Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dow signed agreement with YPF to develop shale gas in Argentina

La petrolera YPF firmó este martes un memorando de entendimiento (MOU) con Dow Argentina -empresa del grupo estadounidense The Dow Chemical Company-, para el desarrollo conjunto del primer yacimiento de shale gas del país, en el bloque "El Orejano", en la provincia de Neuquén. El acuerdo fue rubricado por el presidente y CEO de YPF, Miguel Galuccio, y su par de Dow para la Región Sur de Latinoamérica, Jorge La Roza, durante un encuentro celebrado en la sede central de la compañía argentina, en el barrio porteño de Puerto Madero. De esta forma, "YPF y Dow entrarán en negociaciones exclusivas para acordar los términos y condiciones finales de un joint venture entre ambas compañías donde YPF cedería el 50 por ciento de su participación para el desarrollo del área "El Orejano", el cual comprende una extensión total de 41 kilómetros cuadrados (10.131 acres)", precisó un comunicado. Inicialmente, el compromiso abarcara el desarrollo del primer proyecto piloto de shale gas en la Argentina. El entendimiento entre ambas compañías apunta esencialmente al desarrollo de shale gas o "gas no convencional" en el país, lo que se pretende agregar valor industrial. Junto con Dow y Petrobras, YPF es accionista en Compañía Mega, un joint venture de separación y fraccionamiento de gas que suministra materias primas al Complejo Petroquímico de Bahía Blanca y a otros sectores industriales. De acuerdo con los términos y condiciones fijados en el memorando, Dow Argentina e YPF también trabajarán juntos para identificar nuevos proyectos con el fin de expandir la industria petroquímica argentina en áreas de interés mutuo, con foco en la disponibilidad de nuevas materias primas. "Hemos encontrado en Dow un socio de mucha importancia, que ha mostrado desde el inicio de las conversaciones un máximo interés y una firme decisión en poder involucrarse como actores directos en la transformación que el país está protagonizando con la explotación de los recursos no convencionales", dijo Galuccio, al finalizar el encuentro. Por su parte, La Roza sostuvo que "este acuerdo fortalece la posición competitiva de Dow, consolida nuestra relación con YPF y refleja nuestro compromiso y contribución al desarrollo económico e industrial de la Argentina". Para Dow, este acuerdo fortalece su acceso a materias primas mediante acuerdos de largo plazo e inversiones de capital moderadas y eficientes. El desarrollo de las reservas de shale gas en la Argentina le proporcionará a Dow un suministro seguro y sostenido de materias primas claves, a la vez que le permitirá preservar su sólida operación en el país y crecer en el Mercosur. YPF había dado el primer paso fundamental en el desarrollo del shale gas al poner en producción su primer pozo de gas no convencional en Vaca Muerta (El Orejano X-2) el viernes 1° de marzo pasado, fecha en la cual se conectó al Gasoducto del Pacífico. El Orejano X-2 es el primer pozo de shale gas cuya producción YPF volcó al sistema central.


The Argentine drew with Bolivia 1-1in the stadium "Hernando Siles" in La Paz, about 3650 meters high, by the 12th. date of the South American Qualifiers. Striker Marcelo Martins, with a header contrapierna goalkeeper Sergio Romero, scored the first goal of the game when playing 25 minutes. However, led by Sabella matched Submit and generated some scoring chances. Led by a dynamic appearances Di Maria and Messi came to draw. The 'Flea' empowered Clemente, side and sent a good cross Banega completed the action with a precise header splitting. In the second 45 minutes, the meeting was blow for blow, with deep and clear in their arrivals the national assembly. In fact, incredibly Messi missed a heads up on the final whistle. This afternoon, the crack Rosario could not be the decisive player that we have used for extrafutbolísticas conditions already known. Instead, Angel Di Maria and Javier Mascherano took the lead role and later led the team in the 3650 meters high. On Wednesday, the team gave a demonstration that with effort and planning you cope and even overcome an obstacle as difficult as is the altitude of La Paz. With this tie, Argentina continues to lead and on June 7, will receive his escort Colombia (still unknown headquarters) by the date 13 of qualifying. After the final whistle of the Chilean Osses, Lionel Messi admitted his delight at the tie of selected albiceleste and said "we got a really good point." "We ended up tired, we knew it would be well with the forwards to endure being alone, but still had our chances. Terrific We got a point," the best in the world. The national team captain said, "Our strategy was to try to hold on, because we knew that the first time is going to come. We endured and we could make the goal that allowed us to bring this important tie." "They tightened although sometimes were only us. Indeed, it was even, and even had more arrivals, although the physical Sorry," Messi completed, visibly tired from the wear of the meeting. Formations: Bolivia: Sergio Galarza, Ronald Raldes, Edward Zenteno and Luis Gutierrez; Diego Bejarano, Alejandro Chumacero, Walter Veizaga, Rudy Cardozo and Jair Torrico, Juan Carlos Arce and Marcelo Moreno Martins. DT: Xavier Azkargorta. Argentina: Sergio Romero; Gino Peruzzi, Hugo Campagnaro, Sebastián Domínguez, José Basanta and Clemente Rodriguez, Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano and Angel Di Maria, Lionel Messi and Rodrigo Palacio. DT: Alejandro Sabella. Referee: Enrique Osses (Chile). Estadio Hernando Siles.

