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Lucila Polak: "I found everything what I was looking for in Al Pacino"

In an exclusive interview, Argentinian model, spoke about her relationship with Hollywood actor Al Pacino.

The history of Lucila Polak (32) may well be the script for a movie in which the protagonist decides to leave her hometown to go for their dreams and, at the most unexpected fall madly in love after an international celebrity, and her life changed forever.

So it was Argentina that began modeling at 15 years of Pancho Dotto's hand met at a gathering of friends in Los Angeles to award-winning Al Pacino (71), with whom he shares his life for over four years.

The daughter of Frederick Polak, former spokesman Raul Alfonsin and mom Camila (14)-the result of her marriage to former supermodel Maximo Morrone, continues to be the lead actress of her own story. "All I got in terms of agencies and representatives in the United States long before he met Al," he says.

Lucila-how is being a mom of a teenager in the XXI century?

'It's a great challenge. Adolescence is the most difficult stage between a mother and a daughter. I think now I have to be much more attentive to the emotional and spiritual, because they are critical years for Camilla. Luckily, she's a super girl and I hope that all responsible limits and talks his dad and I have with her, and now it seems the worst in the world, bear fruit.

- What is your ideal of a good mother?

-Power to convey to my daughter the values ​​necessary for him to get his own limits.

-In adolescence, usually parents become the worst that can happen ...

-My psychologist always says: "It came to mind that aliens who invaded the head and up to 18 or 19 years, are not going to go there." So I do not take anything as personal. When you're young or can not stand you yourself and not even know why. I always try to understand it and understand that you need your space and privacy.

-Camilla, how Lucila in his role as mom?

'We have a close relationship, we are very close, we had fun, but it is very clear when placed in the role of mother. Can quickly change the chip and go from being best friends mother and daughter.

-And you, Lucila, how do you see yourself as a parent?

-Camila always made it very easy. She has an astounding wisdom, a way of looking at life much wiser than mine. We are very cronies, going to the movies a lot, visit museums, I recommend books, share clothes and even joined hands We ... I think I'm leading in the best way possible.

-Camila, what you also would like to be an actress?

-Without a doubt, I think I'ma better actress than a model. I also love to sing and, at the moment, the idea of ​​modeling is a game, not see it as something that I would dedicate myself professionally.

Lucila Polak enjoyed a relaxing holiday with her daughter, Camila. Photo / Paul RogerFoto September 1

- What do you think she is following in your footsteps?

Camila: The same steps, no! I can sing and she did not. [They laugh out loud.]

Lucila: I have no doubt that Cami is an improved version of me. Never occur to me compete with my daughter, and what I love most in life is that you go much better, be happier than me, have more opportunities and achieve everything you want. I had to pay much dues in Los Angeles for my limitations, not being English my mother tongue, to have started because I was big and mother at 18. So if the path for me used to make life easier, so be it!

-You really had to overcome opposition from your parents when you said you wanted to be a model.

'I think it was my parents' fear and ignorance. When my mother was a teenager, the most transgressor was to be flight attendant when I was 15, the rebellion was regarded as a model. My grandfather and my father studied law and were always very involved in politics. Think I'm the first daughter, first grandchild and niece of the family first. I had my way with a machete ... In fact, I began to study law, but I had more fun taking pictures.


- How is your life today in Beverly Hills?

'Very different than when I was a girl. I had a hard time accepting that I was giving my daughter a very different model that I had more nomadic. My parents were married for over thirty years in the history of my family, had never been a divorce until they were separated. Grow and mature has to do with breaking the formulas and models that were raised. Sometimes it's hard to realize that there are other forms of family and are as valid as the traditional "mom and dad together forever and several children."

- How do you get over time? Do you mind if I ask your age?

-Depends on the day. For me it is very relative: suddenly feel that time never came and suddenly I find that I lived eight lives and left eight different people. My childhood, my adolescence, my first marriage, having had my daughter, living abroad, being alone, my current relationship with Al

'But do you care?

