Friday, August 28, 2015

FIFAGate: Argentine judge released Argentine businessmen accused of corruption

The decision of the Judge Claudio Bonadio will continue while the extradition trial to the United States-which is held where Jinkis resistance and includes the requirement of "no more than 60 kilometers away" or "absent for more than 24 hours from their home "without prior notice to the court.

Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio ordered today the freedoms of Hugo Mariano Jinkis, Argentine businessmen who were under house arrest, accused the United States of alleged payment of bribes to FIFA officials.

The resolution of the judge ruled for the duration of the extradition to the United States-which is the Jinkis resistance and includes the requirement of "no more than 60 kilometers away" or "absent for more than 24 hours from their home" without prior notice to the court.

Bonadio also ordered that Hugo Jinkis, 70, and Mariano, the son of 40, must be submitted every 14 days in court, on Fridays, and may not leave the country and continue their passports withheld.

Also, the judge decided to increase the actual security from the president and vice president of the company Full Play to the values ​​of the properties they had as collateral to cover bonds, judicial sources reported.

The judge based his decision in the case of Alejandro Burzaco, the other Argentine businessman accused in the FIFA event, which agreed to the extradition to the United States and got there his release on bail of 20 million dollars and outpatient restrictions.

The extradition trial against Hugo Mariano Jinkis opened last Wednesday in May when both refused to be sent to the United States, where justice those accused of alleged payment of bribes to FIFA in the marketing of rights to broadcast the Cup America.

Father and son had been fugitives from justice for two weeks until they were delivered last June 18 and since then enjoyed the temporary home detention.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Argentine club Boca Juniors demand 15 fans due the violence they have generated in the stadium: U$S 7 million

After the incidents caused by fans of Boca Juniors, the club announced it will sue 15 members who were on the field for 70 million pesos for the losses that caused the club's match against River

The match was suspended for assaulting players River Plate, which then led to the elimination Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores, a fine of $ 200,000 and a penalty of four games without an audience at home in international competitions and other four games without Boca fans.

The calculation made by the club in demand is not only for the fine imposed CONMEBOL, but also so stop after being disqualified from winning the Cup and the parties will have to play behind closed doors. Among the 15 partners who will be in demand, are the 10 that the club already released their names. These were identified by aggression River players, who assigned the right of admission and initiated efforts to expel them.

Man is killed by his wife meanwhile he was indicating her how to park the car

A 65 year old man died after being hit by his wife as he showed how to park a car at the door of a house in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.

According to the woman´s statement to the police she inadvertently accelerated during the parking maneuver.

According to the newspaper La Gaceta, the driver, identified as Hilda Ruiz, 63, was in a car when her husband was directing her to accommodate the car.

Police investigator believe that Ruiz would have accelerated involuntarily as she put the parking brake, and turn it off, the vehicle moved a giant step forward, colliding man.

Friday, May 15, 2015

He killed and said it was an offering to a satanic sect: 13 years in prison

The condemned man is called Omar Valiente and he is 24 years old. Last year, he confessed to killing a man of 85 years as part of a satanic ritual, which forced him to kill three people.

The alleged murderer which killed commissioned by a satanic cult and was sentenced yesterday to thirteen years in prison in a summary trial held in the city of Oberá missionary. The sentence fell on Brave Omar, 24, who confessed to the crime police just arrested him in May last year.

Valiente is detained since May 10 last year, a day after the murder of a stab in the back to Argentine Julio Braga, a man of 85 who lived alone in a rural area of ​​Campo Viera, in the downtown area of ​​Misiones .

The accused frequented a satanic temple based in the San Miguel de Oberá. There, he was asked to they had been asked to "bring" the lives of three people as part of the rite practiced in secrecy. The group disappeared as soon as Valiente was arrested for the crime of Braga.

The first of three attacks that would commit occurred Friday May 9 last year at noon. Valiente came to the area known as "Kilometre 28", in the rural area of ​​Campo Viera, where the old man had a farm and lived alone.

Both were known for quite some time and the boy did not surprise visit to Braga. The expertise showed that Valiente attacked from behind the farmer and struck a deep stab minutes later caused his death.

The murderer hid the knife in a plantation of yerba mate and drove away as if nothing had happened, but some people saw as he walked to the national route 14, half an hour before the body was found.

The next day, in the afternoon, the police arrested Valiente in Campo Viera. When he was taken to the police station in Campo Viera, the young man broke down and confessed to the crime. To justify the crime, he said he had entrusted in a satanic cult and that weekend was to kill two other people whose identities revealed. "If I did not, I was going to kill me," he was sincere.

The accused led the police to where he had left yerbal the knife, but never provided names of people who participated in satanic rites in the San Miguel de Oberá.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Gladiators Altar, the new controversial innitative of the Universal Church in Brazil

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is a much criticized church founded in Brazil which now adds a new controversy: "Gladiators of the Altar", a religious group with the aesthetics of an army: Young soldiers marching in rows and shouting slogans viva voce. The similarities with fascism are not pure coincidence. 

