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U.S. expert says the ruling of Judge Griesa is crazy

U.S. economist James Henry harshly questioned the stance of Justice and the Executive of his country in the proceedings leading vulture funds against Argentina.

 "It's completely crazy that a judge says, 'To pay your creditors, you must first enter default'" said Henry, an economist at the NGO Tax Justice Network, an organization that advocates for transparency in the financial system.

 "I have been disappointed that the Obama administration did not influence this dispute through a stronger opinion, especially considering the damage it does to the relationship between the U.S. and Argentina. It is really amazing," he added.

And he compared: "China was here last week, so did Putin, all the BRICS countries have met and all supporting Argentina's position on this."

 "The best economists around the world, as the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, have spoken in favor of Argentina. Each academic economist who glances at the subject realizes that it is absolutely crazy to send an entire country to a default of 144 billion or maybe even 500 billion depending on how contabilices debt forward, "he said in dialogue with the daily Tiempo Argentino.

In American economist view, "anyone who looks at this from an economic point of view of U.S. foreign relations, national security since, realizes how ridiculous the decision of a judge who is out of focus."

 However, "the fact is that U.S. judges have enormous power to interpret the law, especially under the Supreme Court," said Henry.

 Asked about the impact the ruling will Griesa internationally, predicted that "most countries will be very reluctant to voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the Court in New York anymore. It sets a very bad precedent for Wall Street as a financial center. "

 Finally, the AML expert said the vulture fund NML "is rooted in the Cayman Islands, we do not even know who these investors are, who knows, maybe even have Argentine investors." 

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The 15 best inventions in argentinian history - Our gift to the word

Blood Transfusion 

Blood transfusion was created after three years of research. Luis Agote invented in 1914 a system to keep the blood without clots.
Direct transfusions existed before, but it was not possible to preserve the blood, it was necessary to pass it directly and immediately one patient to another. He never patented his invention, but he immediately spread it.

en argentina 

Alfajor (Industrial Production)

As mass-produced candy production dates back to the 50s in Argentina's Atlantic coast.


Dulce de leche 

It is a argentian confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from the Maillard reaction of the product, changing flavor and color. Literally translated, it means "candy of milk" or "candy [made] of milk", "milk candy", or "milk jam" in the same way that dulce de frutilla is strawberry jam. It is popular in Latin America, notably in Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela.



The story goes that the man came to Argentina in 1940, when World War II was already a sad reality. He was just 41 years (born in Budapest, Hungary on September 29, 1899) and restless character and registered in good standing. For example: after marriage, and to ease tasks at home, he invented an automatic washing machine. But his invention summit, which made ​​him famous in the world, was another: it is known as a pen or simply as "biro". 

"Biro, You're Crazy", had told him many times when he would see experts to present their idea. Ladislao Jose Biro However, as we know Argentines never gave up and developed his own. It had occurred to him when he watched the journal in which he wrote as a journalist was printed. Then, he thought his project: a capillary tube with an ink by gravity flow into a ball that round, let the ink on the paper and dry instantly. The result today is millions and millions of users worldwide. 

The first patent for the pen appears in Hungary in 1938. But the big development was done here, the place to Biro defined as "the country of yapa", plus finding that between polite and friendly people, always willing to give more. Thus, along with his brother Jorge (a chemical) and his friend John Meyne arrived in Buenos Aires and formed Biro Pens of Argentina, a company dedicated to making a pen quality but cheap enough, so that they had all. The combination of Biro and Meyne surnames gave rise to the legendary word "biro". 

The fame of this invention circulated around the world. And their manufacture as well. In 1953, licensed Biro himself, a man named Marcel Bich pen was introduced in the U.S. market. Using Argentine designs, narrowed his name and created the Bic pen, one of the most famous brands in the world. So transparent, disposable and inexpensive Bic achieved such fame that even is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

By then, Ladislao Jose Biro had taken the citizenship Argentina, like his wife Elsa Schick and his daughter Mariana, who came to the country as a child and still has that restless spirit who had his father, although not keen to inventions but to education, which is also a form of progress and invent future. 

