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Buenos Aires´s Urban Legends

The half Subway Station

In Buenos Aires, more precisely in Congress, the "A" line subway, there is an urban legend known as "Media Station" ...
Among the stations Pasco and Alberti, who speaks a rumor that when the lights of the subway, many people have seen a mysterious station.
But not just any season, this is company, two workers were among the workers employed in the
Construction of this line. Seated on the platform, travelers looking to spend.
But there is one detail, they are dead, died of a detachment of the land.
Authorities say the subway, the land was not and had to create stations that way.
The creative work stations have been mostly performed by immigrant workers, says those who died during the collapse were Italian immigrants, no wonder why no data from them and nobody is claimed anything ...
The architect who was in charge of the work, says it all hidden, so that no suspicion is ...
According to those who claim to have seen the "half season", all agree the same ... They were going through a terrible emotional time ...
Will the negative charge will attract people rather than entities??
Whenever one asks the question, the authorities do dismissing ...
Anyway ... that can not be talking about it??
If they are able to pass through the site, feel free to keep your eyes open, and if the doubts are ill and do not want a bad time ...
Take a Taxi ...

The Woman in White in the Recoleta.

Well, this legend is almost known to everybody ... no kidding, because this spectrum appears everywhere and every place has a different story ...
Although the world is the legend that says that the Ladies in White are women who were deceived by their husbands and in a fit of madness, murder their children and then commit suicide ... that is why we are doomed to wander through all that suffering eternity ...
There are many myths about "The Lady in White" but I will focus on two, who were the locals more comment ...

The classic area legend says that a young man meets a beautiful girl, takes her to dance or drink, she feels cold, he lends his coat, she coffee stain.
The next day, when the young man wants his bag at the home of the girl, her mother announces that she is dead, buried in Recoleta.
The young man goes to the cemetery and found his bag on the vault. Crazy. Or commit suicide ...

The other story that caught my attention, that: Rufina Cambaceres, a young aristocrat, the daughter of Eugenio Cambaceres a writer of the 1800s and Louise Baccini, when his father died of tuberculosis, his mother happened to be the "favorite" Hipolito Yrigoyen (our only bachelor president).
Rufina that time had already served fourteen years, was very gracious and number of young men roamed the old house of Montes de Oca, without however obtaining favors. She knew she loved, with the silence that characterized her.
The year was 1902, some talk about 1903 ... but was on 31 May when he met Rufina nineteen, and Louise had arranged a major celebration to end then night at the Teatro Colon opera enjoying a role. Such were the plans. However, the fate pulled the strings in a different sense.
The story goes that day Rufina nineteenth birthday, he received from the lips of her close friend a revelation that would trigger the subsequent events. Well, the very boyfriend of the girl having an affair with his beautiful mother, who were lovers. The impact that produced this confidence caused such excruciating pain Rufina, who literally tore his heart and killed him instantly.
One of the doctors present diagnosed with syncope. Three physicians certified that Rufina was dead.
Hipolito Yrigoyen took care to accompany Louise and bury his remains in the Recoleta.
However, this dismal story was not over yet, the horror was just beginning.
A few days later, the keeper of the vault of Cambaceres must notify Luisa who discovered the lid open and broken the coffin of Rufina. The coffin had moved, and when they opened, they found the girl's face and hands scratched and bruised.
It is said that Rufina was the victim of an attack of catalepsy and awoke in the darkness of the grave to give up and die again after a desolate and barren fight.
Officially it was stated that it had been a theft, since the child had been buried with her jewels more lucid, yet he lived to Louise the rest of his life remorse for knowledge and certainty that her daughter had suffered a catalepsy attack and he was buried alive.
It is said that the young Rufina, wanders among the vaults at night, crying for love with her broken heart ...

The door 12 - Nuñez

In the June 23, 1968, in River Plate Stadium was a match between that team and Boca (to give an idea are rivals in the local soccer), a derby.