This "project" was launched in January of this year and already has 4,300 participants across Brazil. According to the Universal Church, promote meetings of a religious nature, but when it released its existence disappeared multiple videos that were posted on the Internet.

Among the slogans known for distributing their videos can be seen chanting, "Thank the Lord, we are here today ready for battle, determined to serve you we are gladiators in your altar Every day we face the hell trusting your holy protection.. "cry the young.

At the end of the speech, when the person conducting the ceremony challenges them "What the gladiators want?" they respond in unison: "The altar, the altar, the altar."

Criticism coming from all sectors. For example, politicians from left, as the deputy Jean Wyllys (Socialism and Freedom Party, PSOL) who wondered what lies behind these 'warriors' in the form of militia. "When will we start to address real monster emerging from the lagoon? When starting to execute the 'infidels' and atheists and push homosexuals high towers as it has done Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East?"

The Church denies these allegations and issued a statement denying that he was forming a fundamentalist army, although in some images to young people is very similar to making Nazi salutes gestures.

Founded in January, the Gladiators Altar project is linked to Força Jovem, a group that also belongs to the Universal Church and aims to "save the youth is lost in drugs, vices, crime or suffers a permanent emptiness without perspective on life.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Former member of "SIERVAS TRINITARIAS" (Catholic sect) confesses: "We were the secret police of the church"

Yanina Lofvall is a 33 years old argentinian writer, who wrote a book about his experience as a lay consecrated in high school Servi Trinitatis, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper Tiempo Argentino, tells his traumatic written after leaving the sect and on the occasion of the presentation of her book where she explains what that branch of the Catholic Church is about.

At what age did you start in Servi Trinitatis?
-In 1999,  I was just 18 years

'And when did you came out?
-A 25

'So seven years.

And two months.

Well, the issue was whether or not to publish it, because really felt I had to tell the story.

And from this, that the public or not, a drama teacher well known in the pampa (Edith Gazzaniga, the Walking group) contact me. I studied with her in my adolescence and she was meaning to write about this case.

She knew my sister´s story but she did not know about mine.

My older sister was the first that came two years before me, at age 19.

She left her boyfriend with a very radical change that my family did not understand. Then I entered. He had done the "normal" procedure that anyone does, communion, that, and never (to religion).

But faced with a complex situation of my family, in need of advice from someone, my family took me to talk to these cures. My sister spent ten years in total.

They took her to Spain in 2001 and with the criminal case and all the media fuss, the cast.

They say they realized he had no vocation. He returns to Argentina, is reunited with her boyfriend, she marries him and becomes to Spain. In the book its history appears as Agnes.

Is such a radical change compared to a life outside the cult?

- Very different. Before entering, I was doing theater, stilts, juggling, and was active in some organisms left, listened to rock bands, all that line. Ycuando came this time to confess, 28 or October 29, 1999, he entered the institution and the December 14 am and lay consecrated. One month and 15 days later.

I left out automatically, using sleeveless shirts, to use earrings, bracelets, I left my makeup, to visit my friends, drinking beer, smoking.

Two months to go in search of that spiritual contention for a family reason I do not want to publicize, tell me to help me, I had to leave my house.

And after two months I begin to ask permission to leave and could not for the work they had done on my head.

The first thing they do is cut your social links. Outputs, friends, it was a waste of time. Spending time with family is a disordered attachment, they tell you it do not tell your mom that will go against the vocation that God gave you to save them, so save yourself.

And they do work with people aged 12 to 18, 19, when one is very permeable. All we fell went for a particular emotional state to ask for help, they grab emotionally broken.

You get the containment and you break the will. Once they do, the rest is just ordering you.

The church says there is no sects, but if you read the definition of sects, you realize that operate that way.

Generate dependent links with the directors, they cut social ties, have some radical and unattainable characteristics, holiness, one thing members feel inferior.

In our case, the founder (Gratiniano Czech Hive) and two girls posing as sick, one of Santa Rosa and another from Spain.

Did you start the trial against them?

Not. It was my family. Shortly after I left, my dad was sick with lung cancer. My sister was in Spain and they did not even let her use the phone. My sister billed thousands of euros per month, was registered nurse and worked 16 hours a day.

But they, by the vow of poverty, she was not allowed to call. My sister could not say goodbye to my father, who lived with cancer for six months, with all the familiar agony due to this. That pain makes my brothers get together with relatives of girls who lived the same situation of confinement.

Why do they do that?

With our vote of poverty, they gather fortunes. They have roughly 30 years as an institution. at the time when they were in Santa Rosa bought a field, a house, an apartment, put a radio.

