Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rossi called for the resignation of Camaño

Must take a step back. It is not emotionally capable of chairing a committee of those features, you have to judge the conduct of the deputies, "said the head of the ruling bloc in the House, Agustín Rossi, in relation to the holder of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs The Federal Peronist Graciela Camano, who yesterday hit a punch in the face to the Kunkel Carlos Kirchner.

"Whoever chairs the commission generates most important act of misconduct that has seen the camera in years," Rossi said on the radio, for whom aggression toward Kunkel Camaño yesterday's "product of impotence" after "the opposition had prepared the meeting of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs as a stage to disqualify the Kirchner and was quite the opposite. "

"In fact, the commission, where the ruling party has no majority, does issue a majority opinion in 6 hours, rejecting the three issues of privilege" that raised the pressures that had been alleged by the opposition MPs to vote for the budget, Rossi said.

For the deputy, "put together this whole scenario that was removed in seven days and we all quite muddied," noting that "this scandal is responsible, which are (Elisa) Carrio (Graciela) Camano (Patricia) Bullrich ( Cintia) Hotton.

Finally, the head of the bank official said the ruling "is still a minority block could have lost the budget vote" made "all efforts necessary for discussion and has the budget in Argentina."

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