Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Claudio Gentile: "Maradona is a lier"

Diego Maradona is a charlatan and I want nothing to do with it, "said today the former Italian defender Claudio Gentile, responding to allegations against him pronounced by the head coach of the Argentina.

"It knows how to lose and what he said does not correspond at all with reality," added the former coach of the selection "azzurra" Sub-21 in response to criticism from Maradona, who used it as an example to explain the faults that receives Lionel Messi.

"Every time he touches the ball Messi will go to the legs. It is scandalous. What?, Go back to the era of Gentile?" Asked Maradona, on the Italian bookmark it mistreated during his first World Cup in Spain 82 .

It was the point against referees at the World Cup and annoyed by a consultation on the wrong goal for Argentina sanctioned in the 3-1 victory over Mexico in the second round of the tournament.

"Before making some comments, (Maradona) should remember that in my career was never expelled," Gentile completed.