Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A dress of U$S 3000 is made "slaves" who are paid U$S 2 an hour.

A hidden camera revealed how the clothing is manufactured celebrities. Sweatshops and labor exploitation dirty three designers. "I have nothing to do", he defended one in 24CON.

The underground wire was cut so fine again. The NGO La Alameda detected through intensive research and through a hidden camera, a sewing workshop slave works in Avellaneda and that its illegality splashed three famous designers.

These are the premises located at 1790 Pythagorean Street, which houses the business of a woman who calls herself Lucy, but that his real name, according to NGOs, is Pia Nunez. Inside the house, the two people who entered the changed identity posing as unemployed, able to identify at least three items tagged with labels of famous designers Jorge Ibáñez, Laurencio Adot and Benito Fernandez.

All prominent designers who specialize in dressing the famous Argentina media elite. His creations appeared in events like the Martin Fierro, the television series Sex and the City and even among the Dutch nobility with Maximum Zorreguieta to the head. None of these outfits would be free of guilt.

"I have nothing to do", he defended himself in communication with Jorge Ibáñez 24CON. The designer tried to break away from the tricky situation and said: "I was surprised when I learned of the complaint. I know of no sweatshop. I absolutely disagree with this type of work and I am attached to the complaint itself. "

What he did say Ibanez is that "such a Lucía" intervened in his office "a while" for "doing a test on a sample." The media claimed that this person took it for his work "and never saw it. That does not fully explain the accidental coincidence between the name "dummy" of Lucia, the owner of the sweatshop where the camera is hidden that were tailored dresses Ibanez in Avellaneda.

In dialogue with this half, Jorge Ibanez himself clarified that its production is "not seriously" and that does not work with workshops. "These are exclusive items that one person works at most two," he said.

Although in an interview with C5N, the designer himself has acknowledged that more than 500 clients. "I know people who work with me, in fact work for years and I have an excellent relationship with them," he said.

For its part, the other two chose not to attend the pawnbroker your 24CON.

The numbers frighten research. According to the complaint, the sweatshop owner would sell the finished garments to designers for $ 2000, the same as they resold exclusively to its various clients to not less than $ 25000. All at a cost of $ 6 an hour per worker.

"You have days that violate the collective bargaining agreements and that up to 18 hours per day," complained the owner of La Alameda, Gustavo Vera.

But the plight of the "slave" does not end well. In addition to suffering a brutal operation that "depends on what you pay" each of them, workers have the "forced labor" proscribed by the Constitution and international treaties.

According to the video, the contracts are "black" and need not verify the identity by the DNI. "I live next to the Chinese," says the prospective employee to Nunez who did not bother to find out where. And thus recorded. Textual.

Source http://24con.elargentino.com/conurbano/nota/54729-un-vestido-de-12-000-se-fabrica-con-esclavos-que-cobran-6-la-hora/

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