Sunday, July 08, 2012

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Great personalities start campaign to save the Arctic

The environmental organization received dozens of signatures from celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Robert Redford, and Penelope Cruz. In Argentina, Ricardo Darin and Natalie Cole joined the complaint.
Greenpeace launches today in over 40 countries, the global campaign for the Arctic supported by figures of international renown.

Several Hollywood actors and Argentina today joined their voices to those of rock stars, environmental activists, scientists and business leaders to begin our campaign aimed at creating a global sanctuary around the North Pole and prohibit any mining activity oil and unsustainable fishing in the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz, Robert Redford, and dozens of world-renowned personalities, including Ricardo Darin and found Natalia Oreiro, ask UN to declare legally protected area across the uninhabited area around the North Pole, preventing the form any destructive activity or contaminant. The list of celebrities continues with Pedro Almodóvar, Thom Yorke, Emily Blunt, Javier Bardem and Argentinian Elena Roger, Boy Olmi, Faithfull Marianne and child singer Adriana.

They are part of the first hundred names on the list of Arctic Greenpeace presented today at the Rio Earth Summit +20. When you reach one million signatures, the organization will make an expedition to the North Pole and place names within a sealed capsule that will be deposited on the seabed, four miles below the polar ice. A flag designed by young people around the world will mark the exact spot where the capsule.

The vast area around the North Pole is considered "international waters", so it belongs to us all, under international law. In these waters the seabed is to be preserved for the benefit of all mankind. But as temperatures rise and ice melts, the circumpolar nations begin to submit claims to sovereignty over the seabed in order to open the way to the big oil corporations. Polar ice has declined at an alarming rate in recent years, and scientists say the North Pole could be ice-free soon. (1)

The official launch of the campaign was held this morning at the Rio Earth Summit +20 with a press conference by Kumi Naidoo, Director of Greenpeace International.

Accompanying the launch of this campaign, a giant inflatable bear flew over the streets of Rio and Greenpeace volunteers collected signatures in different cities around the world, from Sydney to Buenos Aires.

Paul McCartney said: "The Arctic is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of the planet, and is in danger. There are companies that want to extract oil from there and catch a large scale. It's crazy to go to the end of the world to find the last drops of oil when the world's brightest scientists tell us that we should abandon fossil fuels if we are to secure a future for our children. Sometime and somewhere, someone must oppose this. I think the time is now, and the place is the Arctic. "

In the coming weeks, Shell will start drilling the seabed at two sites located off the north coast of Alaska in the Arctic. If Shell's plan succeeds, will unleash a new "black gold rush" and accelerate oil development in this region.

All citizens of the world can immediately sign the list to save the Arctic in the direction and thus ensure that their names will soon also be on the seabed under the North Pole.

Kumi Naidoo said: "People ask me why I, a South African, I care so much about the Arctic. The answer is simple. The Arctic is the air conditioning on the planet, the temperature decreases because it reflects sunlight. But ice melt is accelerating global warming, threatening our existence in every continent. Wherever we live, what happens in the Arctic affects us all. "

 "The battle starts here, with the launch of this campaign," Kumi Naidoo completed. "We are drawing a line on the ice and telling the polluters, 'Do not pass away."

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