Biro not only developed this idea of the pen, but its improvements since contributed his creativity to improve the quality of ink, pens retractable system and automatic machines to make them. But he also invented the automatic gearbox for cars (which sold to General Motors in Berlin), the nozzle with activated carbon for cigarette, an inviolable lock then used Scotland Yard, a continuous process for the production of phenolic resins and until his death (happened in Buenos Aires on October 24, 1985, when he was 86) he worked at the National Atomic Energy Commission, in the separation of gases for heavy water. 

He was also a member of the Royal Academy of Natural Sciences and pastime were mostly painting and sculpture, which he considered his work complementary inventor. Since 1990, in Argentina, Inventor's Day is celebrated every 29 September in honor of Biro. But perhaps the greatest tribute to him would give his daughter who, as head of the School of Sun (created with her husband in 1966) and also developed a School for Inventors Juniors, comprising boys and girls aged 6 and 16. Works from 1990 and its mission is to encourage them to be inventors. That is, people who love to solve problems creatively and those difficulties are only opportunities. But that's another story.

15 inventos Argentinos! Entra! 

Traffic Light for the Blind People

Mario Davila in 1983 patented the first traffic light for the blind. The apparatus installed on corners of busy streets beeps at different speeds: a fast speed means no free way to cross the road at slow speed to stop.

en argentina 

Cane for the Blind 

In 1921, José Mario Fallótico saw a blind waiting for help to cross a street in Buenos Aires, but no one was aware. As said Fallótico own, then thought of creating something that was a tool and at the same time a symbol to alert the person needs help. Cane for the blind has its own international day (October 15). The latest version, which works with ultrasound, is also Argentina.


The collective (the name comes from public transport) is the name given in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries, to buses. The groups in the City of Buenos Aires represent a typical city icon and a typical Argentine icon, colloquially are called bondi. Its origin in the city of Buenos Aires dates back to 1928, when a group of taxi drivers decided to hold a fixed path with a sign announcing her up front and allowing more than one passenger.


Syringe and needle self destructive

The brainchild of entrepreneur is Arcusin syringe including a syringe inseparable, the first finding to avoid sharing needles, a common practice among drug addicts. The second quality of the invention, the plunger is withdrawn and which pushes the liquid to be injected. That record is automatically separated from the stem holding it, after making two elementary movements App. 

15 inventos Argentinos! Entra! 

One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in Argentina in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Originally, the tango was performed only by women, but once it spread into Argentina, it developed into a dance for couples.

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Milanesa napolitana 

The milanesa (in Italian "cotoletta alla milanese") is an Italian dish named after the city of Milano, common in Latin American countries where generic types of breaded meat fillet preparations are known as a milanesa. By adding tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, and sometimes ham, a dish called milanesa a la napolitana (Milanese in the Neapolitan style) was created. "Neapolitan" is not taken from "Neapolitan pizza", but because it was first made and sold in Restaurante Napoli owned by Jorge La Grotta in Argentina in the 1940s

Radio Stations

The first radio station in the world took place in the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires in 1920, and continued to broadcast until 1997. Obviously, radio is not an Argentine invention, but it was just a technological rarity until Enrique Susini created the first network broadcasting to them, becoming also the first speaker world. Susini met Albert Einstein in 1925, who called it "one of the first intelligence of Argentina".


IKA-Renault Torino 

The IKA Torino, later Renault Torino, is a mid-sized automobile made by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) under an agreement with American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1966. The 1966 Torino was IKA’s first integral national product and IKA was eventually bought out by Renault in 1975 to form Renault Argentina S.A. The Torino was built on the same hybrid AMC platform all the way through 1981 in both two-door hardtop and four-door sedan variants. It has been called Argentina's national car.

15 inventos Argentinos! Entra! 

Gaucho Rodeo

The gaucho  rodeo and dressage is a typical and traditional equestrian sport of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, which integrates the folk culture of these countries, particularly the gaucho culture in Chile also been are also practiced. The sport involves the rider must stand on between 6 and 15 seconds on a pony (or bagual pingo). Takes place in several categories: clean or skin crina Pony (d) or southern rump or leather, coarse, with counter without bolas, chair, etc., or combinations..