In Lomas de Zamora have three or four houses. In Capital Federal have four departments. The person who lives in community-they deny this judgment gives the card (debit).

One does not charge salary, cashes the director and he gives permission for expenses. And if you live outside the community, you have a life plan structured 24 hours a day and your expenses too. Manage to have such mastery of you that do not you allow or think.

For example, one of the things that are within the rules is the vow of obedience, which has four degrees.

One is not to question verbally. I did not express it. The maximum degree of obedience is not to question not even thought the director.

For whoever obeys is not wrong, it's part of the rules.

Court complaint for "reduction to servitude"

The case began in La Pampa against the Spanish priests and Ricardo Antonio Martínez Racionero Latorre Cañizarez for alleged "reduction to servitude" ended with the issuance of unworthiness.

Court declares that it can not question the activity of recruitment and indoctrination "because, if so, would enter religious intolerance would not stop until the inquest the Pope himself."

As for the vows of poverty, says that "the system of community life is as old as man himself." With these and other reasons, the Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed in November 2009 appeals brought by the prosecution and the plaintiff attorney Omar Gebruers.

The following year, the Fiscal Assistance Unit extortion Kidnapping and Trafficking in Persons, ordered the reopening of the investigation. Gebruers told Time this week took the case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to denounce the Argentine State "for not having withdrawn the authorization to this sect."

Friday, April 10, 2015

Man Resists a robbery attacking 3 criminals with his Katana. (Not an episode of The Walking Dead)

We can´t confirm that the man is a fan of "The Walking Dead"

A man from Córdoba (Argentina) resists an assault with a Japanese sword katana type and wounded three robbers reported commissioner Mariano Zárate. 

Police said "Three men, one of them apparently armed with a 9mm pistol, surprised a marriage that was resting. After dominate them, they beat them. However, a neglect of these thugs, the homeowner grabbed a katana sword and starts hurting defend criminals who escape the place"

The robbers boarded a Peugeot 206 car, gray, where an alleged accomplice was. After a police chase, the vehicle crashed into a tree a couple of blocks near the place.

Minutes later a housing neighborhood street in Las Palmitas Villa Serrana, were arrested three men and one woman. The Police reported that that two of them had "deep" lesions on the forearms and face. "In the clinic Saldán, fourth subject is presented with cuts on his forearms.¨The injured were treated at the Emergency Hospital, where they are apprehended in custody.

Police recovered the 3,600 pesos (340 U$S dollars) that had been stolen, Zarate said.

Source: La Voz

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Latin American countries propose to remove all US military bases in Latin America

Ernesto Samper, general secretary of UNASUR, confirms that at the next Summit of the Americas -the next month in Panama seek to boost the decision to remove all US military bases from the Latin American territory.

Former Colombian President said: "A good place to the new agenda of relations (which will announce the US and Latin America) would be no US military bases in South America. This belongs to the era of the Cold War. "

He also said that Washington should at the table of inter-American debates take a stance that leaves behind its unilateral judgments, let alone make judgments about human rights when there agrees to ratify what other countries in the matter. "It is absurd that a country that has not entered the inter-American human rights system formally the right to make judgments about these reserves," he said.

Samper also told EFE that "in a globalized world like the present one can not ask global rules of the game for the economy and keep unilateralism for politics. No country has the right to judge other's behavior or much less to impose sanctions or penalties on their own ".

Summit of the Americas

These discuciones will take place between 10 and 11 April in Panama, where they have already confirmed attendance 31 regional leaders, including the presidents of Venezuela, Cuba and the United States.

To many political observers it is a "historic" not only by the expected greeting between the presidents of the United States and Cuba, or what can happen between Obama and mature, but because US should attempt to destabilize a growing trend that puts a halt its interests in Latin America.

The alliance of the countries of ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) which has repudiated his recent remarks about Venezuela and maintains the line in totum. The need to dot the i's greatest to Mexico, whose government agrees but his people increasingly rejects US migration policy. The "citizen" of Ecuador. Revolution The growing strength of continental Brazil, with successive governments of left Washington capture greater acceptance among neighbors. To this, add the destabilizing efforts against Argentina president, and its rejection line vulture funds, backed by the US Justice, all forms must list rather than assets, where much play on what happens in the next years, analysts say.

Source: La Red

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mystery: A French tourist was found dead in the pool of a hotel in Iguazu

A French student of 22 years was found dead floating in the pool of a hotel in the city of Puerto Iguazu, in northern Misiones (Argentina), for reasons that were under investigation, judicial sources said Wednesday.

The victim was identified as Christopher Nicolas Marie De Poux, who was part of a contingent of French students who came to the province to visit the Iguazu Falls., DyN agency reported.

The cause was ruled by local justice as "suspicious death" and an investigation was initiated to determine the circumstances of the death, which occurred in the early hours of yesterday.

According to the same sources, the young man's body was taken to Posadas to undergo an autopsy.


