Monday, January 09, 2012

Laura Esquivel: solidarity to pure joy

The star of "Ugly Duckling" was in Cadiz, Spain, where he filmed and presented a new movie, "Maktub" to help kids with cancer.

The film also acts Diego Peretti and Jorge Garcia ("Lost")

The baby is large and travel. Laura Esquivel, former star of "Ugly Duckling," a video filmed on the beaches of Cadiz, which is part of Maktub, a film that, in addition to fun, aims to raise funds for a treatment center for children with cancer.

Besides singing the theme of the film, Laura plays a small role in the band which also includes Diego Peretti, Jorge Garcia (Lost) Aitana Sanchez Gijon, Goya Toledo, Rosa Maria Sarda, Amparo Baró and Mariví Bilbao. There, she falls for the protagonist, a young boy who has cancer.

This is the debut of Paco Arango, who proposed to raise about $ 650 000 Maktub for a marrow transplant center in Madrid.

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