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Duck (Sport)

Pato, also called juego del pato (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxweɣo ðel ˈpato], literally "duck game"), is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball. It is the national sport of Argentina since 1953.[1]

Pato is Spanish for "duck", as early games used a live duck inside a basket instead of a ball. Accounts of early versions of pato have been written since 1610. The playing field would often stretch the distance between neighboring estancias (ranches). The first team to reach its own casco (ranch house) with the duck would be declared the winner.

Pato was banned several times during its history because of the violence—not only to the duck; many gauchos were trampled underfoot, and many more lost their lives in knife fights started in the heat of the game. In 1796, a Catholic priest insisted that pato players who died in such a way should be denied Christian burial. Government ordinances forbidding the practice of pato were common throughout the 19th century.

During the 1930s, pato was regulated through the efforts of ranch owner Alberto del Castillo Posse, who drafted a set of rules inspired by modern polo. The game gained legitimacy, to the point that President Juan Perón declared pato to be Argentina's national game in 1953.

In modern pato, two four-member teams riding on horses fight for possession of a ball which has six conveniently-sized handles, and score by throwing the ball through a vertically positioned ring (as opposed to the horizontal rim used in basketball). The rings have a 100 cm (3.3 ft) diameter, and are located atop 240 cm (7.9 ft) high poles. A closed net, extending for 140 cm (4.6 ft), holds the ball after goals are scored.

The winner is the team with most goals scored after regulation time (six 8-minute "periods")

Barbed wire 


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Scandal in Paraguay: a video of a Senator of the country in an orgy, popular on social networks

In the video, the influential ruling politician Juan Carlos Galaverna is having sex with three women. One was minor. 

The sex tape, very popular in all Paraguayan social networks, involves Senator Juan Carlos Galaverna, leader of the Colorado Party in the Senate, who appears in the company of three women.

One of the girls said to a local radio station and a posted on Facebook that the images were filmed on cell years ago when she was 16, and the case went beyond because her phone was stolen.

In his message, the model Vanessa Trinidad says the filming was done in Ypacarai and the other two women are not named in the social networks. It also indicates that only participated in the sexual act because she was attracted by one of the girls.

Meanwhile, the Justice of that country investigates the scandalous case. "We have to see if the girl was minor or not at the time of the event" said prosecutor Teresa Martinez when was asked about the chances that the senator is accused of the crime of rape.

"If she had sex with a minor, could have a process for statutory rape, but would not go jail because no custodial sentence for this offense, only stipulates a fine," said the Prosecutor.

For now, the Paraguayan Parliament did not rule on the matter, nor did Senator Galaverna.

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Argentina: Uncertainty three days of an eventual default

Spokesmen for the ruling party and the opposition does not agree on the magnitude of the impact it will have on the local economy if the country falls into default, although all agreed that it will not be as tragic as the default 2002.

The country entered this week in the countdown to reach an agreement with the holdouts to avoid falling into a new default on the public debt, but uncertainty prevailed about the steps the government will send a delegation to whether the United States has to follow the bargaining or if you limit the contact telephone conversations.

In this context, concerning the government and the opposition disagreed about how much impact it will have on the local economy if the country falls into default, although all agreed that it will not be as tragic as the default in 2002 under an economic and social crisis.

On Wednesday expire grace period that Argentina had to avoid getting into technical default, since no effective on payment of due interest on the debt to bondholders restructured that operated on June 30 because Judge Thomas Griesa ordered to return the country money that the government had deposited for that purpose in the accounts that the Bank of New York Mellon (BONY) with the Central Bank.

The two meetings held last week by the team headed by Finance Secretary, Pablo López, with attorney Daniel Pollack, appointed by Griesa as mediator in the conflict week were unsuccessful, and that the judge said the stay (injunction) to unlock that payment.

The stay allows the government to claim payment at regular bondholders and avoid technical default, to rescind momentarily failure Griesa ordered to pay her 1,330 holdouts million in a lump sum in cash.

On the official side, Deputy Héctor Recalde downplayed the consequences of an eventual default by stating "not going to have tragic consequences because we are not in 2002, and the domestic market will continue much as at present, will not to be changes. "

He explained that "in January widely recover negotiation possibilities for not applying to us the clause" Rufo (for its acronym in English) that prevents offer holdouts voluntarily a higher price than that received by bondholders who entered the debt swap 2005 and 2010.