The game was pretty boring and people began to retire before the end ... the door 12, the popular sector. The doors were not open, or blocking the way turnstiles, and after the match, and the rest of the people wanting to leave the sector, there was a pile turned out to be an avalanche of fans who ended up crushing 70 people.

Even after removing the dead for a long time, they had scattered around the area some personal belongings.

From that moment until today, it is said that strange things happen River whenever the anniversary approaches. Whether they called a couple times exsorcizaran cures for the court.

One of the best known occurrences is the appearance of a rather old hat with the name "Benedictine," not on board, but written in some liquid in it. Once you put it, disappeared while .... and, coincidentally, there was a G Benidictino the dead that day.

Another element that appears (and disappears after a while) every year in the stadium, lost shoe is one muddy.

It was said that in the area had a restaurant that, in the 70s did not serve coffee or tea and 23 June. It is said that that day, leaving dark red teas, and more at the bottom of a cup, you will find mud ....

And finally, it is said that every year on that date, a priest comes and makes a ceremony with the kids from the lower divisions, as they would have the most energy to provide a rite of exsorsismo such. ..

New Pompeii - sex, death and Video -

There is a widespread myth in that neighborhood, the existence of a film left in the room 22 of a neighborhood that telo

Interviewers who called was a woman who told a story years ago when her husband was still her boyfriend ....
One night they passed the place, and got to the point, they saw on TV .... at first, passing would be acknowledged, but without much noticeable transition, the scene changed ... it was a cave and a nude couple having sex : a blond boy and a girl brunette rolled around on a bed of corpses ... and the video ending at the time the guy who stares on the other side of the TV and talk to them ...

Finding the place, came to him. The hotel was, and that the owner himself, is almost a place of worship, and many people go there and ask for that legendary place in the neighborhood ... he never saw anything, but remember well that will make 15 years, a young couple came in one night. The young girl was blond and brunette, carrying a guitar case.

As it left the room, having completed the turn, the owner had to force the door .... and ended up finding on the couple's bed, naked and pierced by a sword that had been hidden in the guitar case that had entered the hotel ....

It is said that the only person the boy came to speak, having heard saying his name, died in an accident at 3 days ...

The Dwarf Vampire - Bajo Flores

In the place where the New Gasometer (the stadium of a football team, San Lorenzo) in the early 70's was a field where you installed the Circus of the Czars. This was a touring Russian circus that has been around 200 years, which retained the name when they saw that the Russian authorities to Tsarist only had the name.

Among the other members of clowns and circus dwarf was a Romanian name Belek. I did not want anyone, and when animals started dying, bleeding, suspected him. The suspicion was confirmed when I found eating a squirrel monkey star of the circus clown. Belek had to flee to avoid lynching.

That story also cites in this book, The Wonderful World of the Circus, Dick Stevenson, 1987, published by Oxford University Press

Belek had to take refuge in an abandoned house in the Bajo Flores, after that.

At first, the neighbors who saw him as someone took it quiet, though incomprehensible, although over time the thing turned around. Seeking witnesses of fact, the interviewers came to a house where an old bore boots - pierced by the teeth of Belek -.

He said that, at first, like the stray cats found dead, nobody bothered much, but later came to attack people, and by 8:30 pm no one dared to leave the house. The narrator says, was saved because he came to escape the dwarf (who had already chewed up a bit) and get to a store, while the dwarf fought (and killed) the dog.

After that, they sought, entered the house day and did not find him, only his books.

The district began using reinforced boots on those nights, as that of catching the legs of the victim was common Belek.

After that, with a reference from someone who could tell something more about the history, met with another of the witnesses in a bar. His story is similar, was saved by a miracle of that attack, too ... but not trauma.

It is said that once, although it was away, a neighbor caught him and gave him a few sticks. And at a time, became ill and their attacks were less frequent ...

While some say disappeared .... living in the Cementerio de Flores, others who cleared the soldiers of the time ...

The last taxi - Chacarita

Among the people of Chacarita, a circulating myth about taxi, taken to the gates of the cemetery, after a trip, returns to the passenger, as a corpse ...

