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Who is Cris Morena: Biography of Cris Morena

Cris Morena was born on August 23, 1956 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her real name is Maria Cristina De Giacomi. Former model, actress, composer, musical, TV host and producer of several hits (television, theater and film). Creator of Cris Morena Group.

Acting career

Her career began in a very peculiar, because a neighbor offered him work as a photographer model. Chris agreed, and at 17 was the image of Lee. Some time later was selected to work on the computer where Tops Vol met Gustavo Yankelevich. Were 23 years together, and as a result of the relationship Romina and Thomas were born. Chris retired from the art scene for a while to care for your family, and when returned it was with drama and soap operas starring Romina and Sweet Dora Baret Fugitive, where he played the character of Laura Brown, hence arises its stage name. In 1983 he worked on the popular comedy news desk. In 1990 he continued his career as an actress in the sitcom Friends are friends and co-starred with Carlos Calvo and Paul Rago, speaking in his first two seasons with the highest level of hearing. In 1991 Cris conductive codifies the entertainment world with his unforgettable musical entertainment program and "Jugate me" directed to adolescents. Were 4 years of success, breaking sales records with his music albums, filling theaters and earned a Martin Fierro as the best program on television entertainment Argentina. There were born stars like Romina Yan, Castro Luciano, Michel Brown, Courage Abalos, among others. In 1994 Chris starred in "Quereme" a soap opera with Juan Palomino unit and some of the staff Jugate Boys `91 and` Me 92.
[Edit] Musical career

In 1979, he began his career as a musical composer. He composed themes: Silvana Di Lorenzo, Sergio Denis, drop, Sandra Mihanovich, Indiscretions, Flavia Palmiero, Rhythm of the night, My family is a drawing, Brigada Cola, Michel, Xuxa, Jugate me, Summer '98, Chiquititas, onions , Rebelde Way, Corner light, Floricienta, Alma pirate Almost Angels, Beauty & Beast, and caught Jake and Blake, among others.
His songs have been successful in Latin America, Asia and Europe, among others. They have occupied the top positions on radio around the world, as happened with: Hearts in the wind, the afternoon, see if they can, Summer 98, Jugate me, My name is John, Nothing can happen, for good things, The Crystal, Angel, Beauty, Time, Memory, Heart with holes, I'm going for more, the rich poor, Two eyes, Nenes well, etc. [citation needed].
She was known for singing the jingles Telefe, with his friend Guillermo Francella, who at the time, starred in the Channel, Los Extermineitors in Part 2.
His daughter Romina Yan, who died of nontraumatic cardiac arrest on September 28, 2010 at the age of 36, was one of the singers of many of their songs with me and Chiquititas Jugate.
[Edit] Private life

In 1972 she married the producer Gustavo Yankelevich, who was divorced 23 years later. With him she had her two children, Romina Yan in 1974-2010 and Thomas in 1977. And now has 4 grandchildren, Franco, Valentín and Blue, on the side of Romina Yan and Dario Giordano and the side of Tomas and Sofia Reca Inti Yankelevich. On September 28, 2010 death of his daughter Romina Yan, Central Hospital of San Isidro, due to a heart attack at 36 years of age.1
[Edit] Cris Morena Group

