Thursday, November 11, 2010

An evangelical pastor changed the mood in the practice of Boca Juniors

After hours of driving data, Boca Juniors went to the contest called for an evangelical pastor who was the principal assistant Claudio Borghi defined as "a crook" and "disrespectful" and accused him want "to use the situation" in front of the team.

Norberto Batista, Borghi assistant went to the Casa Amarilla define responsibilities through the sports program TyCSports, although he admitted at the request of the pastor announced franquearía the door to participate in the practice.

"Do you want to spend, spend. One can see practically the whole world," said the Chinese told Pastor Juan Batista Bosso after the alleged religious orders, as if someone else could see the practical Boca.

Batista is known for his work in Argentina, but the flow of Borghi hours after the information was known, the pastor went on the sports newspaper to change the climate, and Boca want to prove that the bad situation will be reversed only with difficulty.

"This guy seems to be disrespectful. For my part, no closed doors, do not believe anything," Batista sent a Bosso accused "and to use my mouth."

"He was lucky, but what they wanted, it went well, although the newspaper came out on top," said Batista, who said "shut up. I did not mention anyone."

"I went to the pre-match All Velez said," Boca was a witch, "Well, it was me and alleged witches out of just that. I come to preach the word of God," he told the Daily Chronicle religious.

How football chaplain work includes visits to the locker room and a prayer "liberation", in addition to its presence in the region. "It takes time. I have to give the Court seven times," admitted the priest.

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