Monday, May 14, 2007


Eurovision 2007

Not that any of you will even know what Eurovison is, but Serbia won it this year!!!

We used to watch this every year! Now next year it will be held back home in Belgrade, and I gotta be there for that! There will be so many people on the streets partying, it will be amazing experience!!!! And when I say many people, I mean tons, like hundred thousends!!!

Who wants to go? Lol!!!!!!!!!

We are going to party like it is my birthday! That is some scary song that exsist that Tim kariokied it for me last night! We did party like it is my birthday, because it was my birthday yesterday! My "daddy" came to party with us, oh, I have not written in so long, I will have to explain that to you some other time. We watched the whole 2 hour Eurovision contest again. Tim recorded it for us by placing the handycam in front of his computer screen, he he, duix (12) points to Timi from me, he, he... Then we danced like crazy, and did karioki, I am sure it was painful for our nightbours' ears, but we were partying like it was my brithday...he, he..... Hm.... I have been having these outbursts of crazy happyness, whcih includes sudden high pitch screaming, random "ballet dancer on drugs" kind of dancing, shirt lifting, cath me if you can move, neck grabbing, piggy back riding.. there are too many to list!! Just be glad that you do not never had to see any of this, lol!!!!!!!!!!

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