Monday, March 25, 2013

How koalas run

Boca Juniors is preparing to play without Riquelme

With Román out Viatri prepares to play Sunday vs. 10. Independent. Just against the Red, in Avellaneda, he did in 2011: the broken and Boca won 1-0. Together, they are the bane of the rapporteurs. His movements are so similar that only the details differentiate them. The court, above, is currently touring the same places. So the numbers are mixed: while one is the owner of the 10, the other took out the 9 (identificatorio to its original position) to let the 18. Juan Roman Riquelme and Lucas Viatri, close friends off the field, have several points in common. The problem, beyond the charge of television and radio transmission, seemed technicians. Falcioni first Bianchi then went crazy by the tendency of Lucas to leave the area to get the ball down, pretending that he was (and wait) near the fire zone. Even now, it seems that the tug of the center-back win. In the absence through injury of Roman, the Viceroy would hook it to play against Independiente. From "I feel useless in the area," delivered at the European Tour 2011 to "playing the eight years since 9 am I. There are circumstances that lead party to play further back, not that it is whimsical. I do not know what else to do to make people see that I'm in the area. But I do not care, I know how I have to play and I will try to do it the same way "in recent days said nothing much has changed about what some Viatri expect and what they are willing to give. O yes. Falcioni, after complying reclaim a role similar to that of Palermo, and finally ended up yielding placing liaison (or 9 delayed) when Riquelme eventually missing or Chavez was not in his best days. Bianchi, though he believed it was a waste of engagement put someone with such power of goal, gave him his first chance to play against Hikers more delayed. And Lucas met, even becoming a goal after 15 matches. "He did not play in his usual position, but he did it in a big way and that's important," the coach congratulated him. Hint? Can repeat that in a match of greater importance? In the previous date of the 5th Open 2011, before facing Independent Mystery Falcioni had played during the week. Hours before the start of the match, giving surprised responsibility for organizing Viatri game, who formed the front with Mouche and Cvitanich. That day, Lucas broke and Boca won 1-0 in Avellaneda. The Viceroy, without Riquelme returns to the persistent problems surrounding the development. Would you give a chance to friend Roman? Blandi already announced that, by dint of goals, has been requesting court. And Martinez is one of several are there on campus. Will trident against the Devil?

Buenos Aires was the province which most lost in the distribution of shared 12 years

During the last twelve years was the province Buenos Aires who lost greater participation in the secondary distribution of federal revenue, rising from 23.8% he received in 2000 on total automatic transfers which received 19.2% in 2012. According to a report by consultancy Ecolatina, this decline is mainly linked with the fixed amount received by the Buenos Aires Income tax, consisting of 10% of total revenue up to a ceiling of $ 650 million, while the surplus is spreading to other provinces. Considering the growth of the economy in nominal terms, the share of district ruled by Daniel Scioli in previous drawdowns earnings fell 70% to 3.4% during the period, so the district authorities demanding an update that ceiling, setting? according to calculations Ecolatina?? imply about $ 13,000 million. The consultancy report also stressed that the Buenos Aires government also believes that the province is?? Discriminated?? by the rate of secondary partnership because it receives the fraction (20%) accounts for half of its weight in GDP (40%). ?? This should be integrated into a discussion of fiscal federalism in Argentina, and to respect vis-a-vis the proportions exacerbate regional inequalities and conflict with the reduction of regional asymmetries??, Raised Ecolatina. In this regard and although recognized as?? Valid?? the claim of Buenos Aires, the report stressed that the solution to the asymmetries of the Argentine fiscal federalism? pass not only to update the distribution of earnings or modify the secondary distribution, because only that way try horizontal imbalances (between provinces ) without regard to the consolidated loss of autonomy of the 24 jurisdictions??. In that vein, the consultant analyzed the proposals for provincial jurisdictions revert to the 15% who gave the Anses in the late?? 90 or order to ensure the full partnership of the check tax. These two proposals for the provinces imply an improvement of 8 percentage points in the overall tax burden (about $ 55,000 million in 2013), to the detriment of the nation. However, he warned that the nation Ecolatina seek offset this loss of revenue by cutting important part of the $ 42,000 million budgeted for non-automatic drafts and other financial assistance to the provinces, situation? According to the consultant? result in? zero sum game??, but with a gain greater provincial autonomy and frictions between different levels of government??. Source: CRonista Comercial

Monday, March 04, 2013

Cristina Fernandez, Argentina President, reiterated willingness "to pay vulture funds"

Through social media, the Head of State said: "We are willing to pay these vulture funds, but in better shape than the 93% who entered the swap." He noted that Argentines "we made a huge effort. Regularly we paying our debts. We've been going against each and every one of the things we said we had to do and we did well. That's what you do not forgive us," said.
President Cristina Fernandez today reiterated the readiness of his government to "pay these vulture funds" bonds that claim to justice in New York but in the same conditions of the majority of bondholders who entered the trade.

The ratification of the will of the payment was made the head of state today through social networks where again publish excerpts and videos speech he gave on Friday before the Legislative Assembly.

In this framework, said: "We are willing to pay these vulture funds, but in better shape than the 93% who entered the swap."

And he said that Argentines "We made a huge effort. Regularly We are paying our debts." We've been going against each and every one of the things we said we had to do and we did well. That's what you do not forgive us, "he said.

And, addressing identified no apparent rivals said "want us to let us into debt."

"If Argentina were to return to pay 170 billion dollars would break," he said when reviewing another part of his four-hour speech.

Well-Known Pop Culture Characters Painted in the Classical Style

Duke R2-D2
Artist Hillary White (aka “wytrab8“) has created a fantastic collection of classical style paintings that depict various well-known pop culture characters like R2-D2, Kermit the Frog, and more. Prints of select paintings are available to purchase online at Society6. We have previously featured Hillary’s “True Muppet” painting.
Gentleman Ranger
General Fett and Don
Bat Brueghel and Kermit
Sir Skeletor
Iron Man and Spider Sailor
images via Hillary White