Monday, July 04, 2011

Flash on Android phones

Puffin v1.6.2862 Web Browser For Android
It is a fast browser with a very particular characteristic: View all Flash content on a website, and this is something that many users were waiting for android, especially for older terminals do not support installation of player flash player natively (from Market or The trick is a remote browser technology running websites on servers in the "cloud" providing advanced navigation devices not so advanced.
They also run flash games and applications!, Now you can watch your movies like megavideo and pages from your android.
Features: + Rate + Fast and complete rendering of web pages through their cloud computing + The performance is even more noticeable in low-end terminals FLASH + Support + Great support website + Plays million videos flash on most pages + Supports Windows navigation + Bookmarks + Switch between mobile browser and desktop browser + Pop-up Blocking + Hide the status bar to increase the vertical space in the browser + Option to delete the browser history, cookies or cache. + Support for most international web pages and language input + Integration with storage services in the cloud. Send URL links, Web pages or images to your Dropbox account
(Tested on a LG GT540)
Personal opinion It really is better than others I've tested as the opera and skyfire, the latter partially supports flash pages, but Web Browser Puffin could withstand all the flash content on a page! Is good to clarify that the browser consumes more memory and processor when using pages with Flash content, but it really is faster to be able to play all content in comparison with the native browser, but I have noticed a flaw that I hope will be remedied in future updates, and that is not fully compatible with terminals no keyboard, as most games on the web need to use the keyboard and the zoom is very detestable, but this lack good touch. 

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