Monday, November 16, 2009

"The fight against anti-Semitism is a commitment of state policy"

The president said Israel before his pair of "deep conviction" against "anti-Semitism and any manifestations of racism and xenophobia". Peres urged "not to forget" the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA, and recommended paying attention to the Iranian nuclear plan.

"It's a state policy commitment of our country," emphasized the President offering a joint press conference at Government House.

CFK said that the Argentine government is "militant of all causes having to do with the rejection deep, visceral conviction all manifestations of antisemitism and xenophobia."

In this regard, it found that all anti-Semitic, Holocaust deniers and all the tragedies suffered by humanity "fundamentally come from sectors that have a high degree of intolerance to another, who thinks differently," a factor "key, not only the Holocaust, but of all the tragedies that humankind has lived "

Cristina stressed that the position of Argentina "is of profound respect for each country to direct the destiny of their policies, not only in South America but around the world."

"Argentina will not allow anyone else to choose his friends nor friends in Argentina told to choose one. We strongly believe in self determination of each society as expressed through their elected officials," said Arroyo, when asked about Argentina's position on the government of Venezuela.

Cristina said that "peace is needed in the Middle East" and raised to be "recognized" both the State of Palestine as "the right of Israel to live securely within their borders."

"We believe and are strong supporters of that exists and is recognized by the State of Palestine so that Palestinians can live democratically there, and Israel's right to live without being attacked within its limits," he argued.

Cristina said that "peace in Middle East peace is a necessary and a fundamental issue to help achieve a safer world."

For his part, Peres said that in his meeting with his Argentina agreed to the "beginning of a new relationship in a new world."

"Do not talk about past relationships, but extend to the start of a new relationship in a new world," Peres said, noting that Argentina "is a cultural center of this great continent" and stressed the "historical and shared values" between the two nations .

"We must not forget the destruction of civilian buildings in Buenos Aires: the building of the AMIA bombing and the embassy, which had as victims and non-Jewish Jews," said Peres. In this context, he said that "it is important to develop nuclear weapons by Iran"

In addition, the Israeli president said he invited President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to "participate in a conference on human rights" and said he has "shared values" with the president.

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