Saturday, December 31, 2011

The vessel MSC Music is in Buenos Aires

The ship MSC Music recently reached Buenos Aires and is ready for his three starts of thirteen and fourteen nights this summer.

The MSC Music will tour the main Brazilian northeast coast with stops in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, Recife, Maceió and Salvador de Bahia, Brazil accompanied guests.

"This year we estimate a 17 percent increase in the demand for cruises in Argentina over the previous year," said Executive Director of MSC Cruises, Robert Fusaro.

The employer estimated at about 41 000 tourists who enjoy the comforts of the fleet to sail along the coasts of Brazil and Uruguay.

"On board the MSC Opera MSC Music, guests can make your dream trip with your family, couples, friends or alone, enjoying the best in-flight entertainment and comfort characteristic of MSC Cruises" he said.

In addition to the MSC Opera this season made 19 sailings from the Port of Buenos to Uruguay and Brazil.

The offer includes mini cruises of three or four nights along the coast of Montevideo and Punta del Este and the classics of nine nights visiting destinations such as Ilha Grande, Ilhabela, Rio de Janeiro, Búzios and Punta del Este.

Another option for those seeking a different experience are theme cruises, developed entirely for the Argentine public, departing from the Port of Buenos on cruises of eight and nine nights.

Also, for the next season 2012/2013 MSC Musica is the ship for the Argentine public, because with 15 starts in three, four and eight nights from Buenos Aires, tour the coast of Brazil from December to March.

The following is a summary of the Cruise "theme".

- Cruise "Baila Conmigo": Starts his journey of nine nights covering the shores of Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Ilhabela and Punta del Este on 23 January. It is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy dancing.

- Cruise "of Music": Set sail on 10 February in a 9 night and cover the costs of Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Ilhabela and Punta del Este. An excellent opportunity for music lovers in all genres. A cruise fun and joy. - Cruise "Gourmet" Martiniano Molina with sails on the 28th of same month and visit Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Ilhabela and Punta del Este. Adults and children will learn the tips of the main international cuisine. - Cruise "Fitness" with Megatlon America sets sail on March 7 with a stay of 8 nights, visiting the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Ilhabela and Puta del Este. Ideal for sports enthusiasts. - Cruise "Humor": a stay of 8 nights of pure fun out on March 15, visit Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro and Punta del Este Ilhabela

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