Instead, the president of Banco Ciudad, Rogelio Frigerio, warned that "what will happen is that the problems with which the Argentine and lived long and we worry, insecurity, inflation, unemployment, lack of dollars are going to increase, "while predicted that" recent months also transition this government will be less relaxed than it might have been. "

"We are on the cutting edge, we're playing with a lot of risk because we do not have much time. At this point, the only thing that can save us from default is that the same funds litigating against Argentina today asked the judge to allow you to pay this that expires at the end of this month, "Frigerio estimated.

The economist said in dialogue with Mitre radio that "there is any chance of that," because neither the holdouts "suits them into the Argentina default".

Meanwhile, the national deputy Hermes Binner considered that the Government has reached this stage of conflict with the holdouts that "has given little thought to the claims of Justice New York," and remarked that the default "absolutely negative for the country. "

"It's a situation where there is presumed difficulties in exporting, importing trouble. Even with the candles at half mast in the economy, I hope we have the great opportunity to go ahead and aspire to better times," said Binner.

Argentiina: Epävarmuus kolmen päivän lopulta default

Äänitorvena hallitsevan puolueen ja opposition ei pääse suuruuden vaikutuksia sillä on paikalliseen talouteen, jos maa joutuu oletus, vaikka kaikki yhtä mieltä, että se ei ole niin traaginen kuin oletuksena 2002.

Maa tuli tällä viikolla lähtölaskenta menee kanssa holdouts välttää joutumasta uusi oletuksena julkisen velan, mutta epävarmuus vallitsi siitä vaiheet hallitus lähettää valtuuskunnan onko Yhdysvallat on noudatettava neuvotteluoikeuden tai jos raja yhteystiedot puhelinkeskusteluja.

Tässä yhteydessä koskevat hallituksen ja opposition eri mieltä siitä, kuinka paljon vaikutusta sillä on paikalliseen talouteen, jos maa joutuu oletus, vaikka kaikki samaa mieltä siitä ei ole yhtä traaginen kuin oletuksena nojalla vuonna 2002taloudellinen ja sosiaalinen kriisi.

Keskiviikkona päättyy armonaika, että Argentiina oli välttää joutumasta teknisiä laiminlyöntejä, koska mitään tehokasta maksamisesta, koska velan korot joukkovelkakirjojen haltijoille uudelleen joka toimi 30. kesäkuuta, koska tuomari Thomas Griesa määräsi palata maahan rahaa että hallitus oli tallettanut sitä varten tilit, Bank of New York Mellon (BONY) keskuspankin kanssa.

Kaksi kokousta pidettiin viime viikolla joukkue johtaa Taloussihteeri, Pablo López, jossa asianajaja Daniel Pollack, nimittää Griesa välittäjänä konfliktin viikolla olivat tuloksettomia, ja että tuomari sanoi oleskelua (välipäätös) avata tämän maksun.

Oleskelun ansiosta hallitus vaatia maksua säännöllisin joukkovelkakirjojen haltijat ja välttää teknisiä laiminlyöntejä, purkaa hetkellisesti jättäminen Griesa velvoitetaan maksamaan hänelle 1330 holdouts miljoonan kertakorvaus rahana.

Virallisella puolella, sijainen Héctor Recalde vähätelty seurausten vuoksi oletuksena toteamalla "ei aio olla traagisia seurauksia, koska emme ole vuonna 2002, ja kotimaan markkinoilla jatkuu paljon kuin tällä hetkellä, ei tulossa muutoksia. "

Hän selitti, että "tammikuussa laajalti takaisin neuvottelu mahdollisuuksia olla soveltamatta meille lausekkeen" Rufo (sen lyhenne on Englanti), joka estää tarjouksen holdouts vapaaehtoisesti korkeampaa hintaa kuin se, jota joukkovelkakirjojen haltijoille, jotka ovat tulleet velkaa swap 2005 ja 2010.