The naive world shown in his films earned critical, and references in the most diverse news media in Argentina. An example is the recommendation to national economists to prepare for the 2008 economic crisis, following the footsteps of a song by Cris Morena.
It is not sniff the wind, let alone, to follow the advice of the merchants of disasters in the past led us to the worst places, but to design some preventive measures to make the most reasonable current conditions. In short, do as Cris Morena real talent when it comes to anticipate the fears and desires of adolescents, and prepare for that, as in Summer of '98, nothing can happen. "You are never alone, we are the refuge is the whirlwind, that like to Rio / You are never alone, there's always more sleep, we open the cages, the birds sing /(...) always come back, we promise heaven, new oaths, and the eternal summer / Nothing can happen. "Cris Morena, Summer '982
In December 2010 he retired completely from their work and closed its content production, at least for 2011. According to several sources close to the producer, Chris is just taking a while until you feel ready to return back to the TV, therefore, the possibility exists that at some point she returns to the production of new TV programs.
[Edit] Background
Cris Morena started producing television programs after finishing Jugate me. His first success was Chiquititas, a children's novel about orphaned children in a home called Rincón de Luz, played in its first version by Romina Yan, daughter, and later was starring Grecia Colmenares, Romina Gaetani, Agustina Cherri and finally, in the 2006, Jorgelina Aruzzi. Chiquititas came together to 1,200,000 spectators in the theater, after spending seven seasons. Their songs achieved multi-platinum. The phenomenon "Tiny Angels" spread to many countries such as Colombia, Israel, Turkey, Chile, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, Brazil and Portugal, as well as Israel and Romania gave their own version of the novel, under the supervision of Cris Morena.
In 1998 he created Summer of '98, though he left to others. In this novel came out actors like Florencia Bertotti, Carla Peterson, Guido Kaczka, among others.
[Edit] News
In 2002, already has its own producer Cris Morena Group and co-produced by Rebelde Way was born Yair Dori, a teen novel that treats problems such as anorexia, bulimia, drugs, etc.. He took the Teatro Gran Rex with the recital of his band called "Erreway" consisting of 4 boys cast: Benjamin, Camila, Felipe and Luisana. Erreway was a mass phenomenon that came to Israel and ended with the movie "Erreway: 4 ways."
In 2003 he began Corner of light, a sort of spin-off of Chiquititas, with some new actors and the role of singer and actor Soledad Pastorutti Guido Kaczka. Corner Light also had his own CD with 12 songs.
Also at the end of this year began with the preproduction of new Jugate Me, but economic issues could not be performed.
In 2004, Channel 13 debuts in a new strip, Floricienta. Starring Florencia Bertotti, Benjamin Rojas and Juan Gil Navarro during the first season and Fabio Di Tomasso in the second. Floricienta generated a great success around the world and great benefits in merchandising. He was taken to the theater in his two seasons and in 2005 he toured Latin America with concerts filled stadiums. In this same year purchase Televisa format Rebelde way for local production, Rebelde.
In 2005 Chris again producing his first sitcom Telefé his daughter Romina Yan and Damian De Santo, "My Love" with great success, led by his son Tomás Yankelevich.
In 2006, produces the return of "Tiny Angels", Chiquititas endless, this time starring Jorgelina Aruzzi and a cast of new kids that are between Juan Pedro Lanzani, Mariana Esposito, Stefano de Gregorio, among others.
Chiquititas addition, in 2006, Cris Morena Group created "Alma Pirata" in the 19 hours on phone with a young cast composed by Benjamin Rojas, Mariano Martinez, Isabel Macedo, Nicolás Vázquez, Luisana Lopilato, Fabian Mazzei and Elsa Pinilla , an adventure story with words and music by Cris Morena.
In 2007, the original soap opera produced by Cris Morena "Almost Angels" originally starring Emilia Attias and Nicolas Vazquez in the third season and Mariano Torre. This production has 4 seasons, all borne Telefé and original music by Cris Morena, played by the band that arises from the strip, Teen Angels. In addition to B & B (Beauty and the Beast), a new comedy, with the people involved in my love.
For the international market, Cris Morena co-produced in that year with Televisa "Lola, once upon a time," Mexican version of Floricienta and the second season of Love My Mexico.
In 2009 Cris creates a Disney Channel series, "Jake & Blake" starring Benjamin Rojas, who have a Spanish version of Disney Channel Latin America, and English for Disney Channel. Besides presenting the 3rd hit season of "Almost Angels", also performed a musical entitled "Spring Awakening" (from the Broadway musical Spring Awakening).
In 2010, due to the great success of Almost Angels, Cris Morena decided to make a new season of the hit series, the fourth, which premiered on April 12, 2010, but unlike previous seasons of the series, this is starring the band Teen Angels, because their protagonists Emilia Attias and Mariano Torre got out of the cast.
Finally in December 2010 after the tragic death of his daughter Romina Yan, Cris Morena decided to close, at least for a while, his producer Cris Morena Group. Cris decided to withdraw from the media, amid a huge success and several projects for 2011 and 2012.3
Super Awkward In 2011, the brainchild of Chris and his son Thomas production Yankelevich.
[Edit] Formats
Their formats have been sold successfully throughout the world, Televisa in Mexico produced Rebelde, which is an adaptation of the previous novel in Argentina. The same has happened in Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Mexico and Colombia with the production of "Floribella" and in the case of Mexico "Lola, once upon a time" (an adaptation of Floricienta) also produced the latter by Televisa. In addition to Cris Morena Group in partnership with Televisa produced in Argentina between 2006-2007 sitcom My Love, held in Buenos Aires with Mexican actors, and formatted in Argentina was in the same name in 2005. This successful co-production medium is issued in Mexico by the main channel of the country belonging to Televisa and then move to Unica, the cable channel owned by Televisa.
Almost Angels:
Spain (Resistance) - 2011
Mexico (Somos Angeles) - 2011
Mexico (Chiquititas) - 1998 (TV Azteca).
Brazil (Chiquititas) - 1997-2001 (SBT).
Rebelde Way:
Mexico (Rebel) - 2004.
India (Remix).
Portugal (Rebelde Way) - 2008.
United States (Rebel Day) - Coming Soon
Chile (Rebel Heart) - 2009 (Channel 13).
Brazil (Rebelde (Brazilian soap opera)) - 2011
Venezuela (La Banda (Boomerang) 2011-2012
Brazil (Floribella (Brazilian soap opera) - 2005 (Bandeirantes).
Chile (Floribella (Chilean telenovela) - 2006 (TVN).
Colombia (Floricienta (Colombia) - 2006 (RCN).
Mexico (Lola, once upon a time) - 2007 (Canal 5 Televisa).
Portugal (Floribella (Portuguese soap opera) - 2006 (SIC).