The spokesmen said the boy would have kept a discussion with other students of his delegation to return to the hotel for a dance confectionery.

In Poux body was found around 6.10 yesterday by a hotel employee El Libertador, where he stayed the delegation of European since last Friday, located in the urban area of ​​Puerto Iguazu, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay.

The body was floating in the swimming pool of the housing and the employee promptly reported the case to local police, whose troops rescued and physician William Gambernini performed the first inspection.

With the intervention of the examining magistrate Rubén Osvaldo Lunge, the first police personnel and forensic investigations division began with "suspicious death".

For the reconstruction of the hours before the discovery of the body was learned that the young woman came to Puerto Iguazu part of a delegation of students aged 18 to 25 who around 16 last Friday stayed at the Hotel El Libertador.

On Saturday night, De Poux and a group of colleagues were for dinner and dancing at a nightclub as part of a feast prepared in a special way for students, in their majority being in Paris, like the young man died.

Around 4 yesterday the group returned to the hotel where, apparently, would have been an argument between its members in which was involved De Poux, allegedly as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol, the sources said.

Subsequently, according to early research, a group was detected in the hallways and another on the edge of the pool of the hotel where the young man who was later found dead in the water was.

The judge tried to establish if the victim is released into the pool by themselves or got a boost.

Later, when there was no students around the natatorium a janitor found the body and reported the case, while site staff tried to resuscitate the girl, but the effort proved futile.

The delegation was scheduled to remain in the area until today, after which continue journey by other tourist spots, but the death of one of its members could delay the departure pending investigations ..


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Natural selection in action

Dakar, Buenos Aires bitirmek için son gün varış: İki yayınlanmamış şampiyonlar ve iki eski tanıdıklar.

Nihayet Dakar Rallisi 2015 bitmiş, ama neredeyse, Baradero (Buenos Aires) Rosario (Santa Fe) kaçtı aşaması olarak, kısa bir süre sonra nedeniyle döndü ağır yağmurlar 174 özel etap 100 kms seyahatleri askıya gerekiyordu tehlikeli yollar.

Adayların avantajı kilometre indirim mümkün olacak değildi ya da değişiklikler cuatricilos genel sıralamalar şampiyon Polonyalı Rafal SONIK doğruladı tamamlama aşamasında, otomobillerde Katarlı Nasser Al Attiyah'ın meydana böylece geniş oldu , motosiklet üzerinde İspanyol Marc Coma ve Rus Ayrat Mardeev kamyonlar.

Yarışma Arjantin, Bolivya ve Şili Dakar düzenlenen 14 gün kariyer sürücüleri ilk kez yarışmasını kazandı Polonya Sonik ve Mardeev Rusça, tarafından şampiyon herhangi fakat çok daha az tarafından unutulmuş olmayacak sürdü . Al Attiyah'ın sadece Fransız Stéphane Peterhansel arkasında ikinci kategori kazanan olma, beşinci rağmen kendi ekibi ile ilk ve Koma, 2011 yılında vaftiz sonra yaptığı ikinci başlık oldu (6).

Böylece Ralli Dakar 2015 Şampiyonlar testlerin resmi sitesini duyurdu:

Marc Coma 2015 Dakar kazandı!
Rallinin Joan Barreda tüm ilk bölümü stay behind rağmen, Marc Coma kısaltılmış bir special takip, Dakar onun beşinci zafer kazanmak için yönetir. Katalan binici Paulo Gonçalves ve Toby Fiyat ardından Buenos Aires podyuma üst, tırmanıyor. Ivan Jakes rubrik vatandaşı Stefan Svitko üzerinde 46 saniyelik bir kurşun ile 13. etap kazanmak.

Rafal Sonik dörtlü Dakar kazanmak
Yedinci CP2 ulaşan Rafal Sonik, tamamen Lehçe hakim olduğu bir yarış sonunda iki son podyuma yükselen sonra, Dakar ilk başlığı ile yapılır. Günün sürpriz: Saaijman Willem, Güney Afrika testinde açılır, kısaltılmış bu son special onun ilk sahne zafer kazanır.

Nasser Al-Attiyah onun ikinci Dakar kazandı!
Nasser Al-Attiyah, son özel bitirmek üçüncü, o baştan sona hakim olan bir miting sonrasında ikinci kez Dakar kazandı.

Birinci Dakar Mardeev
Airat Mardeev, Kamaz armada, Buenos Aires, iki aşamalı zaferler ve düzenli olarak her aşamada üst görünür özellikle etkileyici olan ilk Dakar kazanır. Eduard Nikolaev ve Andrey Karginov bir podyum% 100 Rus tamamlayın.

Sonra Dakar Rallisi'nin 2015 baskısı podyumlar:

• Otomatik:
1. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / FRA / Mini), 40 saat 32:25.

2. 35:34 de Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA / GER / Toyota).

