Friday, December 25, 2009

Rally Dakar 2010: It is the "Village", in the Rural

Vehicles are already in Argentina. In the coming hours, the pilots begin to arrive and the rest of the Argentine teams (which are inside), Latin America and the United States. And everything will be ready for the opening of the "Village Dakar", which again will be held on the campus of La Rural, Palermo.

Again, the site will allow locals and tourists to make contact with the huge caravan that makes up the Dakar Rally, with its huge logistics and support vehicles, plus all the racing machines: cars, motorcycles, ATVs and trucks. There he performed the technical verifications and other formalities to be met by participants before the race organization.

There will be a food court, booths of the participating brands as sponsors of the rally, other commercial-type (open air or within pavilions), a demonstration track with all-terrain vehicles called "Petit Dakar", a space designed for children.

The days and hours are:

- Administrative and technical checks:
Dec. 29: 10 to 21
December 30: 10 to 21
December 31: 11 to 19 hours

- Village Dakar
Dec. 29: 10 to 21
December 30: 10 to 21
December 31: 11 to 19 hours
January 1: 11 to 17 hours

- Podium pole / presentation of vehicles:
January 1: 15 to 21 hours (see map)

Price of entry to La Rural: $ 10 (12 to 65 years)

After the "Village", the Dakar caravan will depart for Buenos Aires city of Columbus, north of the province, which will begin on January 2 speed, with the stretch Columbus Cordova. The return to Buenos Aires (also at La Rural) will be on January 17 for the awards.

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