Sen sijaan presidentti Banco Ciudad, Rogelio Frigerio, varoitti, että "mitä tapahtuu on, että ongelmat, jotka Argentiinan ja elivät pitkään ja olemme huolissamme, turvattomuutta, inflaatio, työttömyys, puute dollareita tulee lisääntymään ", kun taas ennusti, että" viime kuukausina myös siirtyminen tämä hallitus tulee olemaan vähemmän rento kuin se olisi voinut olla. "

"Olemme ajan hermolla, olemme leikkii paljon riskejä, koska meillä ei ole paljon aikaa. Tässä vaiheessa ainoa asia, joka voi pelastaa meidät oletus on, että samoja varoja riita-asioiden ratkaisemiseen Argentiinaa vastaan ​​tänään pyysi tuomaria voit maksaa tämä joka päättyy tämän kuun lopussa, "Frigerio arvioitu.

Ekonomisti sanoi vuoropuhelua Mitre radio että "ei mitään mahdollisuutta, että" koska kumpikaan holdouts "sopii ne Argentiina default".

Samaan aikaan kansallinen sijainen Hermes Binner katsoi, että hallitus on saavuttanut tässä vaiheessa ristiriidassa holdouts että "on antanut vähän ajatellut väitteet Justice New York", ja huomautti, että oletuksena "ehdottoman kielteinen maan. "

"Se on tilanne, jossa oletetaan vaikeuksia vientiä, tuontia ongelmia. Vaikka kynttilät puolitangossa taloudessa, toivottavasti meillä on loistava tilaisuus mennä eteenpäin ja pyrkiä parempia aikoja", sanoi Binner.















Argentina: Usikkerhet tre dager etter at en eventuell standard

Talsmenn for regjeringspartiet og opposisjonen blir ikke enige om størrelsen på effekten det vil ha på den lokale økonomien dersom landet faller inn i standard, selv om alle var enige om at det ikke vil være så tragisk som standard 2002.

Landet inngikk denne uken i nedtellingen til å nå en avtale med de holdouts å unngå å falle inn i en ny standard på den offentlige gjelden, men usikkerheten rådet om trinnene regjeringen vil sende en delegasjon til om USA har å følge lønnsforhandlinger eller hvis du begrense kontakttelefonsamtaler.

I denne sammenheng, om regjeringen og opposisjonen var uenige om hvor mye innvirkning det vil ha på den lokale økonomien dersom landet faller inn i standard, selv om alle var enige om at det ikke vil være så tragisk som standard i 2002 i henhold til en økonomisk og sosial krise.

På onsdag utløper utsettelsesperioden at Argentina måtte unngå å komme inn i teknisk standard, ettersom ingen effektiv på betaling av forfalte renter på gjelden til obligasjonseierne omstrukturert som opererte den 30. juni fordi dommer Thomas Griesa beordret til å returnere landet penger at regjeringen hadde avsatt til dette formålet i regnskapet at Bank of New York Mellon (BONY) med sentralbanken.

De to møter avholdt i forrige uke av teamet ledet av Finanssekretær, Pablo López, med advokat Daniel Pollack, oppnevnt av Griesa som megler i konflikten uke var mislykket, og at dommeren sa oppholdet (pålegg) å låse opp at betaling.

Oppholdet gjør regjeringen for å kreve betaling med jevne obligasjonseiere og unngå teknisk standard, for å oppheve et øyeblikk svikt Griesa dømt til å betale henne 1330 holdouts millioner i en lump sum i kontanter.

På den offisielle siden, vise Héctor Recalde bagatellisert følgene av en eventuell mislighold ved å si "ikke kommer til å ha tragisk utfall fordi vi ikke er i 2002, og det innenlandske markedet vil fortsette mye som i dag, vil ikke å bli endringer. "

Han forklarte at "i januar allment gjenopprette mulighetene for ikke å søke til oss klausulen forhandling" Rufo (for sin akronym på engelsk) som hindrer tilbod holdouts frivillig en høyere pris enn det som mottas av obligasjonseierne som kom inn i gjeldsbytte 2005 og 2010.

I stedet, president i Banco Ciudad, Rogelio Frigerio, advarte om at "hva som vil skje er at problemene med som den argentinske og levde lenge og vi bekymre, usikkerhet, inflasjon, arbeidsledighet, mangel på dollar kommer til å øke, "mens spådd at" de siste månedene også overføre denne regjeringen vil være mindre avslappet enn det kunne ha vært. "

"Vi er i forkant, vi spiller med mye risiko, fordi vi ikke har mye tid. På dette punktet, er det eneste som kan redde oss fra standard at de samme midlene søksmål mot Argentina i dag ba dommeren til å tillate deg å betale dette som utløper i slutten av denne måneden, "Frigerio anslått.

