Friday, December 30, 2011

The Province of Buenos Aires broke record of organ donors

The province of Buenos Aires increased by 10.5 percent the number of donors and tissue órganmos in the last year. Thus it was the record of 15.1 donors per million inhabitants, above the 13.7 were recorded last year.

Cucaiba president, the agency procurement and transplantation of the provincial health ministry, Alberto Maceira, announced the figures at the opening of the Unit of Bone Marrow Transplantation in the provincial hospital in San Martin, La Plata, which coincided with the celebration of 500 th kidney transplant performed in that facility.

In the past Anao reached the 214 actual donors in the province, equivalent to 13.7 donors per million inhabitants. This year, when there is still a week to the end of the year, "we got 237 actual donors with 15.1 donors per million inhabitants, which means an increase of 10.5 percent," said Provincial Health Minister, Alejandro Collia .
Thus, the province exceeded the national average of donors per million nationwide, amounting to 14.7 .-

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