Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scandal in Paraguay: a video of a Senator of the country in an orgy, popular on social networks

In the video, the influential ruling politician Juan Carlos Galaverna is having sex with three women. One was minor. 

The sex tape, very popular in all Paraguayan social networks, involves Senator Juan Carlos Galaverna, leader of the Colorado Party in the Senate, who appears in the company of three women.

One of the girls said to a local radio station and a posted on Facebook that the images were filmed on cell years ago when she was 16, and the case went beyond because her phone was stolen.

In his message, the model Vanessa Trinidad says the filming was done in Ypacarai and the other two women are not named in the social networks. It also indicates that only participated in the sexual act because she was attracted by one of the girls.

Meanwhile, the Justice of that country investigates the scandalous case. "We have to see if the girl was minor or not at the time of the event" said prosecutor Teresa Martinez when was asked about the chances that the senator is accused of the crime of rape.

"If she had sex with a minor, could have a process for statutory rape, but would not go jail because no custodial sentence for this offense, only stipulates a fine," said the Prosecutor.

For now, the Paraguayan Parliament did not rule on the matter, nor did Senator Galaverna.

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