Monday, March 25, 2013

Boca Juniors is preparing to play without Riquelme

With Román out Viatri prepares to play Sunday vs. 10. Independent. Just against the Red, in Avellaneda, he did in 2011: the broken and Boca won 1-0. Together, they are the bane of the rapporteurs. His movements are so similar that only the details differentiate them. The court, above, is currently touring the same places. So the numbers are mixed: while one is the owner of the 10, the other took out the 9 (identificatorio to its original position) to let the 18. Juan Roman Riquelme and Lucas Viatri, close friends off the field, have several points in common. The problem, beyond the charge of television and radio transmission, seemed technicians. Falcioni first Bianchi then went crazy by the tendency of Lucas to leave the area to get the ball down, pretending that he was (and wait) near the fire zone. Even now, it seems that the tug of the center-back win. In the absence through injury of Roman, the Viceroy would hook it to play against Independiente. From "I feel useless in the area," delivered at the European Tour 2011 to "playing the eight years since 9 am I. There are circumstances that lead party to play further back, not that it is whimsical. I do not know what else to do to make people see that I'm in the area. But I do not care, I know how I have to play and I will try to do it the same way "in recent days said nothing much has changed about what some Viatri expect and what they are willing to give. O yes. Falcioni, after complying reclaim a role similar to that of Palermo, and finally ended up yielding placing liaison (or 9 delayed) when Riquelme eventually missing or Chavez was not in his best days. Bianchi, though he believed it was a waste of engagement put someone with such power of goal, gave him his first chance to play against Hikers more delayed. And Lucas met, even becoming a goal after 15 matches. "He did not play in his usual position, but he did it in a big way and that's important," the coach congratulated him. Hint? Can repeat that in a match of greater importance? In the previous date of the 5th Open 2011, before facing Independent Mystery Falcioni had played during the week. Hours before the start of the match, giving surprised responsibility for organizing Viatri game, who formed the front with Mouche and Cvitanich. That day, Lucas broke and Boca won 1-0 in Avellaneda. The Viceroy, without Riquelme returns to the persistent problems surrounding the development. Would you give a chance to friend Roman? Blandi already announced that, by dint of goals, has been requesting court. And Martinez is one of several are there on campus. Will trident against the Devil?

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