Sunday, May 13, 2012

Noelia Rios, Argentina star of Big Brother auction her virginity.

Noelia Rios was one of the hottest participants during the last edition of Big Brother in Argentina. The young model, who said that she has grown up in the jungle, said she wanted to enter the house to define her sexuality.

While Noelia could not discover in reality if she liked men or women, have gone through the program Telefe served to call the attention of many fans of the game that got excited with her sensuality, especially when encouraged to do a topless in front of the rest of his teammates.

GH2012 completed, the model of 21 years insists in gaining more sexual experience. That's why, from her Twitter account, made ​​a very spicy. "Im auctioning my virginity," said Noelia, who said he received indecent proposals, both men and women.

A few days ago, the model revealed that "a petite, blond party girl" had offered money for sex, but she rejected the proposal and that of a known player who is "very womanizer."

Now, she decided to conduct an auction to be delivered to the highest bidder. "It's not fuck it to the auction. If you saw my direct messages of men who ask me so many things ..." confirmed

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