Saturday, May 19, 2012

Asked the international capture of Carlos Pedro Blaquier

After he was cited for questioning for crimes against humanity committed during the Night of Power Outage in Jujuy, businessman Carlos Pedro Blaquier left the country and now an international arrest would ask.

If the report Migration should ask the judge confirms the story that Blaquier left the country on April 15 last, "an international arrest also ask," Time said yesterday Argentine lawyer Paul Pelazzo, plaintiff by human rights organizations de Jujuy.

The flight of the President of Ledesma, unofficially confirmed yesterday, did not stop the massive march that took almost 100 thousand people to the Plaza Belgrano de San Salvador de Jujuy to demand an investigation into the powerful businessman for complicity with the civilian-military dictatorship.

Unlike his former employee, Alberto Lemos, who made a written release which denied involvement in the Night of the Blackout, the sugar company president even appeared before the justice of Jujuy.

His lawyers, former federal judge and Diego Aguilar Jujuy Horacio D'Andrea, argued Tuesday that his client was not going to appear. For that presented a certificate dated April 12 Buenos Aires where a doctor confirmed that his heart condition incapacitating him to travel to Jujuy and declare, according to TA.

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