Thursday, November 18, 2010

The girl who fell into the well could be discharged "this afternoon"

This was announced by executive director of the hospital where the child was still hospitalized, Arnaldo Medina, who said this morning that it will also be assessed Vanessa's brother, who had an eye condition, "because the professionals want to joint licensing.

"We will evaluate the possibility of discharge (to Vanessa) afternoon," he said Medina told reporters outside the hospital offered the Crossroads of Florencio Varela.

The care center's executive director said the girl "became a very good night and is virtually painless."

The complete professional, "were repeated medical tests and did well. Contusion in the perineal area is developing very well: no pain and no anesthesia is needed."

Then, he clarified that the lower discharge depend not only on successful results of medical examination, because you must also overcome an examination of the girl's brother.

"We will evaluate the little boy in the family because, when that happens (for the fall in the well), parents were with the boy in a hospital to assess their health," he said.

Thus, recalled that Vanessa's parents had left the girl in the fifth in which they work to accompany a health care facility your child to review it because of a condition in his eyes.

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