Darling (2005) (Telefé)
Russia (my love).

Chiquititas 2006
Portugal (Chiquititas) - 2007-2008.
Romania 2007
Summer of 98
Mexico (Summer Love) 2009.
[Edit] Programs

Producer: Cris Morena Group
Jugate me (Telefe)
Jugate me (Telefe)
Jugate me (Telefe)
Jugate me (Telefe)
Quereme (Telefe)
Chiquititas 95 (Telefe)
Jugate yet (Telefe)
Chiquititas 96 (Telefe)
Onions (Telefé)
Chiquititas 97 (Telefe)
Season 2 onions (Telefé)
Chiquititas 98 (Telefe)
Summer of '98 (Telefe)
Chiquititas 99 (Telefe)
Summer '98 Season 2 (Telefe)
Chiquititas 2000 (Telefe)
Summer '98 Season 3 (Telefe)
Chiquititas, History Season 7 (Telefe)
Rebelde Way (Red TV)
Rebelde Way Season 2 (Channel 9 - American TV)
Corner of Light (Channel 9 - American TV)
Floricienta (Channel 13)
Floricienta Season 2 (Channel 13)
My Love (Argentina) (Telefe)
Chiquititas endless (Telefe)
Soul Pirate (Telefe)
Almost Angels I (Telefe)
Almost Angels II (Telefe)
B & B (Telefe)
Almost Angels III (Telefe)
Spring Awakening (Theatre)
Jake & Blake (Disney Channel)
Almost Angels IV (Telefe)
Closing the multimedia producer Cris Morena Group permanently in December 2010 until Cris decide to return probably in 2012, initiating replacing Cris Morena Group for Utopia is a multimedia production company founded by Tomas Yankelevich, son of producer Cris Morena and producer Gustavo Yankelevich, Tomás Yankelevich, also known as a director, Screenwriter and Filmography as:
Trying to live (2003) (Film).
Darling (2005) (TV).
Trying to live (2003) (Film).
Popstars (2001) (TV).
Erreway: 4 caminos (2004) (Film).
Darling (2005) (TV).
Super Awkward (2011) (TV).
When you smile I (2011) (TV).
We are Los Angeles (Televisa)

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