Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Gladiators Altar, the new controversial innitative of the Universal Church in Brazil

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is a much criticized church founded in Brazil which now adds a new controversy: "Gladiators of the Altar", a religious group with the aesthetics of an army: Young soldiers marching in rows and shouting slogans viva voce. The similarities with fascism are not pure coincidence. 

This "project" was launched in January of this year and already has 4,300 participants across Brazil. According to the Universal Church, promote meetings of a religious nature, but when it released its existence disappeared multiple videos that were posted on the Internet.

Among the slogans known for distributing their videos can be seen chanting, "Thank the Lord, we are here today ready for battle, determined to serve you we are gladiators in your altar Every day we face the hell trusting your holy protection.. "cry the young.

At the end of the speech, when the person conducting the ceremony challenges them "What the gladiators want?" they respond in unison: "The altar, the altar, the altar."

Criticism coming from all sectors. For example, politicians from left, as the deputy Jean Wyllys (Socialism and Freedom Party, PSOL) who wondered what lies behind these 'warriors' in the form of militia. "When will we start to address real monster emerging from the lagoon? When starting to execute the 'infidels' and atheists and push homosexuals high towers as it has done Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East?"

The Church denies these allegations and issued a statement denying that he was forming a fundamentalist army, although in some images to young people is very similar to making Nazi salutes gestures.

Founded in January, the Gladiators Altar project is linked to For├ža Jovem, a group that also belongs to the Universal Church and aims to "save the youth is lost in drugs, vices, crime or suffers a permanent emptiness without perspective on life.

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