3. Krzysztof Holowczyc / Xavier Panseri (POL / FRA / Mini) 1 saat 32:01.

• Moto:

1. Marc Coma (ESP / KTM), 46 saat 03:49.

16:53 2. Paulo Gonçalves (POR / Honda).

3. Toby Fiyat 23:14 de (AUS / KTM).

• Kamyonlar:

1. Airat Mardeev / Aydar Belyaev / Dmitriy Svistunov (RUS / Kamaz), 42 saat 22:01.

2. Eduard Nikolaev / Evgeny Yakovlev / 13:52 de Ruslan Akhmadeev (RUS / Kamaz).

51:00 de 3. Andrey Karginov / Andrey Mokeev / Igor Leonov (RUS / Kamaz)

• Dört:

1. Rafal Sonik (POL / Yamaha), 57 saat 18:39.

2. Jeremia Ferioli Gonzalez (ARG / Yamaha) 2 saat 54:50.

3. Walter Nosiglia (BOL / Honda) 3 saat 42:56.

Дакар, останній день прибуття до фінішу в Буенос-Айресі: дві неопубліковані чемпіони і дві старі знайомі.

Нарешті закінчив Ралі Дакар 2015, але практично, як етап, який втік з міста Росаріо (Санта-Фе) в Барадеро (Буенос-Айрес), довелося призупинити незабаром після подорожує 100 км 174 спецділянці через проливні дощі, які перетворили небезпечні дороги.

Перевага кандидатів був настільки широкий, що не збирається бути в змозі знецінити кілометрів або зміни відбуваються на стадії завершення, який підтвердив загальному заліку чемпіонами Польщі Рафал Сонік у cuatricilos, Катару Нассер Аль-Аттія в автомобілях , іспанська Марк Кома на мотоциклах і російські вантажівки Айрат Мардеев.

Конкурс тривав 14 днів, проведені в Аргентині, Болівії та Чилі Дакар не буде забутий будь-яким з чемпіонів, але набагато менше польського Sonik і Мардеев російською, який виграв конкурс в перший раз в драйверах кар'єр , Для Аль-Аттія був його другий титул після хрещення в 2011 році, хоча спочатку з його власної команди, і кому-п'яте, стає другим призером категорії позаду француза Стефана Петрансель (6).

Таким чином, оголосив офіційний сайт ралі Дакар 2015 чемпіони тестів:

Марк Кома виграв 2015 Дакар!
Незважаючи залишитися Джоан Барреда всієї першої частини мітингу, Марк Кома вдасться перемогти його п'яту перемогу в Дакарі, після спеціальної укороченою. Каталонський вершник піднімається на вершину подіуму в Буенос-Айресі, а потім Паулу Гонсалвес і Тобі ціною. Іван Джейкс рубрики виграти 13-го етапу з керівництвом 46 секунд над співвітчизником Стефаном Світко.

Рафал Сонік виграти Дакар на чотириядерних
Рафал Сонік, досягнувши CP2 на сьомому місці, здійснюється з його перший титул в Дакарі, піднявшись у два рази кінцевому подіум в кінці гонки повністю домінують польською мовою. Сюрприз дня: Saaijman Віллем, Південна Африка, яка відкриває в тесті, виграє свій перший етап перемогу на останньому спеціального скорочується.

Нассер Аль-Аттія виграв свій другий Дакар!
Нассер Аль-Аттія, третій на фініші минулого особливого, виграє Дакар вже вдруге, після мітингу, в якому він домінує від початку до кінця.

По-перше Дакар Мардеев
Айрат Мардеев, Камаз армада, Буенос-Айрес перемагає в своєму першому Дакарі двоступеневих перемог і особливо вражає, коли регулярно з'являються у верхній частині кожної стадії. Едуард Ніколаєв та Андрій Каргін завершити на подіумі 100% по-російськи.

Тоді подіум видання ралі Дакар 2015:

• Авто:
1. Нассер Аль-Аттія / Mathieu Бомелій (ІАК / FRA / Mini), 40 год 32:25.

2. Жіньель де Вільє / Дірк фон Зітцевітц (RSA / GER / Toyota) в 35:34.

3. Кшиштоф Холовчіц / Xavier диспансеру (POL / FRA / Mini) 1 ч 32:01.

• Мото:

1. Марк Кома (ESP / KTM), 46 ч 3:49.

2. Паулу Гонсалвеш (POR / Honda) в 16:53.

3. Тобі Ціна (AUS / KTM) в 23:14.

• Транспорт:

1. Айрат Мардеев / Айдар Бєляєв / Дмитро Свистунов (RUS / Камаз), 42 ч 22:01.

2. Едуард Ніколаєв / Євген Яковлєв / Руслан Ахмадеев (RUS / Камаз) в 13:52.

