Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buonanotte had a serious accident and is hospitalized with multiple injuries

The car was misled this morning on route 65, near Arribeños, and struck a tree. His three friends died instantly. They were returning from a disco dance in the area. The footballer was referred to a clinic in Venado Tuerto with fractures of the humerus and clavicle, and a pulmonary contusion.

Diego Buonanotte starred in a serious accident that killed three young men who accompanied him. The incident occurred this morning about 6:45, when the footballer and his friends were returning from a disco in the town of Arribeños. Apparently, the Dwarf lost control of the Peugeot 307 from his father, went off the road 65, about 15 km of Clementina, Santa Fe, and crashed into a tree. The impact was fatal. And as reported, Gerardo Suñé, Alexis Emanuel Melo Fulcheri and died soon after, with the wheel, the only survivor, derived the Sanatorium San Martin de Venado Tuerto.

The first official data provided Diego's Rove, Fire Chief of Clementina, who confirmed to Clarí there was only one car involved in the accident. And he told also that Buonanotte few friends in another vehicle coming up quickly to try to help and found the tragic scene. It also clarified that the Dwarf "was aware" but anyway that was referred to as Eye Deer had multiple wounds.

While initial reports said that the health status of the player for River was serious, since the Sanatorium San Martin de Venado Tuerto provided some comfort to the query Clarí and told that "came with multiple injuries, but he was lucid .

Minutes later, Eduardo Allegrini, director of the medical center, cleared doubts in a note explaining that Buonanotte TN "has fractured right humerus, right clavicle and a bruised right lung. He clarified that while "is out of danger," said she remains in intensive therapist "under observation".

Allegrini said no Buonanotte spoke about what had happened and, for that reason can not determine whether the Dwarf is aware that his other three friends died. The only testimony reflecting those of the player told Guillermo Fernandez, a volunteer firefighter in the town of Arribeños who said: "Diego told us he lost control of the car."

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