Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cows produce milk

Due to certain genetic modifications in the not too distant future, humans can drink the milk of cows less harmful and more similar to that given by mothers to their children. How have they achieved? The secret is in certain proteins that protect children from the bacteria.
A group of Chinese scientists have genetically modified Friesian cows, the typical black and white spots, to get the milk that they have a greater amount of lysozyme, a protein found in breast milk. This substance prevents bacterial disease safeguarding children, which would make this new milk in a method of preventing childhood diseases.
Researchers have managed to give cows milk lysozyme 25 times normal, according to an article published in PLoS One this molecule is present and not only in breast milk, but also in tears and saliva. They have also succeeded in transgenic cow's milk contains more lactoferrin, a protein with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Strongest known
According to the director of research carried out at China Agricultural University, Ning Li, milk would be as safe as regular milk, although it explained that "has a stronger flavor than the traditional."
In addition to protein differences that activate the immune system of smaller, scientists were able to increase the fat content of milk and modified solid levels of the same, coming even closer to the composition of human milk.
The research was funded by one of the leading biotechnology companies on the planet, Beijing Protein Gene.

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