-Try to be at least pending the mirror, because in a city like Beverly Hills and the Hollywood film industry for 35 years a woman is a dinosaur and you have to discard it. If you go into this game, it burns your head and your life begins to depend on an exhausting routine that includes: Monday, getting your hands Tuesday, go to the hairdresser, Wednesday, false eyelashes, Thursday, botox ... Obviously, I do things to be and look good, but I knew seek the fullness on the other. In fact, what worries me most is myself too many goals and get frustrated if life does not go for the side that I want. But suddenly you wonder: "Is life to be more successful or happier more millionaires in the world was for the side he wanted them."

- How do you live that success that speaks your mother?

Camilla: In Beverly Hills, people have strange values ​​about what is important and what is not. I have friends that their parents have much money and work all day, to cover this absence, give them silver and filled with material things. Shockea I see that. Reality is very different from mine. I usually see kids of 16 years driving cars that not one person who worked all his life could have.

Lucila: Cami has a great awareness of what it costs to get things and how hard it is to earn money. We live in an apartment divine, with two bedrooms, while there are friends of ours who have a mansion with fifteen rooms, a screening room, two Bentley in the garage and a private plane, and it's all good! I am convinced that Camilla has a life far richer than any of them.

- Does it bother you that many times they call you "the bride of ..."?

Camila: It really is "the bride of ...", but also Lucila, a person ... I do not see Al as a movie star because I know since I have 7 years and for me it's just my mom's boyfriend . If your partner was Justin Bieber, then yes I would go crazy in Cholula. [Laughs.]

Lucila: When I left Argentina, my father was spokesman Raul Alfonsin and then was supervisor of PAMI. In my father's house was completed to define the partnership between De la Rua and Chacho Alvarez, and if I had stayed in Buenos Aires, would have been "daughter" and I have opened many more doors. In the U.S., I became absolutely down and not knowing anyone.

-Half years ago you're in a relationship with Al, but I always say that for two years were very good friends. Do you believe in friendship between man and woman?

'I think sometimes that friendship is the way to finally finish something going on. Friends with a touch of hysteria and seduction ...

- Would you like to marry Al?

I do not know ... At this point, we have a relationship that works well, we are very close, we share a lot, but he has his children and I have to Camila. We rely a lot, we are extremely involved in the life of another, but we're fine.

- Do you fantasize about having a child with him?

-Sometimes. At times, I say: "What good would having another child!" Because I'm at a stage where they surely would enjoy motherhood from another place, more relaxed. But on the other hand, I think: "Start over, little sleep, diapers, loss of freedom I have." The Argentines are very madrasas and maybe that's why all men fall in love with us. The reality is that if I have another child, I raise him and spend the time needed. I do not care how many nannies you may have, in the first three or four years of life of a child, there should be. Not having a child and give it to the nurse, as happens a lot in America.

- You're a woman living or do you like this project?

I'm super-Aryan and obsessive-compulsive. I like programming, planning, controlling, but I learned and continue to learn, thanks to Al-you have to let things go ... If you had told me twenty years ago was going to be walking by Paramount Pictures, surrounded by pictures of Marilyn Monroe, or stepping on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, would have thought you were crazy. I never imagined a life like this.

- What other things did you learn by being with Al?

-A much more patient, to listen ... I think he was very much like me when he was my age, then I advise understands and knows better than anyone. "Later or sooner, the pieces always fit alone," he often told me.

- Weigh the age difference?

'I found him everything I was looking for in a man. We have everything for us except time. So enjoy so much every day of our relationship. We have a special connection. Al is an extremely active man, works ten times more than me, is creating all day and have children smaller than Camilla. That puts it in a much lower emotional age to yours and your daily routine has more to do with that of a 40 than with that of a 80. It is also extremely sexy and nobody can discutírmelo, right?

Source: Journal "HELLO"

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