Sunday, May 06, 2012

"Israel threatens a nuclear 'Armageddon' to the world"

srael is the only country that has threatened to plunge the entire planet in "a 'Armageddon' nuclear 'if something threatens their existence, said Mark Glenn of the Solidarity movement of the Crescent and the Cross in an interview with Press Iranian TV.

"Currently there is no other country in the world that practically said this: 'If we have to stop there, we take everyone with us," said Glenn.

The expert noted that Martin Van Creveld, a prominent Israeli military historian, at the time had stated that the country has high ambitions nuclear Hebrew recognizing that Tel Aviv has several hundred nuclear warheads and missiles pointing in all directions. Also the teacher said Israel will not hesitate to destroy the entire planet before the Hebrew nation ceases to exist.

Glenn lamented the fact that the Israeli nuclear threat is there, while Tel Aviv is holding a media war to accuse other countries to develop nuclear programs with military purposes.

There is a view that in fact Israel is the only Middle Eastern state with nuclear weapons. The Hebrew nation began building its first plant for uranium enrichment and plutonium, Dimona, in 1958.

Jimmy Carter was U.S. president between 1977 and 1981, said Israel has a nuclear arsenal consisting of between 200 and 300 warheads. Over the years there were other evidence that Israel has nuclear weapons.

For its part, the authorities of the Hebrew does not confirm nor deny this information. At the same time Israel has refused to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

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