Monday, May 28, 2012

Claudia Albertario, removed from "Singin '2012"

The star was the first to leave the reality of Ideas del Sur. The jury criticized much his interpretation of the theme of Luis Miguel.

Soon he took to stay Claudia Albertario in Singing for a Dream 2012. The star and actress had debuted two weekends ago in the reality of Ideas del Sur and Saturday night was the first eliminated by a decision of the public.
The performance of Albertario, which together with Claudio Fontan performed the song Cold as the wind of Luis Miguel, had received a poor rating of the jury, only 21 points. Due to the low score in the match had to face phone to ex Electrostar, Alejandra Maglietti, another widely criticized for his performance Nothing is forever Faithfull Marianne.
Maglietti addition, the special issue (the show was moved to Saturday to lead the ceremony for the Martin Fierro), there were also a panelist Connie Ansaldi, who played Madonna's La Isla Bonita, and the pair of two girls dancing ex Dreaming by Soledad Lopez Cescato and Andrea, who sang the theme Treat me gently Soda Stereo.
Finally, in the hand to hand, Maglietti received 56.44% of the votes from the public and Claudia Albertario, with only 43.56% of the popular will, had to leave the program that leads Jose Maria Listorti. "It's a game, was short, but we have fun," he said before goodbye. Next week, begin a new round.

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