Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pili, the transplanted girl thanked the support he received during his hospitalization

Pilar Chavez, the 19-year liver transplant twice in five days and was in national emergency, is progressing well. After being transplanted, and to be hospitalized for several days, "Pili" spoke to the news channel and told TN that is improving day by day, thanked everyone who was with her and called for an awareness of the importance of donating organs.

The girl, with a smile, was: "Hello everyone, I Pili, I am still recovering, look at my bruises, but so good. Many thanks to everyone who gave me the stamina and prayed for me. Many thanks and continue praying organ donation.

Pilar had to be transplanted twice in five days, a complication she suffered when she performed the first transplant. Today the young are very well: his new liver is functioning perfectly, and out of intensive care and has a good mood (watch video). With the improvement of Pilar, his family, little by little, he is telling all the ruckus that erupted when the first transplant did not work and had to enter national emergency to receive an organ. "We told him that was in the papers, on TV, in all media, and she gives a bit of shame," his dad told Clarin, Germain.

Now Pilar is in an area where the Italian Hospital transplant patients. You can watch TV, and began to eat. "Very tolerant all the food they give at the hospital told her father. The truth is that we see it very good at heart, and doctors tell us it's very good that his liver and kidneys develops also correctly" .

When she could give medical discharge, the father felt that it will not happen before at least 20 days. "Yes, hopefully for the holidays can be home, but the important thing now is that she is fine. Before we who thanked the donor. Now she's the one thanks.

Pilar was born with glycogenesis, an illness that forced her to inject glucose throughout his life. Two years ago was recorded in INCUCAI waiting list for a transplant. The body arrived, but Pilar had a complication and had to be retransplanted, something that rarely happens.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo from Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis looked out over Earth in this image photographed by a NASA crew member Tuesday. The shuttle arrived at the International Space Station Wednesday for a weeklong stay, and the astronauts quickly unloaded a huge platform full of spare parts. (Associated Press/NASA)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The usury of credit cards in Argentina

The Central Bank issued a report with different charges and fees that banks charge for credit cards. Is advised not to "get used to make only the minimum payment, because the interest grows exponentially.

The interest rate charged by banks for financing the balance of the credit cards after making the minimum payment in September averaged 36.5 percent annually, according to the latest survey of the Regime of Central Bank Transparency. However, each entity charged different rates according to the rating assigned to each customer. Thus, the average minimum system stood at 33.1 percent, while the maximum values averaged 39.8 percent. Outside of that average, there are cases of banks reached an exorbitant finance 85.2 per cent annually. Meanwhile, the maintenance costs of the cards range between 6.26 and 9.61 pesos per month. The monetary authority report urges consumers to internalize the levels of interest rates, but also on charges associated with the use and validity of plastic on the outside. The minimum income of 753 pesos were required for local use cards, but we found a high concentration of banks that require up to a thousand.

Banks take advantage of the slight recovery in consumption after a freeze that caused the international crisis to begin an aggressive policy of attracting users who accept their credit cards. The offer includes a wide variety of benefits such as customer retention tool. This ranges from the accumulation of miles on airlines, the amount of points to obtain prizes or discounts and special offers at shops or shows up additional cards at no charge.

But beyond all these advantages, the fees and costs that apply some properties are far from being a "gift". The maintenance of plastics and the financing of balance-which arises from the difference between what you owe and the minimum payment allowed, usually too high. The Central relieves the main items making up that cost and makes available on its website to allow consumers to make a comparison between different products. These include life insurance on balances funded, administrative costs for making and sending the summary, annual renewal costs of plastic and commissions charged for withdrawing cash.

Despite anchoring the lines that offers Central banks to have liquidity, taxes destined for the consumer finance remain historically high, while reluctant to lend long term. In fact, the level of liquidity of the institutions is at its highest. The latest central bank report said that in September the unpaid balance of the financing amounted to summary annual average 36.5 percent. On these values must be added the rate of VAT. However, on a tour of the attached schedule, the report can be seen a wide variety of financial costs, ranging from zero to 85.2 percent.

"Being a credit product, a card has a limit of financing and purchasing, which depends on the credit policy of each entity and the rating assigned to each customer," recalls the report of transparency. In the monthly statement detailing the minimum payment, ie the amount to be canceled to avoid the application of punitive interests. The board of the Fund Kadicard Cooperativa La Plata is the capital of which shows the maximum compensatory higher rate (85.2 percent annually). The same agency, meanwhile, zero-rate financing for consumers with good qualification (minimum fee). The Argencard (Banco Columbia) is the highest rate charged to customers with best rating: 55 percent.

Other variables to consider are the fees charged for exceeding the purchase limit (usually determined according to income level), the cost of additional cards and hiring requirements of the card (income level and maximum age). In this regard, the organizations ask an average minimum income of 753 pesos, while the major amount of deposits banks requested a salary of 2500. In the latter group are located on Credicoop and Santander Rio.

