Friday, August 12, 2011

Galilea Montijo is a honeymoon and forget the scandals

So far the doctor has given recommendations to take care of Galilea Montijo her pregnancy, but is ready to live their honeymoon, away from the scandals surrounding his wedding.

"Now I'll rest a while and there is much work yet. The doctor told me, 'You go, back rest and when to give you directions, because the first few months must beware a lot of tantrums do not worry about anything. " And I'm honest, I dropped twenty to digest that I am pregnant and I say 'now what's next? "But I'm going for a while," he told El Universal, suggesting that vacacionaría on a beach.

Ochoa will lead the second program of the big show the kids, next Sunday, but will pause at another driver will take his place, but will return to continue the project.

Rubén Galindo The producer said that several names being considered for the conduct of Sunday 20 August. "We are talking with several people as we can define the company, we will disclose the name."

Andrea Legarreta, Adal Ramones Cecilia Galliano and could cover the absence of Montijo.

He advanced the kid

Gali A few months ago he underwent fertility treatment, so the news of the pregnancy was not surprised, but it has been half a year ahead of ahead of schedule.

"We had three months looking for him and went through treatment. The doctor told me that at the end of the year could and went ahead and kid the kid. Born around March or April, if forward, or May. He (Fernando) and has a couple of kids and whatever is good for me, "said the driver, who has lived sharply in recent days.

"From a mom and wife passed I have not left a surprise to enter another. Just as we were digesting Saturday's wedding, which was fun, amazing, we had a great father and was very emotional when you're in another story, "he said.

Montijo today suffers leg heaviness and headache, despite the speculation began last week, tells how she learned of her pregnancy.

"Someone asked me and said 'damn, how did he know and I'? Then I did a home test on Saturday and gave her the news (Fernando) back before the ceremony. Arriving on Monday I went to the doctor, said he was trained in the fifth week (of pregnancy), because the accounts they begin two weeks before, but for me they are three, "he said.

The actress also said that many events in such a short time do not sit still twenty, but said that lives is by divine design.

"If you reach 40, because I was staying, but I think God's timing is right and perfect, and you put people that have to be when you're ready for anything. I played now and we'll see what happens next year, because I spoke heads and this child brings cake under her arm. "

Let the world roll

For now, the push and pull on the binding of Jalisco with Fernando Reyna continues, but she prefers to ignore what is said about it.

"I said that was beyond what he could say and still am. All we had it planned. It all started with a birthday party and ended with a wedding. I'm not interested into scandals.

"I've been away, I do not even want to put the twitter. For me, I invite you to the bedroom, the honeymoon, but I said that I will share with the people who love me, "he said the actress, who had his grandmother in memory for the wedding.

"I had my grandmother in mind, I missed her (Carmen) Armendáriz (Annette) Cuburu Legarreta and that night, but there will be time to share with them."

On 27 this month Ochoa deliver the check that paid the exclusive magazine Hello! for her wedding to the association "A bit" AC The appointment will be meeting at the home of Tlalpan body.

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