Sunday, January 01, 2012

"Tevez is not given away for free"

Mancini, who do not want Charlie in his team, do not dress or Santa Claus or one of the Wise and ensures that should pay if they want to Apache. "He's a player that makes the difference. Milan knows the conditions," said the coach of Manchester City.

Roberto Mancini added a new chapter to the novel by insisting Tevez pass to be paid what it's worth to have their services. "Carlos is a great player, who can afford to give Milan a qualitative leap," admitted the coach who hung at Manchester City.

In addition, he sent a message non-stop, direct to Milan: "It is an attacker that makes the difference. Milan knows what the conditions: a player like Tevez is not given away." In the interview he gave to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Mancini returned to make clear that to Carlitos, the Rossonero must make several million euros on the table.

DT is away for a moment the Premier League to discuss the Italian league, you have to Juventus and Milan tied for first place. "I see a duel between them, with Milan slight favorite. Then Tevez go if it will be difficult to stop," predicted Mancini. That will be question of the future, if the transfer occurs. For now, the coach of Manchester City made ​​it clear he does not like to dress up as Santa Claus nor kings, although the time calls for it.

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