3. Андрій Каргін / Андрій Макєєв / Ігор Леонов (RUS / Камаз) в 51:00

• Quad:

1. Рафал Сонік (POL / Yamaha), 57 ч 18:39.

2. Jeremia Ferioli Гонсалес (ARG / Yamaha) 2 ч 54:50.

3. Уолтер Nosiglia (BOL / Honda) 3 ч 42:56.

Dakar, thức ngày khách đến để kết thúc ở Buenos Aires: hai nhà vô địch chưa được công bố và hai người quen cũ.

Cuối cùng hoàn thành Dakar Rally 2015, nhưng hầu như các giai đoạn chạy từ Rosario (Santa Fe) để Baradero (Buenos Aires), đã phải bị đình chỉ ngay sau khi đi 100 km của 174 giai đoạn đặc biệt do mưa lớn đã biến con đường nguy hiểm.

Lợi thế của các ứng cử viên rất rộng mà nó sẽ không có khả năng giảm giá km hoặc thay đổi xảy ra ở giai đoạn hoàn thành, trong đó khẳng định xếp hạng tổng thể vô địch Ba Lan Rafal Sonik trong cuatricilos, các Qatar Nasser Al Attiyah trong xe hơi , Tây Ban Nha Marc Coma trên xe máy và xe tải Ayrat Mardeev Nga.

Cuộc thi kéo dài 14 ngày được tổ chức tại Argentina, Bolivia và Chile Dakar sẽ không bị lãng quên bởi bất kỳ của các nhà vô địch nhưng ít nhiều bởi Sonik Ba Lan và Mardeev Nga, người chiến thắng cuộc thi lần đầu tiên trong sự nghiệp của họ trình điều khiển . Đối với Al Attiyah là danh hiệu thứ hai của mình sau khi làm lễ rửa tội vào năm 2011, mặc dù lần đầu tiên với đội bóng của riêng mình, và Coma thứ năm, trở thành người chiến thắng thể loại thứ hai chỉ đứng sau người Pháp Stéphane Peterhansel (6).

Do đó công bố trang web chính thức của Dakar Rally 2015 vô địch kiểm tra:

Marc Coma thắng 2015 Dakar!
Mặc dù ở phía sau Joan Barreda toàn bộ phần đầu của cuộc biểu tình, Marc Coma quản lý để giành chiến thắng thứ năm của ông trong Dakar, sau một đặc biệt được rút ngắn. Người lái Catalan trèo lên đỉnh của bục ở Buenos Aires, tiếp theo là Paulo Gonçalves và Toby Giá. Ivan Jakes phiếu tự đánh giá giành chiến thắng trong giai đoạn thứ 13 với một lãnh đạo của 46 giây trên hương Stefan Svitko.

Rafal Sonik thắng Dakar trên quad
Rafal Sonik, đạt CP2 ở vị trí thứ bảy, được thực hiện với danh hiệu đầu tiên của Dakar, sau khi tăng gấp đôi so với bục giảng cuối cùng vào cuối của một cuộc đua hoàn toàn thống trị của Ba Lan. Điều ngạc nhiên trong ngày: Saaijman Willem, Nam Phi mở ra trong các bài kiểm tra, thắng chiến thắng giai đoạn đầu tiên của mình trên đặc biệt cuối cùng này được rút ngắn.

Nasser Al-Attiyah thắng Dakar thứ hai của mình!
Nasser Al-Attiyah, thứ ba tại kết thúc của đặc biệt cuối cùng, thắng Dakar lần thứ hai, sau một cuộc biểu tình, trong đó ông thống trị từ đầu đến cuối.

Đầu tiên Dakar Mardeev
Airat Mardeev, Kamaz hạm đội, Buenos Aires thắng tại Dakar đầu tiên của mình với hai chiến thắng sân khấu và đặc biệt ấn tượng khi thường xuyên xuất hiện trong đầu của mỗi giai đoạn. Eduard Nikolaev và Andrey Karginov hoàn thành một bục 100% Nga.

Sau đó, khối đế phiên bản của Dakar Rally 2015:

• Auto:
1. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / FRA / Mini), 40 h 32:25.

2. Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA / GER / Toyota) tại 35:34.

3. Krzysztof Holowczyc / Xavier Panseri (POL / FRA / Mini) 1 h 32:01.

• Moto:

1. Marc Coma (ESP / KTM), 46 h 03:49.

2. Paulo Gonçalves (POR / Honda) lúc 16:53.

3. Toby Giá (AUS / KTM) tại 23:14.

• Xe tải:

1. Airat Mardeev / Aydar Belyaev / Dmitriy Svistunov (RUS / Kamaz), 42 h 22:01.

2. Eduard Nikolaev / Evgeny Yakovlev / Ruslan Akhmadeev (RUS / Kamaz) tại 13:52.

3. Andrey Karginov / Andrey Mokeev / Igor Leonov (RUS / Kamaz) tại 51:00

• Quad:

1. Rafal Sonik (POL / Yamaha), 57 h 18:39.

2. Jeremia Ferioli Gonzalez (ARG / Yamaha) 2 h 54:50.

3. Walter Nosiglia (BOL / Honda) 3 h 42:56

Dakar, ase ọjọ dide si pari ni Buenos Aires: meji aisọ di mimọ aṣaju-meji ati atijọ ojúlùmọ.