Økonomen sa i dialog med Mitre radio at "det er noen sjanse for at" fordi verken de holdouts "passer dem inn i Argentina default".

I mellomtiden, den nasjonale nestleder Hermes Binner mente at regjeringen har nådd dette stadiet av konflikt med holdouts som "har gitt liten tanke til krav fra Justis New York", og bemerket at standard "absolutt negative for landet. "

"Det er en situasjon hvor det er antatt vanskeligheter i eksport, import trøbbel. Selv med lysene på halv stang i økonomien, håper jeg vi har stor mulighet til å gå videre og håpe på bedre tider," sier Binner.

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Israelske granater traff FN ly i Gaza - drepte 30 mennesker og skadet 100

Al Jazeera har informert i dag at Gaza helsedepartementet har sagt at bombardement drept minst 15 mennesker og såret 200 i en skole FN-løp i Beit Hanoun.

Minst 15 mennesker er rapportert drept og 150 skadet i bombingen av en FN-skole i nordlige Gaza brukt til å le sivile fra voldsomme sammenstøt i gatene utenfor.

Al Jazeeras korrespondent Nicole Johnston, rapportering fra Gaza, sa den skolen i Beit Hanoun kom under ild på torsdag.

Den Gaza helsedepartementet til nyhetsbyrået Reuters at israelske brannen hadde drept minst 15, og 150 skadde.

En israelsk militær kilde men fortalte Al Jazeera at palestinske rakettangrep hadde blitt oppdaget i området, og at det kan ha kommet til kort og traff ly.

Al Jazeeras korrespondent Stefanie Dekker sa at hun var ute av stand til å komme til skolen etter angrepet på grunn av kraftig israelsk beskytning. Ingen hun hadde snakket med i Gaza mente dødsfallene ble forårsaket av en palestinsk rakett.

I et intervju med Al Jazeera, Chris Gunness, talsmann for UNRWA, FNs humanitære organisasjon i Gaza, sa at hans organisasjon hadde vært i kontakt med israelske styrker som kjemper stengt i på ly.

"Vi ga israelerne presise GPS-koordinatene til Beit Hanoun ly. Vi prøvde å koordinere et vindu [for evakuering] og som aldri ble gitt," sa han.

Han sa han kunne verken bekrefte eller avkrefte at Hamas krigere var i nærheten av bygningen, men sa at Israel og Hamas "må respektere ukrenkelighet FNs lokaler, og humanitær lov".
Han kalte angrepet «tragisk og forferdelig".

Robert Turner, direktør for UNRWA fortalte Al Jazeera var det ingen advarsel fra israelerne før skjellene landet.

"Dette er en utpekt krisesenter. Plasseringen ble formidlet til israelerne," sa han. "Dette var en installasjon vi ble administrere, som ble overvåket [å sikre] at vår nøytralitet ble opprettholdt."

"Vi kaller alltid på alle parter for å sikre at sivile ikke blir skadet."

Israel har angrepet FN-skoler før, og sa at de ble brukt som trygge havner for de væpnede palestinerne.

FN har også tidligere kritisert de palestinske gruppene til å bruke FN-skoler for å skjule krigere og våpen.

'Ingen jagerfly på skolen'

Et vitne som kom til Kamal Adwan sykehus etter bombardementet fortalte Al Jazeera: "Vi ble sittende i skolen, fordi vi ble fortalt at det er trygt.

"Ved Gud, det var ikke en eneste fighter, ikke et eneste skudd ble avfyrt fra skolen. Hvorfor gjorde de skyter på skolen? Hvorfor? Kan noen forklare det til meg? Hvorfor skulle de skall skolen?"

Torsdagens streik er fjerde gang en FN-anlegget har blitt rammet i de 17 dagene med israelsk bombardement av Gaza.

Minst 788 palestinere er drept og mer enn 4500 skadet i israelske angrep.

To israelske sivile har blitt drept av ild fra Gaza siden offensiven begynte.