Life insurance on balances funded in September stood at an average of 0.3 percent. You can find issuers of credit cards that charge up to 9.9 per cent annually. Regarding administrative costs, averaged 7.30 pesos. For the minimum values reported, the average was of 6.26 dollars and the maximum amount of 9.61 pesos. In some cases reaches 48 pesos, being the most common major entities between 8.50 and $ 12.50. As average annual renewal costs of 39.09 dollars, but reach 360 pesos.

The Italcred stands at a cost of renewal of its plastics of 282 pesos. No significant differences when comparing the values for consumption in the country with the outside. The report of the Central advises "Do not get used to make only the minimum payment. "If allowed to accumulate in your account balance increased, this will involve greater interests in the future," added the text.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"The fight against anti-Semitism is a commitment of state policy"

The president said Israel before his pair of "deep conviction" against "anti-Semitism and any manifestations of racism and xenophobia". Peres urged "not to forget" the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA, and recommended paying attention to the Iranian nuclear plan.

"It's a state policy commitment of our country," emphasized the President offering a joint press conference at Government House.

CFK said that the Argentine government is "militant of all causes having to do with the rejection deep, visceral conviction all manifestations of antisemitism and xenophobia."

In this regard, it found that all anti-Semitic, Holocaust deniers and all the tragedies suffered by humanity "fundamentally come from sectors that have a high degree of intolerance to another, who thinks differently," a factor "key, not only the Holocaust, but of all the tragedies that humankind has lived "

Cristina stressed that the position of Argentina "is of profound respect for each country to direct the destiny of their policies, not only in South America but around the world."

"Argentina will not allow anyone else to choose his friends nor friends in Argentina told to choose one. We strongly believe in self determination of each society as expressed through their elected officials," said Arroyo, when asked about Argentina's position on the government of Venezuela.

Cristina said that "peace is needed in the Middle East" and raised to be "recognized" both the State of Palestine as "the right of Israel to live securely within their borders."

"We believe and are strong supporters of that exists and is recognized by the State of Palestine so that Palestinians can live democratically there, and Israel's right to live without being attacked within its limits," he argued.

Cristina said that "peace in Middle East peace is a necessary and a fundamental issue to help achieve a safer world."

For his part, Peres said that in his meeting with his Argentina agreed to the "beginning of a new relationship in a new world."

"Do not talk about past relationships, but extend to the start of a new relationship in a new world," Peres said, noting that Argentina "is a cultural center of this great continent" and stressed the "historical and shared values" between the two nations .

"We must not forget the destruction of civilian buildings in Buenos Aires: the building of the AMIA bombing and the embassy, which had as victims and non-Jewish Jews," said Peres. In this context, he said that "it is important to develop nuclear weapons by Iran"

In addition, the Israeli president said he invited President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to "participate in a conference on human rights" and said he has "shared values" with the president.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebration in Buenos Aires for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Was held at the Avenida de Mayo 200 pieces of domino toppled painted by artists and students

The city of Buenos Aires today celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a series of artistic events, as was done last Monday in front of the historic Brandenburg Gate.

Past 1630, were demolished 200 pieces of dominoes, 2.5 meters high, 1 meter wide and 40 inches deep. The pieces were built in styrofoam and covered with a canvas, over the past week were painted by artists and school students in Buenos Aires.

Simultaneous sang tenor Dario Volonte and later the audience enjoyed the spectacle in which tango was programmed and traditional German music.

The event, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires city government and the German Embassy, also served to celebrate the 15 years of brotherhood between Buenos Aires and Berlin under the slogan "Culture brings down walls."

The representation of dominoes used to "celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also to become aware of the walls that remain down. It is a vision and why children chose to paint the pieces," said Minister Culture of Buenos Aires, Hernan Lombardi.

The domino effect is the Buenos Aires version of the show held in Berlin last week that, in this case took place outside the headquarters of the city cultural portfolio, at Avenida de Mayo 575.

Maradona is in Switzerland to testify to the FIFA

The coach made his rebuttal by outbursts against the press after the match against Uruguay, Argentina won the night qualifying.

After the friendly match with Spain, Diego Maradona was scheduled to fly to Zurich (Switzerland) to discharge to FIFA for his outburst against the press ( "now that the continued nursing, the you have inside," "the suck" and other rude phrases) after the game in which the selected classification managed to South Africa 2010 against Uruguay in Montevideo.

The coach has already sent a disclaimer letter in which he said had a "violent emotion". However, the tone and words were repeated just finished the game, after going through the locker room and on arrival in Buenos Aires, where since he noticed the bus was making gestures to journalists who were waiting for the delegation in Ezeiza.

Maradona will be accompanied by counsel for the AFA (Luis Steps) and Julio Grondona (son). At the press conference given by friendly, would not talk about it and just simply said that "tell you what I have to say when I have to testify."

Since it opened to the disciplinary-two days after the event in Uruguay to this time there was speculation various kinds of sanctions. Now it says it could be a minimum of five games, the access to the stadium ban and a fine of at least 13,000 euros.