Friday, December 30, 2011

Buenos Aires bars are now demanded to apply the anti-smoking law

The premises are 100 percent yesterday smokefree. Even smoking lounges operate throughout the Federal Capital.

An amendment to the law banning smoking porteña smoking lounges took effect, so that no longer allows smoking in any enclosed space with public access throughout the Federal Capital.

Thus, the city of Buenos Aires decided that from now on Buenos Aires restaurants and bars are 100 percent smoke free.

In the last hours of yesterday began to apply this modification to the smoking ban, which was passed in the Legislature in December 2010, which prohibits any exception to the rule.

Thus, the effect will no longer have smoking lounges that were built within a few dining options from 2005, when by Article 21 of Act 1799 of snuff control, enabling allowed smoking areas for over 100 m2 certain requirements.

In these rooms, merchants secured the concurrence of smoking customers, even running with an advantage over those who did not have exclusive lounge, but also put at risk to workers who were in contact with the smoke.

While most bars and restaurants had closed porteños these areas, yesterday marked the deadline for final ban, so there will be no exception.

In June this year was enacted in national law against the use of snuff, so it is expected that gradually all over the country to join the action.

However, in Buenos Aires and other provinces of the interior, still allows smoking in enclosed areas, such as bingo and night spots, or even in areas designated for that .-

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