Friday, April 10, 2015

Man Resists a robbery attacking 3 criminals with his Katana. (Not an episode of The Walking Dead)

We can´t confirm that the man is a fan of "The Walking Dead"

A man from Córdoba (Argentina) resists an assault with a Japanese sword katana type and wounded three robbers reported commissioner Mariano Zárate. 

Police said "Three men, one of them apparently armed with a 9mm pistol, surprised a marriage that was resting. After dominate them, they beat them. However, a neglect of these thugs, the homeowner grabbed a katana sword and starts hurting defend criminals who escape the place"

The robbers boarded a Peugeot 206 car, gray, where an alleged accomplice was. After a police chase, the vehicle crashed into a tree a couple of blocks near the place.

Minutes later a housing neighborhood street in Las Palmitas Villa Serrana, were arrested three men and one woman. The Police reported that that two of them had "deep" lesions on the forearms and face. "In the clinic Saldán, fourth subject is presented with cuts on his forearms.¨The injured were treated at the Emergency Hospital, where they are apprehended in custody.

Police recovered the 3,600 pesos (340 U$S dollars) that had been stolen, Zarate said.

Source: La Voz

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