Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pili, the transplanted girl thanked the support he received during his hospitalization

Pilar Chavez, the 19-year liver transplant twice in five days and was in national emergency, is progressing well. After being transplanted, and to be hospitalized for several days, "Pili" spoke to the news channel and told TN that is improving day by day, thanked everyone who was with her and called for an awareness of the importance of donating organs.

The girl, with a smile, was: "Hello everyone, I Pili, I am still recovering, look at my bruises, but so good. Many thanks to everyone who gave me the stamina and prayed for me. Many thanks and continue praying organ donation.

Pilar had to be transplanted twice in five days, a complication she suffered when she performed the first transplant. Today the young are very well: his new liver is functioning perfectly, and out of intensive care and has a good mood (watch video). With the improvement of Pilar, his family, little by little, he is telling all the ruckus that erupted when the first transplant did not work and had to enter national emergency to receive an organ. "We told him that was in the papers, on TV, in all media, and she gives a bit of shame," his dad told Clarin, Germain.

Now Pilar is in an area where the Italian Hospital transplant patients. You can watch TV, and began to eat. "Very tolerant all the food they give at the hospital told her father. The truth is that we see it very good at heart, and doctors tell us it's very good that his liver and kidneys develops also correctly" .

When she could give medical discharge, the father felt that it will not happen before at least 20 days. "Yes, hopefully for the holidays can be home, but the important thing now is that she is fine. Before we who thanked the donor. Now she's the one thanks.

Pilar was born with glycogenesis, an illness that forced her to inject glucose throughout his life. Two years ago was recorded in INCUCAI waiting list for a transplant. The body arrived, but Pilar had a complication and had to be retransplanted, something that rarely happens.

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