Monday, May 14, 2007

Trek Tribute?

is it just me or is Tim Kring a trekkie?
techie...? (what do tey call us now?)

i refer of course to the number plate on Hiro's dad's car.

also, i was trying to remember the name of the Scottish lesbian comedian that Marija (with a 'j') reminded me of. You remember her, she won Eurovision last saturday. so i googled 'scottish lesbian comedian', and the first two results i got were... Rhona Cameron! so i got my answer.

now, i'm not saying that Marija (with a 'j') is a lesbian, let's face it some of you have done that already (and anyway, i really couldn't care less; she's cute'n'all and... well, i wouldn't say no...), i just thought they may make a cute couple.
jus' sayin'...

i've just watched "Who Wants to be a Superhero". i was expecting another lame-ass reality show full of a bunch of lame-ass wannabes... and i was only half right.
(the second half, btw)
it turned out to be one of the funniest things i've seen... well... since Eurovision, really.
the funniest thing in tonights WWTBASH was the test in which they had to change from their street clothes into their hero outfits in public (without being seen) and run across a park way and to the finish line. as they ran in turn there was a little girl crying for her mommy, "i've lost my mommy!" she cried and only four of them, FOUR! spotted this and stopped to help. three of them were women and the other was Major Victory who seemed to be so in character that even as he stopped to help the child he was totally in superhero mode, being heroic as he picked her up (much to her surprise!) and carried her to the nearby security office. total ham., but hilarious with it.

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