Saturday, July 02, 2011

Buenos Aires Desing, the capital for journalists

Recoleta Buenos Aires Design is revolution in the auditorium Buenos Aires, who works there, is the press center of the Copa America, where several Latin American tunes blend with Brazilian accents, Italian, French and English.

It is an armed to follow the most important continental tournament, which has four big screens and six HD LSD, ten printers in open access and twelve desks with a total capacity for 180 people to work.

It's all accompanied by an efficient catering, which is eaten at once, five phones for local calls and special booths for the media who bought the rights. Between 4,000 and 5,000 writers from all continents, except Africa (where not come any means), were accredited for the event, including "free-lance" to complete this troupe.

In the press center meet an average 40 people per hour, although congested at noon with more than 150 journalists. At this early stage the Bolivian media took a clean sweep the premises, in anticipation for the opening match against Argentina.

Most European media are covering the Cup with magnetism Lionel Messi: are reporters from Italy, France, Spain, England and Germany. There is also the channel Al Jazeera, which reaches 60 million followers.

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