Det totale antall israelske soldater drept siden starten av den militære angrep står på 32.. Én soldat har blitt oppført som savnet og antas å være død.

以色列炮弹击中联合国庇护在加沙 - 杀死30人,伤100











“这是一个指定的应急避难场所的位置,转达了以色列,”他说。 “这是一个安装我们被管理,被监测[保证]我们的中立性维持。”











Israelischen Granaten getroffen UN-Schutz in Gaza - getötet und 30 Personen verletzt, 100

Al Jazeera hat heute mitgeteilt, dass Gaza Gesundheitsministerium hat gesagt, dass Beschuss mindestens 15 Menschen getötet und verletzt 200 in einem UN-Run-Schule in Beit Hanoun.

Mindestens 15 Menschen wurden getötet und berichtet in der Bombardierung einer UN-Schule im nördlichen Gaza 150 verletzt verwendet, um Schutz von Zivilisten heftigen Zusammenstößen auf den Straßen draußen.

Al Jazeera-Korrespondent Nicole Johnston, die Berichterstattung aus dem Gazastreifen, sagte die Schule in Beit Hanoun unter Beschuss geriet am Donnerstag.

Der Gaza-Gesundheitsministerium der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters, dass die israelischen Feuer hatte mindestens 15 getötet und 150 verletzt.

Ein israelischer Militärquelle jedoch sagte Al Jazeera, dass die palästinensischen Raketenbeschuss hatte in der Gegend und festgestellt, dass es vielleicht unterschritten haben und auf den Schutz.

Al Jazeera-Korrespondent Stefanie Dekker sagte, dass sie nicht in der Lage, die Schule nach dem Angriff aufgrund der starken israelischen Beschuss zu erreichen war. Niemand sie in Gaza gesprochen hatte geglaubt, die Todesfälle wurden von einer palästinensischen Rakete verursacht.

In einem Interview mit Al Jazeera, Chris Gunness, Sprecher der UNRWA, der humanitären Organisation der Vereinten Nationen in Gaza, sagte, seine Organisation habe in Kontakt mit israelischen Streitkräfte gewesen, wie Kämpfe geschlossen auf dem Unterstand.

"Wir haben die Israelis die genauen GPS-Koordinaten des Beit Hanoun Schutz. Wir haben versucht, ein Fenster [zur Evakuierung] koordinieren und das wurde nie erteilt", sagte er.

Er sagte, konnte er weder bestätigen noch dementieren, dass die Hamas-Kämpfer waren in der Nähe des Gebäudes, sagte aber, Israel und der Hamas "muss die Unverletzlichkeit der Räumlichkeiten der Vereinten Nationen und das humanitäre Völkerrecht zu respektieren."
Er nannte den Angriff "tragisch und erschreckend".

Robert Turner, der Direktor für die UNRWA sagte Al Jazeera gab es keine Warnung von den Israelis, bevor die Schalen gelandet.

"Das ist eine Notunterkunft bezeichnet. Die Lage war den Israelis gefördert wird," sagte er. "Das war eine Installation, waren wir die Verwaltung, das überwacht wurde [um sicherzustellen], dass unsere Neutralität beibehalten wurde."

"Wir rufen alle Parteien immer zu gewährleisten, dass Zivilisten nicht geschädigt werden."

Israel hat vor UN-Schulen angegriffen, sagen, sie würden als sichere Häfen für die bewaffnete Palästinenser eingesetzt.

Die UNO hat auch zuvor für die Verwendung von UN-Schulen, um Kämpfer und Waffen zu verstecken kritisierte die palästinensischen Gruppen.

"Keine Kämpfer in der Schule"

Ein Zeuge, der am Kamal Adwan Krankenhaus nach dem Bombardement kam sagte Al Jazeera: "Wir waren in der Schule sitzen, weil uns gesagt wurde, es ist sicher.

"Bei Gott, es war nicht ein Einzelkämpfer, nicht ein einziger Schuss wurde von der Schule entlassen. Warum haben sie in der Schule zu drehen? Warum? Kann jemand mir das erklären? Warum sollten sie die Schule berappen?"

Streik am Donnerstag ist das vierte Mal eine UN-Einrichtung hat in den 17 Tagen der israelischen Bombardierung des Gaza getroffen worden.