Generally, the dead man is found lying on one of the graves, the cause of death: cardiac arrest ... generally attributed to anxiety over the loss of a loved one (though, implying that the thing was so well)

Browsing the drivers, they told that there is indeed a taxi that never stops, but always seen passing by ... very suspicious of it, is elusive and never with the other drivers on the zona.Buscando more evidence came to know about a man named Sandoval, who could talk about it. An interview was arranged at a bar.

Sandoval arrives, has two deep scars: one on the front and the other is going from one cheekbone to the ear ... begins her story:

One day, leaving the cemetery after visiting the grave of his father, Sandoval took a taxi. Although he knew the legend, he found a story. During the trip, entered into a dreamlike memories of his father ... until he heard that someone from outside the car, called it ...

Sandoval looked, and saw his father, a bicycle, pedaling out of the car .... his face looked relieved to see his son attention. The man, amazed, look at the driver to tell him he had just seen the spirit of his father ... only to realize that the driver had bony white hands and face like a dead ... and that's recalled the legend, the taxi in which the traveler enters a dream from which the driver does not return .... did not seem happy to occurrence.

Sandoval, after much effort, managed to jump out of the taxi, saved by the intervention of his dead father ... and the cuts that marked his face.

Since then, some nights I saw him pass by ... it seems that the taxi round to anyone who manages to escape him, until one day die.
He cited the case of a florist who moved in the neighborhood because he was haunted by night by the car ... only to die in a shooting shortly after.

Sandoval died one month after the interview of a heart attack, and was buried in La Chacarita.

Eleven giant life-saving

According to a story of long standing, the streets of vague Once a character of almost three meters high, which cares for residents. This giant "easygoing" has saved crash victims and has scared more than a criminal, or at least that's what they tell Balvanera neighbors who rely on their protective presence.

Some claim that this being is the very Golem, an artificial man created in the sixteenth century by a rabbi of Prague, called Judah Loew ben Bezabel. While the official story speaks of one Golem, others say Bezabel created thirteen of these humanoids clay and one of them came to Buenos Aires, with the help of a rabbi, the Jewish immigrants.

From then on, the story splits into several versions: some have died before the giant Rabbi locked in a room that no one can enter, which would be in the annex to a hospital in Caballito. Others believe that living in a blind alley, may be the passage Colombo or Victoria. Either way, there are neighbors who say the giant saved the lives of more than one.

Architectural Sweet Revenge

This is the story of two feuding families who left their mark on retirement. The Anchorena, now living in the San Martin Palace with 150 servants. And Kavanagh, wealthy but not patricians. By 1920 the church built Anchorena the Blessed Sacrament as a future family tomb. Legend has it that one of the Anchorena fell in love with a Kavanagh, though the romance was not approved by his family. Corina Kavanagh decided to revenge architecture: in Florida and San Martín, ordered the construction of a building whose only requirement was to prevent the view from the palace to the church Anchorena, a goal that still meets the building Kavanagh. "Even if someone wants to look in front of the current basilica of the Blessed Sacrament, stand in the passage" Corina Kavanagh, "says Eduardo Lazzari, chairman of the Board of Historical Studies Buen Ayre.

The castle of tragic lovers

Campana to 3200, near the tracks, stands the enigmatic "Bugs Castle," named for the animal-shaped moldings. In the early twentieth century belonged to the Italian family Giordano. Lucia, the only daughter met a violinist, Angel Lemos and romance soon arise. They married on April 1, 1911 and hundreds of guests enjoyed the feast.

Toward morning, the couple said the car that was moving was not in the door, but a few steps beyond the house, across the tracks: a detail that became a tragedy, since the sweeping train. Elizabethan Espinosa, Board of Historical Studies at Villa Park, has the occasional occupants of the house out in terror, frightened by the piercing screams of a young woman and a violinist.

Wanted man's eyes

For wagons roamed the Mitre line a man without eyelids.

