Tuesday, November 02, 2010

DIEGO MARADONA: "If Batista is dressed as a clown may make you more happy to Messi"

The former coach of Argentina Diego Maradona avoided today give its opinion on the impending appointment of Sergio Batista in office, but said he is "Argentine over all things" when asked if he will support the national assembly.

"I am Argentine above all things, I am very Argentine," he said at the airport of Ezeiza, where would you travel to China to meet a number of trade commitments.

However, he made clear that its support will be the shirt that the new coach, who has made a new shaft for lifting Checho assertion that that Messi was happy now, "If you saw Batista fixed gear, perhaps Messi made happier. "

It was the second irony of Maradona in a few days in reference to the alleged happiness that leads to Lionel Messi, one of his proteges during the World Cup, being led by Batista.

"When I hear Batista said that Messi is happy now, I wonder where it was during the days of living in Pretoria. Lionel was also happy with me. What did Batista, disguised fixed gear?", Had asked the former Argentina coach.

With Maradona came hurrying to the international airport of Ezeiza, and product of that speed, as well as to keep his teeth clenched to avoid adding fuel to the fire, which continued on anyway, the responses were brief.

Just had a little more time to refer to the tribute Napoli striker Ezequiel Lavezzi was performed on Saturday, the day of his birthday. Then sailed to China, where given a series of talks and, probably, if everything happens as speculated, will see the distance how Batista is confirmed as his successor.

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