Saturday, August 20, 2011

He killed his wife because she chatted with an alleged lover on Facebook

A radiologist from Buenos Aires found his wife chatting on Facebook with a man and murdered her with six shots because he suspected she was cheating him.

Six shots in the head ended the life of a woman. The murderer, her husband, who then attempted suicide, a radiologist Lanús that surprised his wife on the computer chatting with a person, an alleged lover.

Although today released the incident occurred last Thursday near the wall 20 when Juan Hector, 53, returned to his house where he lived with his wife, Monica 50. Man allegedly found his wife chatting on Facebook with whom he suspected was a lover.

According to the lawyer told Wall, Alberto Dominguez, his client's son called to tell her what had happened. "The boy went to the house and found the mother on the floor with six bullets in the head with a bag, because apparently it was about to leave the marital home, and told us that he had long infidelity on her part "he said Dominguez.

According to the testimony of the victim's lawyer was employed by the company where her husband asked her not to leave the house. "She gave him a phrase: 'you do not have eggs to do anything,'" said the lawyer and client, she said, "does not remember anything else from time to time, only that went and took a gun, has the mind white "

Attempted suicide. After making shots with a .32-caliber revolver, Wall contemplated ending his life, but his son came home on time, rushed his father stopped him. Within minutes, police arrived at the place and arrested the radiologist, who is accused of aggravated murder for the link.

The lawyer said his strategy will be to prove that his client acted in a state of violent emotion. In his view "had a fit of rage and then not remember ever having called the child."

The first findings of the researchers indicate that Wall and his wife lived in the same household, but constantly arguing. They slept in separate beds were separated in fact some years ago.

Wall suspected that his wife met with a lover every time he went traveling in the countryside for work. The night of the murder of one of them returned.

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