As they say, always up or down from the train station and died Coghlan most rare circumstances. For some, he contracted a terrible eye infection. For others it was an accident, or worse, killed himself by jumping onto the tracks. Barrantes and Coviello told that, when they investigated this myth, I was struck to find that eight people were on the platform, six of them looked the rails, as if searching for the man's eyes without eyelids, which some people attributed powers.

Felicitas, the church and his ghost

Young and beautiful, Felicitas married in 1862 with Martin Alzaga, a wealthy older man. The following year, and after losing his only son, Felicitas was widowed. He was only 26 years, one of the largest fortunes of the City and many suitors. One of them, Enrique Ocampo, learned that a rival rancher Samuel Saenz Valiente, was the true love of the lady. Sick with jealousy, Ocampo Felicitas shot in the back shot and instantly killed himself. Guerrero sent the building in honor of his daughter a chapel. Is Isabel La Catolica, between Finch and Brandesburton.

"It's a tragic love story that led to many myths," says Diego Ziggioto in charge of the company that performs Horizons unconventional tour. Neighbors said that every January 30th, the date of his death, the ghost of Felicitas, who wanders bloody.

"Many women ribbons hang from the fence, because if you get stronger grasp the love of his life, and if you have it, retain it. One of the favorite stories about girls who are to hold onto the bars just hear it, "says the guide.

When the border was filled with light

Solaris, being from another planet who came to the Hospital José T. Borda and lit up the internal energy with their parties "also feeds the myth of Buenos Aires. During his stay in the neuropsychiatric, Solaris, whom someone described as thin, with large eyes, very white and completely hairless, met with about 50 inmates to recite a mantra. During the rite, the witnesses said appeared to brighten.

While doctors have arguments to explain this case, there are dark deeds.

Apparently, Solaris, who disappeared on December 25, left indecipherable writing that, nevertheless, are internally inconsistent.

They also have the blood type of the man who claimed to be an alien does not fit any known pattern.

The Coast live ReservIT

Like the Loch Ness Monster Scotland has its own Nahuel Huapi and hides his own, some say the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve is also home to a mysterious animal, half rat, half dog, nicknamed "ReservIT."

One of the hypotheses being considered the repeated claims that fires raging in the Reserve are intentionally produced with the aim of liquidating ReservIT that on more than one occasion attacked a guard.

"If people believe the myth exists. Sometimes stories are unlikely, but the same beliefs, including me, says Victor Coviello. When passing through the Ecological Reserve, I can not help but think to see if the bug that my attacks. "

Or more information sources:

Page 12:

Love Immortal

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Flash on Android phones

Puffin v1.6.2862 Web Browser For Android
It is a fast browser with a very particular characteristic: View all Flash content on a website, and this is something that many users were waiting for android, especially for older terminals do not support installation of player flash player natively (from Market or The trick is a remote browser technology running websites on servers in the "cloud" providing advanced navigation devices not so advanced.
They also run flash games and applications!, Now you can watch your movies like megavideo and pages from your android.
Features: + Rate + Fast and complete rendering of web pages through their cloud computing + The performance is even more noticeable in low-end terminals FLASH + Support + Great support website + Plays million videos flash on most pages + Supports Windows navigation + Bookmarks + Switch between mobile browser and desktop browser + Pop-up Blocking + Hide the status bar to increase the vertical space in the browser + Option to delete the browser history, cookies or cache. + Support for most international web pages and language input + Integration with storage services in the cloud. Send URL links, Web pages or images to your Dropbox account
(Tested on a LG GT540)
Personal opinion It really is better than others I've tested as the opera and skyfire, the latter partially supports flash pages, but Web Browser Puffin could withstand all the flash content on a page! Is good to clarify that the browser consumes more memory and processor when using pages with Flash content, but it really is faster to be able to play all content in comparison with the native browser, but I have noticed a flaw that I hope will be remedied in future updates, and that is not fully compatible with terminals no keyboard, as most games on the web need to use the keyboard and the zoom is very detestable, but this lack good touch. 

Download (4,8MB): Uploaded 

Cool ironic metaphors