Mindestens 788 Palästinenser wurden getötet und in israelischen Angriff mehr als 4.500 verletzt.

Zwei israelische Zivilisten wurden durch das Feuer aus dem Gazastreifen getötet wurden seit Beginn der Offensive.

Die Gesamtzahl der israelischen Soldaten seit Beginn der Militärangriff getötet liegt bei 32. Ein weiterer Soldat wurde als vermisst gemeldet worden und ist vermutlich tot zu sein.

Israeliese doppe getref VN skuiling in Gaza - vermoor 30 mense en beseer 100

Al Jazeera het vandag ingelig dat Gaza departement van gesondheid het gesê dat bombardement gedood ten minste 15 mense en beseer 200 in 'n VN-run-skool in Beit Hanoun. Ten minste 15 mense is dood en 150 berig beseer in die bombardement van 'n VN-skool in die noorde van Gaza gebruik om skuiling burgerlikes van die gloed van botsings op die strate buite. Al Jazeera se korrespondent Nicole Johnston, verslagdoening van Gaza, het gesê die skool in Beit Hanoun onder skoot gekom op Donderdag. Die Gaza departement van gesondheid, gesê dat die Israeliese vuur doodgemaak het ten minste 15, en 150 beseer is. 'N Israeliese militêre bron het egter aan Al Jazeera dat Palestynse vuurpyl vuur is ontdek in die gebied en dat dit dalk geval het kort en tref die skuiling. Al Jazeera se korrespondent Stefanie Dekker het gesê dat sy nie in staat was om die skool na die aanval te bereik as gevolg van swaar Israeliese granaat. Niemand het sy gepraat het in Gaza geglo dat die sterftes is veroorsaak deur 'n Palestynse vuurpyl. In 'n onderhoud met Al Jazeera, Chris Gunness, die woordvoerder vir die UNRWA, die VN se humanitêre organisasie in Gaza, het gesê sy organisasie was in kontak met die Israeliese magte as veg gesluit op die skuiling. "Ons het die Israeli's die presiese GPS koördinate van die Beit Hanoun skuiling. Ons het probeer om 'n venster [ontruiming] te koördineer en dit was nog nooit toegestaan ​​word," het hy gesê. Hy het gesê hy kan nie bevestig of ontken dat Hamas-vegters was naby die gebou, maar het gesê Israel en Hamas "moet die sekuriteit van die Verenigde Nasies perseel, en humanitêre reg respekteer". Hy het die aanval "tragiese en verskriklike". Robert Turner, die direkteur vir UNRWA het Al Jazeera daar was geen waarskuwing van die Israeli's voor die doppe geland. "Dit is 'n aangewese nood skuiling. Die plek is aan die Israeli's oorgedra," het hy gesê. "Dit was 'n installasie ons bestuur, wat gemonitor [te verseker] dat ons neutraliteit gehandhaaf is." "Ons het altyd 'n beroep op alle partye om te verseker dat die burgers nie benadeel word." Israel het die VN skole aangeval voordat te sê dat hulle is wat gebruik word as veilige hawens vir die gewapende Palestyne. Die VN het voorheen ook kritiek op die Palestynse groepe vir die gebruik van die VN skole vegters en wapens om weg te steek. "Nee vegters by die skool ' 'N Getuie wat na die bombardement op die Kamal Adwan hospitaal aangekom het Al Jazeera: "Ons sit in die skool nie, want ons is vertel dat dit veilig is. "By God, was daar nie 'n enkele vegter, nie 'n enkele skoot afgevuur uit die skool. Hoekom het hulle skiet by die skool? Hoekom? Kan iemand verduidelik wat met my? Hoekom sou hulle dop die skool?" Donderdag se staking is die vierde keer dat 'n VN-fasiliteit is in die 17 dae van die Israeliese bombardement van Gaza getref. Minstens 788 Palestyne is dood en meer as 4500 beseer in Israeliese aanranding. Twee Israeliese burgerlikes is gedood deur vuur uit die Gaza sedert die aanval begin het. Die totale getal van die Israeliese soldate gedood is sedert die begin van die militêre aanval staan ​​op 32. Een meer soldaat is gelys as vermis en is vermoedelik dood.