Saturday, December 31, 2011

Argentina: This year 84 repressive military dictatorship ware sentenced

According to the Fiscal Unit of Crimes against Humanity, in 2011 completed 21 trials in which 94 civilians were tried and ex-members of the security forces, of which 69 were convicted for the first time, 15 had already been in other cases and eight were acquitted. With these numbers, the number of repressors and penalties accomplices estate to 269, since the trials began inalienable human rights causes.

Of the total of 269 convicted, 43 have endorsed a final sentence by the Supreme Court of Justice and processed there are still 843 people, 449 of which already have some greater cause to trial and other 141 have some cause in which the prosecution asked for the elevation trial. The Fiscal Unit data further indicate that 590 of the defendants already have some cause in the trial phase or have tax requirement to court.

Among the trials that ended was that of the ESMA, which for the first time after three decades had condemned some of the best known protagonists of state terrorism, such as Alfredo Astiz and Jorge "Tigre" Acosta. The final was against the last president of the dictatorship, Reynaldo Bignone, that the crimes at the Hospital Posadas was sentenced to 15 years in prison for unlawful deprivation of liberty than fifteen workers Posadas Hospital, where he ran the clandestine center known as the Chalet.

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