Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Follow the polar cold wave in Argentina and snow could fall in the Atlantic Coast

The National Weather Service (NWS) announced Wednesday that polar air enters the Patagonian region and said that extend to the center of the country starting Thursday and from that day throughout the country, temperatures in the presence of more experiencing lower than in recent days.

"A polar air mass, with similar characteristics to that entered the country last week, will arrive in the Patagonia region. Then enter the center of the country on Wednesday and is expected to be installed over the entire territory nationally during the Thursday, "the agency reported.

In the Midwest, NWS announced that the polar mass will exert its influence on Wednesday night, with wind shift to the southern sector and significant drop in temperatures on Thursday.

"Do not rule out the occurrence of showers of snow or sleet on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires and mountain areas. The wind chill is estimated between 2 and -6 º," the organism, and predicted that Thursday night, "the polar air cover the rest of the country with wind chills of 5 ° and -2 °. "

In Patagonia, he said, winds are expected in the west and southwest, with intensities between 35 and 70 mph, and said he expected rain showers and snow with very low wind chill, estimated between 3 º and -13 º.

While Wednesday in Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires was presented with some cloudy skies, moderate winds from the northwest, with some gusts, and temperatures estimated at 6 degrees in the case of the minimum and 16 maximum.

By Thursday the NMS forecast a sharp decline in new low wind chill temperatures into the night sky somewhat cloudy, light winds shifting to the west and south regular thermal marks ranging between 7 and 11 degrees.

On Friday, meanwhile, will continue to decrease the temperature to 2 degrees minimum and maximum of 10, will remain low wind chill, the sky is somewhat cloudy and regular sector Winds southwest.

Saturday is expected to somewhat cloudy sky, light winds from the west, low wind chill, a minimum temperature of 1 degree and a high of 10.

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