Friday, May 25, 2012

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: "We have returned to the Argentine homeland that had been taken"

Speaking at the event to celebrate the 202 years of the May Revolution, in the city of Bariloche Rio Negro, President Cristina Kirchner called for "national unity" understood "not as an agreement with the government" shift but as the understanding that "there can be nothing more important than the interests of the fatherland" and should not be below "any ideological faction or sector."

He also highlighted the process of "continuous growth" that the country has since the inauguration of Nestor Kirchner, of which today are met nine years. He also rejected accusations of "protectionism" that criticized the government the United States and Europe, who foisted such measures even tougher against emerging economies.

"This twenty-first century finds us otherwise, with another perspective on ourselves," said Bachelet bras to highlight his administration that he said is the "continuation" of the four years that began Nestor Kirchner, because "they were two governments, but the same project. " In this connection, he highlighted that the model "is a pattern of accumulation based on a strong domestic market, exports and debt reduction that allows freedom to choose policies that do not depend on external financing to astronomical rates."

Also again thank the opposition benches for voting by the ruling party and the expropriation of YPF said hydrocarbon policy by stating that she will allow the "sufficiency" of fuel.

A special paragraph of the speech was the memory of Nestor Kirchner, whose inauguration today met nine years. That day, the President recalled, she and the Legal and Technical Secretary Carlos Zanini, elaborated speech would give to the Legislative Assembly, and read "We threw it out the head." "When I read said 'this is crap, do not read, do not say anything ...' I asked 'do you want to read' and strafed us with ten or twelve ideas that were written Jan read the paper the other day. " "Likewise, he added, the important thing is not to read the speeches, but achieving them."

In any case, noted that "if you read the speech" is "the most accurate definition" of what was the management and "is when he says 'changes on behalf of the future'. There was defined the axis ". And to explain it held that, beyond the measures "strong"-like Kirchner took deleveraging, remove the picture of dictator Videla of Esma, punish the new education law or nullify any laws of impunity, "the most important is that we have returned to the Argentine homeland that had been taken. That homeland is membership, identity, that makes you feel proud to say that is Argentine and can show his country that is growing in a collapsing world. "

Then he remarked that "this is my first Patagonian May 25" and again remind Kirchner, "when I entered my hotel room I remembered that there 20 years ago, we were with Nestor when he transferred the chairmanship of the Ofephi (Federal Organization State Oil Producers) at a time that began the privatization process and then the de-nationalization "of oil exploitation. "What are the turns of life," he said by way of contrast with the recent nationalization of YPF, but nevertheless emphasized that "the turns of life and history give not alone. Because for that turn (things) have to push. And push to the side of change. "

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