Níkẹyìn pari ni Dakar irora 2015, sugbon fere, bi awọn ipele ti o sáré lati Rosario (Santa Fee) si Baradero (Buenos Aires), ni lati wa ni ti daduro fun Kó lẹhin irin-ajo 100 kms ti 174 pataki ipele nitori eru ojo ti o wa ni tan-lewu ona.

Awọn anfani ti awọn oludije wà ki ọrọ ti o ti ko lilọ si ni anfani lati ni eni ibuso tabi ayipada waye ni Ipari ipele, eyi ti timo awọn ìwò standings aṣaju-pólándì Rafal Sonik ni cuatricilos, awọn Qatari Nasser Al Attiyah ni paati , awọn Spani Marc coma lori alupupu ati Russian Ayrat Mardeev oko nla.

Nwọn si wà 14 ọjọ ti awọn ni kikun idije ni Argentina, Bolivia ati Chile Dakar yoo wa ko le ṣe gbagbe nipa eyikeyi ninu awọn aṣaju-sugbon Elo kere nipa awọn pólándì Sonik ati Mardeev Russian, ti o gba idije fun igba akọkọ ninu wọn dánmọrán awakọ. Fun Al Attiyah je rẹ keji akọle lẹhin christening ni 2011, biotilejepe akọkọ pẹlu awọn ara rẹ egbe, ati coma karun, di keji ẹka Winner kan sile awọn Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel (6).

Bayi kede awọn osise Aaye ti ke irora Dakar 2015 aṣaju-igbeyewo:

Marc coma gba awọn 2015 Dakar!
Pelu ji sile Joan Barreda gbogbo abala àkọkọ ti ke irora, Marc coma seto lati win rẹ karun ìṣẹgun ni Dakar, wọnyi kan pataki kan shortened. Awọn Catalan gùn ún gun si oke ti podium ni Buenos Aires, atẹle nipa Paulo Gonçalves ati Toby Price. Aifanu Jakes rubric win awọn 13th ipele pẹlu kan asiwaju ti 46 aaya lori compatriot Stefan Svitko.

Rafal Sonik win ni Dakar lori Quad
Rafal Sonik, nínàgà awọn CP2 ni keje ibi, ti wa ni ṣe pẹlu rẹ akọkọ akọle ti Dakar, lẹhin ti nyara ni lemeji ik podium ni opin ti a ije mo ti jẹ gaba lori nipasẹ pólándì. Awọn iyalenu ti awọn ọjọ: Saaijman Willem, South Africa eyi ti ṣi ninu igbeyewo, AamiEye rẹ akọkọ ipele ìṣẹgun lori yi kẹhin pataki kuru.

Nasser Al-Attiyah AamiEye rẹ keji Dakar!
Nasser Al-Attiyah, kẹta ni pari ti awọn kẹhin pataki, AamiEye ni Dakar fun awọn keji akoko, wọnyi a ke irora ninu eyi ti o ti jẹ gaba lori lati ibere lati pari.

First Dakar Mardeev
Airat Mardeev, Kamaz Armada, Buenos Aires AamiEye ni rẹ akọkọ Dakar pẹlu meji ipele victories ati paapa ìkan nigbati deede han ni oke ti kọọkan ipele. Eduard Nikolaev ati Nikita Karginov pari a podium 100% Russian.

Nigbana ni podiums àtúnse ti Dakar irora 2015:

• Aifọwọyi:
1. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / fra / Mini), 40 Wak 32:25.

2. Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA / GER / Nissan) ni 35:34.

3. Krzysztof Holowczyc / Xavier Panseri (Pol / fra / Mini) 1 Wak 32:01.

• moto:

1. Marc coma (ESP / KTM), 46 Wak 3:49.

2. Paulo Gonçalves (por / Nissan) ni 16:53.

3. Toby Price (aus / KTM) ni 23:14.

• oko nla:

1. Airat Mardeev / Aydar Belyaev / Dmitriy Svistunov (Jáírù / Kamaz), 42 Wak 22:01.

2. Eduard Nikolaev / Evgeny Yakovlev / Ruslan Akhmadeev (Jáírù / Kamaz) ni 13:52.

3. Nikita Karginov / Nikita Mokeev / Igor Leonov (Jáírù / Kamaz) ni 51:00

• Quad:

1. Rafal Sonik (Pol / Yamaha), 57 Wak 18:39.

2. Jeremia Ferioli Gonzalez (ARG / Yamaha) 2 Wak 54:50.

3. Walter Nosiglia (Bol / Nissan) 3 Wak 42:56.

Dakar, final day ekufikeni kuze kube sekugcineni eBuenos Aires: Champions ezimbili lushicilelwe futhi nithathele ezimbili ubudala.

