Friday, May 25, 2012

The accident on Big Brother in Spain that almost ends in tragedy

In the midst of one of the most important galas GH12 +1, the driver had to interrupt her interview by a serious incident.

Big Brother is a true event in the world, but in Spain every issue becomes a success. A few days ago came the end of the 13th edition of the reality show, but as a matter of superstition preferred to call GH12 +1.

In his penultimate gala program Telecinco, the driver must stop his Mercedes Mila live interview because an audience member suffered a serious accident. An object fell from the ceiling and hit on the head of a young woman who had come to cheer on their favorite contestant.

While Big Brother went to air, the girl quickly wound was treated by doctors. Mila repeatedly asked the producers for the health of this person because from where I was did not look good.

"It has been a focus that has been dropped. Have you given full in the head? Not bother me! Did I tell right away you can please Ferdinand, if everything is in order? Is impossible to interview as a person focazo has given a head. Let's see a video to go now and pick up this person and lead to nursing, "said Mercedes and asked the principal to a camera show what was happening.

Luckily it was just a big scare and she managed to get up and could walk out of studies of the channel. The broadcast of the gala, this incident was seen by more than 3 million people in Spain, and became the most watched of the day there.

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