Thursday, January 05, 2012

Buenos Aires 100% free of smoke and snuff advertising

The doctor Veronica Schoj, the Smoke Free Alliance Snuff (ALIAR), praised legislation that came into effect today which states that the city of Buenos Aires is 100% smoke-free and stressed the importance of banning cigarette advertising.

The doctor told Telam that "while it is essential to end the enclosed areas for smokers, it is also prohibit the marketing of tobacco companies" as provided by law 3718 in Articles 3 and 14.

As an example he mentioned that are prohibited, inter alia, "the advertisements in media, street ads, sponsorship to parties or sponsorships of contests" by cigarette manufacturers.

Considered "very important to focus on this point that marketing aimed at children and young people and encourage them to start smoking."

Also Schoj requested that "the law will regulate to make it clear how the controls are made and what the penalties for breaking the law."

Also anticipated that from ALIAR conducted a study to determine whether it meets the law went into effect today and what is the health impact.

In Buenos Aires you can make claims email.

Source: TELMA

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