Ekugcineni waqeda Dakar Rally 2015, kodwa cishe, njengoba esiteji ukuthi wasukela Rosario (Santa Fe) to Baradero (Buenos Aires), kwadingeka ukuba imiswe ngokushesha ngemuva uhamba kms 100 174 sigaba ekhethekile ngenxa yezimvula ezinamandla ukuthi waphenduka imigwaqo eziyingozi.

Buhle candidates kwaba ebanzi kangangokuthi ngeke bakwazi ukukuphika amakhilomitha noma izinguquko zenzeka ngaleso sigaba kokuqedwa, eyaqinisekisa the esicongweni jikelele Champions Polish Rafal Sonik in cuatricilos, the Qatari Nasser Al Attiyah in izimoto , abaseSpain Marc Coma nokungalawuleki and Russian k Mardeev amaloli.

Kwakumelwe izinsuku ezingu-14 wokuncintisana ngokugcwele Argentina, Bolivia and Chile Dakar ngeke zilitshalwe nganoma iziphi Champions kodwa ingasaphathwa by the Sonik Polish and Mardeev Russian, ophumelele emncintiswaneni okokuqala emisebenzini yabo abashayeli. Ngokuba Al Attiyah kwaba isihloko yakhe yesibili emva Christening ngo-2011, nakuba lokuqala nethimba lakhe siqu, futhi Coma owesihlanu, eba yesibili winner ngemuva nje waseFrance Stéphane Peterhansel (6).

Wamemezela Ngakho the Internet esemthethweni Rally Dakar 2015 champions uvivinyo:

Marc Coma yawina 2015 Dakar!
Naphezu kokuhlala ngemuva Joan Barreda yonke ingxenye yokuqala ka rally, Marc Coma ekwazile ukunqoba ukunqoba kwakhe yesihlanu Dakar, kulandela ekhethekile mfushane. The rider Catalan okhuphukela phezulu endaweni yesikhulumi e Buenos Aires, kulandele Paulo Gonçalves and Toby Price. Ivan Jakes irubhrikhi ukunqoba esigabeni 13 lead imizuzwana 46 phezu compatriot Stefan Svitko.

Rafal Sonik ukunqoba Dakar on quad
Rafal Sonik, ukufinyelela CP2 endaweni yesikhombisa, kwenziwa isihloko sakhe sokuqala Dakar, ngemuva kokwenyuka at kabili yesikhulumi kokugcina ekupheleni umjaho ngokuphelele elibuswa Polish. The ukumangala ngosuku: Saaijman Willem, South Africa ephumela in the test, iwina ukunqoba kwakhe sokuqala kulolu ekhethekile last mfushane.

Nasser Al-Attiyah iwina Dakar yakhe yesibili!
Nasser Al-Attiyah, wesithathu sekugcineni ekhethekile last, iwina Dakar for the okwesibili, kulandela rally lapho yena wabusa kusukela ekuqaleni kuze kube sekugcineni.

First Dakar Mardeev
Noorah Mardeev, Kamaz armada, Buenos Aires uwina Dakar yakhe yokuqala kanye ngokunqoba ezimbili esiteji futhi umxhwele ngokukhethekile lapho avele njalo phezulu esigabeni ngasinye. Eduard Nikolaev and Andrey Karginov ugcwalise yesikhulumi 100% Russian.

Khona podiums edition of the Dakar Rally 2015:

• Auto:
1. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (QAT / FRA / Mini), 40 h 32:25.

2. Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA / thela / Toyota) at 35:34.

3. Krzysztof Holowczyc / Xavier Panseri (Pol / FRA / Mini) 1 h 32:01.

• Moto:

1. Marc Coma (ESP / KTM), 46 h 3:49.

2. Paulo Gonçalves (POR / Honda) at 16:53.

3. Toby Price (SL / KTM) at 23:14.

• Trucks:

1. noorah Mardeev / Aydar Belyaev / Dmitriy Svistunov (RUS / Kamaz), 42 h 22:01.

2. Eduard Nikolaev / Evgeny ayvazov / Ruslan Akhmadeev (RUS / Kamaz) at 13:52.

3. Andrey Karginov / Andrey Mokeev / Igor Leonov (RUS / Kamaz) at 51:00

• Quad:

1. Rafal Sonik (Pol / Yamaha), 57 h 18:39.

2. Jeremiya Ferioli Gonzalez (Arg / Yamaha) 2 h 54:50.

3. Walter Nosiglia (BOL / Honda) 3 h 42:56.