not having to tell the world he was gay, I do not care about anything" confessed the singer of "Livin 'la vida loca."

However, her boyfriend rejected the proposal by saying he did not want to leave his career because he understood that he had a mission with people and could not afford to be the reason for Martin to leave her.

The confessions of the father of twins Matthew and Valentino will also be available as an audiobook and digital formats.

DIEGO MARADONA: "If Batista is dressed as a clown may make you more happy to Messi"

The former coach of Argentina Diego Maradona avoided today give its opinion on the impending appointment of Sergio Batista in office, but said he is "Argentine over all things" when asked if he will support the national assembly.

"I am Argentine above all things, I am very Argentine," he said at the airport of Ezeiza, where would you travel to China to meet a number of trade commitments.

However, he made clear that its support will be the shirt that the new coach, who has made a new shaft for lifting Checho assertion that that Messi was happy now, "If you saw Batista fixed gear, perhaps Messi made happier. "

It was the second irony of Maradona in a few days in reference to the alleged happiness that leads to Lionel Messi, one of his proteges during the World Cup, being led by Batista.

"When I hear Batista said that Messi is happy now, I wonder where it was during the days of living in Pretoria. Lionel was also happy with me. What did Batista, disguised fixed gear?", Had asked the former Argentina coach.

With Maradona came hurrying to the international airport of Ezeiza, and product of that speed, as well as to keep his teeth clenched to avoid adding fuel to the fire, which continued on anyway, the responses were brief.

Just had a little more time to refer to the tribute Napoli striker Ezequiel Lavezzi was performed on Saturday, the day of his birthday. Then sailed to China, where given a series of talks and, probably, if everything happens as speculated, will see the distance how Batista is confirmed as his successor.